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Trends Edwin Miranda Predicts for 2019

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Few experts have the knowledge of marketing technology that Edwin Miranda owns. Miranda is the leader and CEO of KOI IXS. He has a resume full of of powerful brand work and is passionate about the world of marketing technology. He leads a team full of expert designers, creators, and strategists. Miranda is extremely passionate about helping brands find what they need to be successful in a market that is crammed with options.

Everything from email marketing to to virtual reality hit the market in 2018. New technologies jammed the market and forced brands to either adapt or be left behind. Miranda is convinced similar trends will continue in 2019. These are not just trends of the moment but change that is necessary both for growth — and survival. There are some specific trends that Miranda believes brands must embrace in 2019 or risk becoming irrelevant.

Voice search is a technology that is increasingly growing. It’s hard to watch TV without seeing a commercial for Amazon Alexa, Facebook Portal or Google. Consumers are loving this technology and nearly sixty-five percent say they could not imagine research without it. Furthermore experts predict that by the year 2020 more than fifty percent of all searches will be voice searches. Voice searches typically only giving a few results so competition should be at an all time high. SEO strategy will need to be optimized for voice search, or companies risk being phased out of the market.

Voice search is just one of the trends Edwin Miranda believes brands should look for in 2019. Other trends he notes include micro-moments, the use of AI to personalize customer service, user-generated content to create an authentic voice and programmatic advertising. Major brands will need to watch these trends closely and adjust accordingly if they hope to remain relevant.

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Gulf Coast Western Thriving under Mathew Fleeger’s Leadership

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Gulf Coast Western LLC was founded in 1970 as a family owned business has grown to become a big venture with locations in Texas, Mississippi, Louisiana, Colorado, and Oklahoma. The company attributes its success to strong, open, strong and transparent relationships with its valued customers. Currently, the company is headed by Matthew Fleeger who is the President and CEO.

The 40-year-old venture thrives through strategic partnerships through which industry know, resources, talents, and experience are consolidated to enable the successful exploration, development, and acquisition of domestic gas and oil reserves in the gulf coast of the US.

Recently under the leadership of Matthew Fleeger, Gulf Coast Western (GCW) entered into a partnership with Orbit Energy and Orbit Gulf Coast Exploration in a bid to explore opportunities in specific areas of interests such as Allen, Acadia, Cameron, Evangeline, Calcasieu, Beauregard, and St. Landry Parishes.

Also, Gulf Coast Western has brought on board include Warhorse Oil and Gas which will see the company assume the operations of most of the development wells such as Union Gas, Endeavor NG, LLOX, Zachry Exploration, and Neumin Production together with operators operating the wells in Louisiana. The company has also partnered with Northcote Energy Ltd to fully spread its wings and explore opportunities in the Wilcox, Frio, and Cockfield formations.

More efforts have been shifted towards research and exploration aimed at identifying other potential places in the US that can be explored to produce oil and gas.

Matthew Fleeger is not relenting in his quest to further the growth of Gulf Coast Western. His entrepreneurial acumen coupled with high competence in team building, contract negotiations, and strategic planning puts him in a better position to drive Gulf Coast Western the upward trajectory in terms of success. The refined business professional graduated from the Cox School of Business at Southern Methodist University with a Bachelors’ Degree in Business Administration and appears in the International Who’s Who of Business Professionals list.

The Sweet Love Story of Ryan Seacrest

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In the modern entertainment business industry there are countless recognizable figures for viewers to get attached towards. Ryan Seacrest is the most famous individuals through his lucky break of hosting American Idol. It was the number one program on Television during the height of its popularity. In addition to his television personality, Ryan Seacrest is proactive in other areas of the market. Ryan Seacrest Distinction and Polish are fashion and body brands to give consumers some style. He can be found on the radio through On Air with Ryan, and on the morning variety show Live with Kelly and Ryan. Lastly, he regularly gives back to the community with Ryan Seacrest Foundation.

A man of his caliber is certainly popular with the ladies, but his eye caught one women in particular. As he describes in a recent article with People, he fall for Shayna Taylor. Ryan Seacrest describes how in their first encounter she won him over with food. It was 2013, and friends had paired them up for a meeting. She brought gluten-free pancakes and the rest is history as Ryan Seacrest would say. They began doing everything together, and even moved to New York in 2007 due to his new morning show.

