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Doe Deere’s Color Enthusiasm

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Doe Deere is a prominent figure on the widely known social networking website Instagram. People who follow her on Instagram routinely see photographs of her radiant visage. She applies makeup that’s chock-full of bright color. It’s no surprise that she does this, either. Deere is the popular CEO (Chief Executive Officer) of the Los Angeles, California makeup brand that’s known as “Lime Crime.”

Deere’s childhood encouraged her to set up her own cosmetic company. This is because she’s always had a strong passion for the arts. Color was also a source of fascination for her. When Deere was a youngster, pencils and paints were staples for her. She always did whatever she could to look colorful. She wore colorful apparel and accessories. She borrowed colorful makeup products from her mother as well. Deere has stated that she finds it tough to believe that color is actually her career right now. She said that she finds it amazing that she’s actually permitted to have a career that’s so enjoyable to her.

It wasn’t difficult for Deere to come up with her company’s name. She actually first had the idea in 2004. That was when she established a shop on eBay. The words “Lime Crime” simply appeared in her brain as she was thinking about what to call her store. Since Lime Crime wasn’t yet taken, she signed the name up. Deere loved it instantly. The name reminded her of bright green, her preferred color. She appreciated the fact that the name rhymed as well. She believes now that the name Lime Crime symbolizes the revolution of colors. She also believes that it symbolizes fearlessness. People who don’t worry about color norms are Lime Crime’s targeted audience. The same goes for people who aren’t exactly interested in abiding by social guidelines. Deere has said that Lime Crime motivates people to play with colors. She also has said that it motivates people to have a little fun in life.

Doe Deere was born named Xenia Vorotova. Russia was her place of birth. She relocated to the United States as a child. That’s why she was reared in New York, New York. Deere introduced the wonders of Lime Crime to the planet in 2008. She felt compelled to do this out of frustration. Deere couldn’t locate cosmetics that had the vibrant colors necessary to suit the apparel she was making. Lime Crime released “Unicorn Lipsticks” a year after starting. These lipsticks featured colors that were striking and eye-catching. They looked nothing like the other lip colors that were readily available at the time. Lime Crime is a brand that genuinely cares about animal welfare and safety. That’s why it exclusively manufactures cruelty-free products. The company’s products have been devoid of cruelty since 2008. Lime Crime currently makes products that are strictly vegan as well.

Doe Deere is a makeup aficionado who is active on various social media sites. People can learn more about this famed cosmetics expert by following her on Twitter, Facebook and the aforementioned Instagram.

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White Shark Media is a Company that Promotes Modern Marketing Services

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White Shark Media is the name of an advertising company that provides online marketing services for businesses and individuals. This organization has been around since 2011 providing marketing solutions for small and medium sized businesses. The services that White Shark Media provides is beneficial to the growth and profitability of a business.

White Shark Media Services

The services that White Shark Media provides are designed to enhance a business’s digital presence. This is the focus of White Shark Media’s overall effort. The company specializes in creating cost-effective search marketing campaigns that are easy to set up and practical to perform.

White Shark Media uses the best digital marketing practices in the field of online advertising. AdWords Search, Display Advertising, Google Analytics and Bing Ads are just a few of the many different outlets that this company uses at its disposal.

When a client decides to use White Shark Media to sponsor an ad campaign they will be informed about the campaign once it has been created. The representatives of White Shark Media will be there to inform them about the effectiveness of their overall strategy from the first day. This company will use emails and contact information to communicate with clients.

Scheduled monthly calls and meetings will be set up with a client’s services so that they will always know what is going on with their campaign. This organization will make it a point to keep to keep people informed about what is happening.  Learn more about White Shark Media Review: and

The Benefits of White Shark Media

Another added benefit includes the use of search engine marketing being teamed up with a supervisor to bring about the best results for each campaign. This means that each client will receive the best services possible.

Clients will also be able to track their AdWords campaigns either by company updates or by viewing the campaign through online means such as conversion or call tracking software.

The point is that a company that does business with White Shark Media will not have to worry about what is happening with the overall effectiveness of their marketing strategy.

White Shark Media ensures that businesses are getting the best marketing services for their money. They want to ensure that their clients are satisfied with their marketing and advertising campaign. They also want a company to have the best ads possible for their brand and their overall effectiveness in the market.