However, beyond food, they both like the same things such as fitness, health and wellness. Moving to a new city only made for exciting times in their lives. They don’t let their busy schedules get in the way of spending time together. Ryan Seacrest describes how they will often wake up an hour earlier just to have more time to enjoy each other. It’s a relationship they both feel proud about.

In the business industry, its rare to see a couple truly enjoy each other like Ryan Seacrest and Shayna Taylor do. There have been positive times, and negative times, but they always come back to each other for support. Life just feels incomplete without the other constantly in their lives.

How Talos Energy Works On Being The Best

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When Talos Energy started, they knew they had a lot to live up to. They are an oil drilling company and they are part of a huge industry. The company works hard to make sure they can help other people and get the oil solutions their clients need. They also have a responsibility to do their oil drilling the right way. Since they know what they need to do and they push to make sure they can help other people with these options, the company spends a lot of time figuring out how to do these things. It’s important to them to try different things. It’s also important to them so they can create different opportunities for everyone who needs them. Since they’re a part of the oil industry, they have the opportunity to impact nearly everyone who is in it. They want other people to see they’re doing the best job possible while coming up with offshore drilling solutions.

Even when the company was getting started, they knew they had a commitment to help other people with the issues they faced. They also knew there were things that might have a negative impact on the business if they didn’t take them seriously. By always trying to come up with ideas to make oil drilling more responsible, the company spent time figuring out the best approach to making everything better. It’s their goal to keep doing it in a way that makes them more responsible. They know how to help and they continue helping everyone see these solutions.

After spending some time learning about the positive impact they could have on other people, Talos Energy knew they were making all the right choices. The company learned about how to help and what they could do to create a positive experience for everyone who needed it. They also knew there were ways they could create more energy for people who needed it. Thanks to their commitment to everyone in industry, the company keeps doing things the right way no matter how hard they have to work to make everyone happy.

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Richard Liu; from a humble beginning to a billionaire status

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Most people usually dream of getting to the top, yet only a few them do what is required to get there. Leading the list of these few is Richard Liu Qiangdong, an influential investor in Asia’s e-commerce field.

Richard who is the founder of, one of Ali Baba’s main competitors was recently featured in an interview where he highlighted his journey to the top, proving that he, like many others who are there, did not have it easy.

Richard’s success journey

It is interesting to know that a man who is now leading in the technology started in an entirely different sector of hospitality. This is a fact that he revealed during the interview as well by saying that his first business venture was a restaurant. Unfortunately, things went south, and he had to close its doors.

He, however, did not let his failure deter him. Instead, Richard shifted the gears to retail. He goes on to add that, currently the second-largest e-commerce platform in his region started with 12 stores in 2004. Even though it was initially established in 1994, Richard had a better vision for it.

He also revealed that the main reason why he was motivated to make a big deal was so he could help raise cash for his ill granny’s treatment and so he could pursue further studies.

Nevertheless, this was not smooth sailing either, and he had to lay off all his employees and started selling things online. This move proved to be fruitful because, at the end of the firm’s second year, he began making good returns. Seeing this, he was motivated to push even harder and focused on strengthening’s relationship with its clients by not selling counterfeit goods. Soon his company had already overtaken the leading online retail platform known as Dangdang and was slowly making its way to the top.

Richard Liu today

Close to two decades later, is not only a success, but it’s slowly elbowing its way to the rest of the world. It ranks 4th in China’s marketplace and has about 16000 employees. Looking back at his journey, Richard Liu is glad he kept at it as his company now competes with the likes of Wal-mart and Ali Baba.

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OSI Group Impressive Story

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OSI Group commands a very rare respect in the food market. The giant food company is recognized to be the leader in the industry, giving twenty thousand employees working positions. The high number of employees keeps on increasing as the company continues to expand internationally and locally. The organization rose from the most humble background to become one of the prestigious corporate businesses that are being operated in the world. Its sixty-five facilities found in different locations show a company that has endured the corporate world challenges and emerged as one of the strongest in the American history. With the globalized economy, the organization is still looking for ways to grow and fit in the changing markets.