Meet Doe Deere

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Meet Doe Deere, a famous doll maker and star of Instagram! She has just made the news once again! Apparently, this time it is not for the better…..

In her recent Insta-Doll Scandal explanatory article, it appears that both Ms. Doe Deere and Joshua David McKenney tell their story. You may find photos of both of them throughout this wonderfully creative and inspiring article. You may also find them holding dolls in their photos, look-alike work of their representation.

Mr. McKenney and Ms. Doe are both blue-haired, and have many unique similarities to one another….thus prompting them to work together and even be seen together promoting the same work!

A bit more background on Doe? Who is this amazingly inspiring, awe striking, and recognized, relatable person? She is none other than….the one and only…Doe Deere!

Doe Deere is founder and Corporate Executive Officer (or CEO) of a company known as “Lime Crime Makeup”. Of course, she works with beauty and makeup. The name is implied in the lifestyle with which she is so heavily involved.

Doe Deere’s Instagram account has over three hundred thousand followers to it. In it, she is seen posing along her custom made life representation model dolls….which appear to have caught the eye of the late Prince. Her Lime Crime colors match in the photos to her personal appearance, as is noted in the article.

It appears that Joshua David McKinney is her doll making friend, and this Instagram photo in particular was apparently shot to give him recognition and exposure. He is seen posing along side Ms. Deere in the photo. There is no doubt that both McKinney and Deere have a lot in common in terms of fashion and tastes, creative gifts and intuition, and even matching hair color!

These two creative geniuses appear to make a great team, and an unstoppable one….to say but the very least! It always seems that when any two people anywhere—who are both filled with a passion for the extra ordinary—come together and do something wonderful, it is bound to be nothing short of a success.

But please, don’t take my word alone for it.  More great articles on the related topic are to be found there as well.

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Ancient Hebrew Mysticism For Modern Living

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Unbeknownst to many people today, there is a “secret” mystical tradition in Judaism. Kabbalah, which derives its named from the Hebrew word meaning “To Receive”, named for the method in which it was received orally from generation unto generation.

Kabbalah first reached a widespread audience with the publication of “The Zohar” a 13th-century collection of writings released by Jewish writer Moses de Leon in Spain. The Zohar contained esoteric collections of interpretations and commentaries on Old Testament books.

Another Kabbalistic practice includes the “Literal Kabbalah” or “Gematria”. This practice includes taking original Hebrew words or phrases from biblical texts and calculating their numerical equivalencies, then replacing those words or phrases with other with an equal number in order to find additional ways of unlocking hidden meanings from scriptures. Kabbalah also has a system of creating magical talismans and amulets using Hebrew words and imagery.

But perhaps the most famous aspect of Kabbalah is what is known as the “Tree of Life”. This is a pictorial glyph of ten circles, called Sephiroth or emanations, connected twenty-two pathways. Kabbalists view this diagram as a sort of “roadmap” of creation. It is believed that by studying and meditating upon the symbols and meanings and their relationship with each other and their physical world counterparts, that it is possible to achieve a greater understanding of man’s place in the universe and our relationship with God.

While at one time Kabbalah was secret and spoken of only in hushed tones, this is no longer the case. Since many of the previously secret teachings have been published and made widely available, there has been a great resurgence of interest in the system. Fortunately, it is quite easy to find books, study groups, and classes to learn this complex mystical system. One of these is Kabbalah Centre International.

Founded in 1984, The Kabbalah Centre is a non-profit organization dedicated to teaching the Zohar and Kabbalistic practices. With centers in several of the United States, and international locations across South America, Europe, and Israel, it is easy to locate a place to further your studies. For those without a local center, The Kabbalah Centre publishes a wide variety of books, DVDs & CDs, and even online courses and mobile apps.

For more information on The Kabbalah Centre and their locations, publications, and course offerings visit:

Using Wen: Shocking Results

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Do you have problematic or time consuming hair? Does it feel like you’ve tried every product on the market? Well, you’ve likely haven’t tried the WEN Hair cleansing conditioner. This is no normal hair product- it’s an all in one formula that washes, conditions and contains a styling treatment in one little bottle. What is not to love? Wen was created by a man named Chaz Dean, who hoped to help all people in need of a little styling ease. He is a well known hair professional in Hollywood and is trusted among many A-List celebrities. The Wen cleansing conditioner has been a buzzed about product for quite some time. He sells this line on Amazon.

One woman heard all the buzz on Sephora about Wen and decided to experiment it by trailing the product for a total of one week. She decided it would be a great try for her normally thin, hard to style hair. Her hopes were to result in easier to style and fuller hair. In just the first wash, she notices a fuller feeling and softer hair. By mid week, she was receiving compliments from friends and family. By the end of the experiment she had bouncy, fuller and shinier hair than ever. Overall, in a short amount of time, Wen hair transformed her hair into the hair she had always hoped for. This was only one week, so just imagine her results as she continues her journey with Wen.

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The Midas Legacy Changes Lives by Providing Outstanding Wealth Management Solutions

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In future, wealth management might become one of the top five growth waves for the global economy. Together with tourism, international education, and tourism, wealth management might become a sector as bigger as mining. There are various tactics for taking care of wealth; it can be via implementation of tax planning, developing a successful investment program, and establishing an orderly estate. The Midas Legacy is a reputable consultancy firm that specializes in offering professional advice on both business and wealth management.

Clients handled

The main offices of the firm are based in Winter Garden, Florida. The Midas Legacy handles a broad range of customers comprising of new generation entrepreneurs, ambitious investors, and individuals who have plans of retiring at an early age. Through the provision of capital to its members who believe that they can make a tangible difference in the fields of natural health, entrepreneurship, real estate, and finance, The Midas Legacy achieves its mission.

Benefits of being a Member of The Midas Legacy

The Midas Legacy begins the process of aiding customer’s success immediately the client makes an inquiry or consultation. Upon joining the firm as members, the customers are offered a comprehensive guide called The Midas Code at a zero cost. The company has a team of knowledgeable specialists, who provide professional guidance to its members in diverse business industries. The professionals comprise of bestselling authors, accomplished entrepreneurs, talented stock market shareholders, and astute leaders in other disciplines. The primary aim of the professionals working for the company is to ensure each member achieves his or her dream of becoming successful.

The Midas Legacy experts

The firm’s management team encourages collective handling of projects among workers by serving as role models. Sean Bowe serves as the Principle editor. Jim Samson is the publisher while Mark Edwards is a specialist in natural cures. Sean Bowe served as a journalist for several years and has an excellent mastery of finance. He combines the two professional expertise and guides members on distressed investing and capital markets. Jim Samson is an accomplished entrepreneur, investor, a famous bestselling writer and a specialist in the real estate sector.

Charitable giving

The Midas Legacy financially supports several community initiatives. Some of the beneficiaries are Give Hope Foundation, Florida Sheriffs Association, and the Wounded Warrior Project.

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A Good Fighter

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Matt Labash takes us deeper into the life of human rights fighter, and heroic founder of the Human Rights Foundation. Thor Halvorssen is know for exposing the government and its corruption while involved on an undercover operation. He has been arrested and brutally beaten, because of his beliefs and fight for true equality and human rights. Both the inspiration and motivation behind Halvorssen’s organization are based on personal expenditures. After exposing the government for its corruption, his father was tortured in a Venezuelan prison. His mother was later shot as she participated in a protest alongside anti- Hugo Chavez demonstrators. Though heartbroken, he refused to allow these personal attacks and acts of corruption to be a deterrent.

Thor Halvorssen Mendoza was born March 9, 1976 in Caracas, Venezuela. He is a true advocate and fighter for democracy and human rights. He is currently the president of the Human Rights Foundation, an organization he formed in 2005. In 2009, Halvorssen began the Oslo Freedom Forum, a series of global conferences, with a slogan and motto was “Challenging Power”. Although it was intended to be a one time meeting, the Oslo Freedom Forum has taken place every year since its launch.

While Halvorssen spends a large amount of his time fighting and advocating for human rights, he is also well known and widely respected for his contributions to the entertainment industry. Currently, he is producing a film adaptation of “The Moon is a Harsh Mistress”, a science fiction novel written by Robert A. Heinlein. He has also produced movies and documentaries about the soviet occupation, and films to spread awareness about human trafficking. It should be clear that his true objective is to not only fight for liberty and democracy, but to raise awareness to those who may not see the issue. If everyone can come together and agree on one thing, that there needs to be a change, then that change can come.