Immigrant Roots

The history of OSI Group is eye-catching. Most companies that have grown to become giants in the market are those that have been established by wealthy and influential people in the community. Starting a company is always a hard task that requires so much capital and commitment. OSI Group, however, did not start with large amount of capital. The company was set up as a simple butchery shop in Chicago. The small shop was owned by an individual who had arrived in the US from Germany while looking for greener pastures together with his family. His passion for meat products is what drove him to start the company. Because the immigrant was still new in the US, he only focused on the people who were close to him.

International market

The booming immigration of Germans into the United States meant that many people from Germany settled in the US. Chicago being one of the cities that had a large immigrant population, the meat store had many clients. There were many immigrants in search of the best meat, and they only found refuge in OSI Group. All companies have to deal with problems when they are being started. People have different tastes, especially when they are coming from different places of the world. OSI Group was patient with customers ever since it was operating just like a small shop. The people supporting the company in leadership have also delivered perfectly.

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Jacob Gottlieb – leader of Atrium Capital

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Jacob Gottlieb, a graduate of Brown University and New York University Medical School has been investing in the healthcare industry. The investor is also an entrepreneur and took over Atrium Capital. Gottlieb is instrumental in taking over other companies and investing in the healthcare industry. For example, Atrium Capital has invested in other brands such as Oramed Pharmaceuticals, Amarin Corporation, and Oragenics. Oramed Pharmaceuticals, one of the companies that Atrium has invested in, has been able to develop an alternative treatment for people with diabetes. Another company called Amarin is another pharmaceutical company that is on the rise that has developed products to help patients with their hearts. The brand has made drugs for the common good overall to help their conditions. The last company, Oragenics specializes in therapy as it was founded by two physicians back in 1996. Interestingly, the company uses bacteria to help patients. It can be an effective alternative treatment for people. Jacob Gottlieb works with another partner and friend called Stuart Weisbrod. The two have worked together in the past and now are sharing an office and hope to have a lot of success together. They plan on working together as Jacob Gottlieb is no stranger to working hard as he has founded other companies like Visium Asset Management. The company was successful as it raised it’s revenue by a lot and expanded to different cities throughout its time. However, after some scandal, the company closed its doors. Gottlieb has a lot of experience as a leader for other brands and the founder of Visium Asset Management, Balyasny Asset Management. During his time, he was one of the best workers there and made a name for himself with his continued success. He has experience as an analyst and more throughout his career. Jacob Gottlieb majored in Economics at college and went to medical school, and has done internships.


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The Bear Stock Market Is Back. Hedge Fund Investor Shervin Pishevar Said That Would Happen 10 Months Ago

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There’s a storm coming in the investment industry. Some investors already feel the pain of that storm. But according to Angel investor Shervin Pishevar, the worst is yet to come. Pishevar is the man who predicted Uber would be a giant. He invested $21 million in Uber, and that injection of cash gave Uber the financial backing it needed to expand. But Uber isn’t the only investment that made Shervin Pishevar an investment cult figure in Silicon Valley. He also invested in Dollar Shave Club, Airbnb, Warby Parker, and Postmates. That’s some of the winners Shervin helped get to the top.

Pishevar started Sherpa Capital so he could continue helping startups get their feet on the ground. Shervin had more than $650 million in assets under management when he resigned in December 2017. But in February 2018, Shervin Pishevar surfaced on Twitter. His 21-hour tweet storm didn’t mean too much when he posted more than 50 tweets about a financial collapse. But now that the stock market is turning some investors into whimpering losers, Pishevar’s tweet predictions are the talk of the investment industry.

Mr. Pishevar said the stock market would tank in 2018. He said the market would give back all its gains. And that’s exactly what’s happening. The Dow Jones Industrial Average is in negative territory for the year. Investors see the bear market taking shape faster than they expected. But Shervin Pishevar knew the market would turn rookie investors into frantic crybabies with no backup plan months ago. His tweet about the bond market yields seems to be taking shape as well. The 2-year bond yield may catch up with the 10-year yield in 2019, and that possibility has seasoned investors worried.

And to make investment matters worse, Pishevar predicted no asset class will keep investors safe in 2019. Even gold and Bitcoin investors are looking for safe havens, according to recent financial news reports. Some investors want to hear more from Shervin Pishevar. That may happen in 2019 now that his tweetstorm prompted investment around the world to follow him on Twitter. They want to know where they should put their money next year.

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Robert Ivy Explains Why More Professionals Are Joining National Associations

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According to the American Society of Associations and Executives, there were more than 90,000 registered trade and professional associations in 2010. These have on only increased and so have their numbers in the subsequent years. Robert Ivy’s American Institute of Architects (AIA) stands as one of the biggest beneficiaries of the swelling membership.

Ivy further believes he knows why the membership has shot up. The institute’s Chairman and Chief executive officer attribute the increased membership reported by most associations to increased awareness on the benefits of joining these organizations by professionals. These benefits include:

Boosted credibility

Robert Ivy argues that most employers and businesses and seeking to engage architects and other professionals on permanent or contractual are now turning to their affiliated associations. They give preference to professionals allied to a given association. In effect, individuals understand that registering with a trade or professional organization boosts their credibility and increases their chances of landing a job opportunity.


Access to educational materials

Trade and professional associations exist for different reasons. They are charged with the responsibility of partnering with other institutions like the educational centers to in setting training and operational standards. Some will also conduct industry research regularly and being their members up to speed on current trends and possible technological and policy disruptions.

Associations with a national or statewide outlook like Robert Ivy’s AIA will also lobby on behalf of their members on matters taxation and operational policies. Professionals understand that by registering with these associations, they have front row access to the benefits that the lobbying and industry research yields.


There is only a limited number of architects across the country and even fewer numbers in some states. Employers understand this phenomenon and thus prefer advertising architectural openings within their organization internally or through professional association’s regional outposts. Non-registered architects, therefore, end up missing most opportunities.

By joining a professional association, Robert Ivy argues that you open yourself up to a world of possibilities. You not only get to benefit from job and contract gigs advertised through your local chapter but also get to grow your networks across the state and beyond. In effect, you get to learn about the different opportunities as soon as they arise.

About Robert Ivy

He studied in Tulane University and University of the South. He is a renowned architect. He received many awards like Crain Awards and Master Architect. HE currently won Noel Polk Lifetime Achievement Award.

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Sunday Riley’s Line Has Been Reinvented

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Sephora VIBs and devoted fans adore Sunday Riley’s line of high performance skin care. There is a real person that prefers to remain out of sight behind the 2009-launched brand that filled a gap in green technology. This line’s 13 products are made from botanicals balanced with active ingredients based in science. Sunday Riley is an independent company based in Houston, with 226,000 Instagram followers and fun product names like Luna, Tidal and Auto Correct.

Luna’s Sleeping Night Oils Facts

The whimsically named Luna Sleeping Night Oil from Sunday Riley will boost the skin’s feel and look while being a friend to your skin. Retinol, commonly used in other product lines, is scary for some because if improperly used, the skin becomes flaky and red from this vitamin A derivative.

The sight of wrinkles and pores are reduced by Luna Sleeping Oil as it works overnight. Dryness, dullness, age spots and other signs of premature aging are improved with use. It also has a pleasant inky blue color.

Secrets of Ceramic Slip Facial Cleanser

The packaging and formula of Ceramic Slip Cleanser have changed. The new packaging is now a bright blue colored tube. It also has an increase in gentleness and nurturing features. Now, it cleanses more deeply as well. The Slip Facial Cleanser balances skin hydration and removes impurities.

Ceramic Slip is made from plant-based soaps good for all types of skin. As mentioned on, the non-irritating formula is good on even sensitive skin, while naturally removing makeup and purifying the skin. There are no fragrances, silicone or oil. It is cruelty-free and vegan.

U.F.O. Ultra Clarifying Face Oil

This face oil was created to remove facial blemishes and acne. It absorbs quickly while hydrating the skin smoothly without flakiness. The oil is medicated, clearing congested pores while treating and preventing both acne and blackheads. Wrinkles and fine lines are reduced as well.

Auto Correct

This is an eye contour cream that brightens dark circles and reduces puffiness. You can increase its effectiveness by refrigerating it. It is free from fragrances and light on the skin.

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