Laidlaw: A Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing

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On Dec. 11, 2015, Relmada Therapeutics, a clinical company developing treatment for chronic pain, announced that the U.S District Court of Nevada issued a temporary restraining order and associated injunction on Laidlaw. Laidlaw and company, along with their principals Mathew Eitner and James Ahern, were urged to cease continuing spreading false and misleading information about Relmada’s proxy materials. The restraining order was a response to Laidlaw’s prior actions of spreading false information in an attempt for them to take control of Relmada. A lawsuit was issued on that attempt as well.

U.S. Federal Court Issues Temporary Restraining Order Against Laidlaw & Company And Its Principals Matthew Eitner And James Ahern

Laidlaw, who’s served as an investment banker to Relmada in the past, has a history of violating U.S. financial regulations. Sergio Traversa, executive chief of Relmada, stated that, “We do not believe that it is in our stockholders’ best interest to give effective control of the company to Laidlaw.” The court found that Relmada was likely to success on their metis that Relmada and its stockholders would suffer irreparable harm if Laidlaw were not stopped in spreading misinformation.

Although Laidlaw has a 170 year legacy of independent banking, I find them to be a wolf in sheep’s clothing. They claim to focus on the needs of domestic and international companies; however, their constant disregard to Relmada’s integrity shows their true colors. What shocks me even more is that they’re a healthcare focused and investment bank. Yet, their attempts to do damage towards Relmada, makes them hypocritical at best.

Both Mathew Eitner and James Ahern, one being the Chief Executive Officer and the former the Head of Capital Markets, may appear clean and professional. Yet, their hands are both soiled with being part of Laidlaw’s pursuits in spreading false information about Relmada. Please click the link below for more details.

A Dallas Bank Vice President Tapper to Lead Prestigious Mortgage Bankers Association

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One of NexBank‘s Senior Vice Presidents, Mary Pirrello, was recently appointed as President of the Texas Mortgage Bankers Association for 2016. The position carries a one-year term and is a prestigious achievement as the company has worked to enhance the mortgage banking and real estate finance business in the State of Texas since 1917.

Pirello has been heavily involved with the organization since she became a board member in 2007 and received the James Wooten scholarship award from TMBA in 2010. Other than her role as President of TMBA, she is also a Senior Vice President of National Warehouse Lending at NexBank.

NexBank is a $3 billion financial services company that was founded in 1922, in Dallas, Texas. They provide services in commercial banking, mortgage banking, and investment banking. Their loan portfolio is mainly made up of loans to single families but they have also give a substantial amount of loans to commercial real estate and industrial companies.

The company has shown a strong commitment to maintain its growth and has acquired several other banks in its quest to become one the best regional banks in the area. They are also well-known for their various philanthropic endeavors, including sponsoring entrepreneurship programs and hosting fundraising dinners for military veterans.


Benefits of Shea Butter: EuGenia Products

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Are you interested in a product that can help you change the way your skin looks and feels like? Have you tried nay product that has Shea butter in it? There are many people who want to transform the way they look but they do not know that it all starts and ends with the kind of products which they use on a daily basis. If you are thinking of using a product which will give you youthful and healthy skin, try EuGenia Shea products today.

Shea butter has very many benefits for anyone who uses it on a regular basis. One of the benefits is that the oil has healing properties. Shea butter has fatty acids and useful acids which help in curing rashes, stretch marks, burns, bites, stings and even skin peeling. The healing properties found in Shea butter also prevent the skin from peeling off in the first place.

Shea butter usually contains plant antioxidants which include vitamins A and E. The oil also has catechins. These ensure that the cells in the skin are protected from any free radicals as well as environmental change. The cinnamic acid, which is also found in Shea butter, also helps in preventing any skin damage caused by the ultraviolet radiation of the sun. Apart from its anti-oxidant properties, Shea butter also contains anti-inflammatory properties. This enhances its benefits for the skin.

As a skin care product, Shea butter is also a moisturizer. It helps you maintain a moisturized skin regardless of whether it is dry or oily type. The good news is that it locks in the moisture and keeps the pores open so that the skin can breathe properly. Those with oily skin need not worry that they will get an acne breakout. When the pores are open, the skin can breathe and get rid of excess oil and sweat effectively.

If you want a product that is made with love and which will be mind to your skin, look for EuGenia Shea products. They are made in Ghana and from natural Shea butter. This means that it is pure and comes with no side effects. The entire shea butter collection is online, via their website: