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Squaw Valley Issues Public Statement About Well Contamination

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A public statement issued, on November 30th, by Squaw Valley addresses the E. coli and coliform bacteria outbreak in Squaw Valley’s upper mountain potable water supply. This is in response to the initial contamination complaint registered with the Placer County Department of Environmental Health, on November 8th.


Since alerted to the health crisis, local health departments and regional water utilities responded with immediate treatment of the four upper mountain wells. Placer County Environmental Health and the Squaw Valley Public Service District attribute the upper mountain well contamination to abnormal weather systems in the region, in October.


The weather systems dumped several inches of rain, which overwhelmed the retrofitted High Camp and Gold Coast water processing systems. The excessive rainfall totals contaminated the systems, resulting in well contamination. Only four wells registered excessive bacteria readings. All other public water systems remain potable.


Working with water safety engineers, Placer County Environmental Health and the Squaw Valley Public Service District officials assessed the hazardous situation, and developed decontamination measures, to restore water quality to safe consumption levels. All precautions and safety measures are being enforced and will remain in effect until the health issue resolves itself, according to local authorities.


Placer County Environmental Health Director Wesley Nicks stated all upper mountain restaurants will stay closed until the contamination clears up. Authorities have prohibited drinking water from faucets and shower heads. For the duration of the health issue, ski resort customers can receive complimentary bottled water. The snow pack of the resort remains unaffected by the contaminated water. Skiers can ski top to bottom without any fear of contamination.

Squaw Valley issues statement on upper mountain water quality

The Leading Ingredient In Your Shampoo May Be Ruining Your Hair

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Hair care is an enormous industry, earning about $750 million a year. Every woman dreams of having soft, silky and shiny hair and most women are willing to pay whatever it takes to achieve the luscious hair of their dreams.

Despite a wide array of products available on the market that promise to give you soft, healthy hair, many women find that no matter what they do their hair is dull, dry and frizzy. The reality is that no matter how much money you spend on hair products, a leading ingredient in common household shampoos can be destroying your hair and preventing it from looking and feeling its best.

The leading ingredient in most popular shampoos is called sodium lauryl sulfate. This ingredient is what gives shampoo its rich lather and foaming abilities. Sodium lauryl sulfate is actually an extremely harsh detergent that cleans your hair but at a severe cost.

What sodium lauryl sulfate does in order to clean your hair is bond grease and dirt together, allowing these impurities to be rinsed out with water. The problem is that everyone’s hair produces natural oils that keep it soft, clean and healthy. Sodium lauryl sulfate strips the hair of these natural oils, drying out your hair and causing frizz and dullness over time.

Luckily, there are products on the market that will clean your hair effectively without using this harsh chemical detergent. One current favorite is WEN’s 5-in-1 Cleansing Conditioner. This product gently cleans your hair without sodium lauryl sulfate, thus preserving those natural oils that keep your hair looking beautiful and healthy.

WEN By Chaz Dean’s ( 5-in-1 Cleansing Conditioner uses only natural ingredients and botanical extracts. Not only does this product clean your hair, but it also conditions your hair at the same time, leaving you with shiny, silky and manageable hair that looks and feels healthy.

If you suffer from dry hair and frizz, consider dropping the drug store shampoos and switch to a product that’s free of sodium lauryl sulfate. The quality of your hair will improve after just one use.

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Livio Bisterzo Brings Some Sunshine To Starbucks Snacks

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Today’s days of food awareness call for healthy variety from full-portions to snacking. Unfortunately, too many tasteless and downright bland products are pushed under the guise of “organic” labeling. Vegan does not mean that one has to sacrifice taste. Luckily, innovative snacks like Hippeas chickpeas bring full flavor to the table. As the name suggests, the company is a true grassroots movement. Their chickpeas come from sub-saharan Africa, supporting less-fortunate farmers through a charity. This brings entirely new meaning to healthy eating, a snack that can provide mental satisfaction, knowing that your purchase contributes to a quality cause.

The snacks provide a “punch of protein”, Hippeas carry the tags of “vegan”, “organic” and “kosher”, “non-gmo”, and “environmentally friendly”. With unique flavors ranging from “Far out Fajita”, to “Maple Haze”, and “Sriracha Sunshine”, the titles inspire innate notions of flavor before one even takes a bite. Founder Livio Bisterzo hopes that the food becomes a millennial favorite, and a new global favorite. He is certainly on the right pace. As the 100 calorie, 3-gram of fiber packs are now available in over 7,500 Starbucks stores nationwide.

Livio Bisterzo is an intuitive Italian entrepreneur, having lived and studied in the UK, he has some serious marketing knowledge and the ability to thrive in a global market. His proven products (of which there have been very many) have appeared in some serious publications such as “GQ, The Times, and Esquire”. In 2016, Bisterzo took his wife and 3-kids and moved shop to Los Angeles, where he now resides and continues his Hippea movement. His idea is the fusion of “taste good” and “do good”. Hopefully, in time, this is a mantra that will extend to the food market throughout the globe. For now, Bisterzo’s innovation is a step in the right direction.

How Does Alexei Beltyukov Create New Business Projects?

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Alexei Beltyukov is an entrepreneur who works with many different companies as he invests his money and time in new projects. It is quite important for people to learn what Alexei is capable of because he has helped create something that will help kids in the schools of today. He is innovating, and he has a brand that reaches out to many kids who are attempting to improve their education.

#1: What Is Solvy?

Alexei helped create Solvy because he wanted teachers and students to be in contact over simple items such as homework. Students often have questions they cannot answer, and they will get the answers they need over Solvy. Teachers may give homework over the system, and they will find it simpler to grade when everything is in the same place.

#2: How Do Students Benefit?

The system at Solvy has been built to ensure there are quite a few people who will have answers to their questions before they come back to class. The people who are most-interested in learning from their homework will have the answers they need, and they will feel much better about their work once they come to class the next day.

#3: How Does Alexei Use Social Media?

According to, Alexei Beltyukov has a lovely social media presence that ensures everyone who wishes to learn about his products may do so at any time. He has ensured there is a way for his customers to reach him, and he posts extra information about his products on his social media pages.

He wants to ensure he is open to the public, and he knows it is possible to help the public when they are learning from his pages how to use his products.

The career of Alexei Beltyukov has been dedicated to helping people who wish to make their lives better. His most-recent project at Solvy helps students with their homework, and the schools may purchase the product to use in all their classrooms. It is quite important that someone who wishes to have a better education has all the tools they need such as Solvy.

Madison Street Capital; An investment banking expert

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Madison Street Capital reputation had improved over the years especially when they acted as a financial advisor for the ARES Security. Earlier this year, ARES Security Company were looking for subordinated debt investment and also minority equity and the Madison Street Capital were acting as their financial advisor



ARES Security Company is based in Vienna and is focused on providing comprehensive security software solutions to their clients. The company’s recapitalization was provided by their equity partners- the Corbel Structured Equity. The transactions were announced on January 10th by the CEO of Madison Street Capital.



This is an investment opportunity that will help in building the ARES Security company success. The CEO of the company, Mr. Ben Eazzetta said that he was appreciative of the work Madison Street did to finalize the investment process. The company was involved in the valuation analysis, the capital rising process and initial evaluation.



The two companies together were the best strategy for creating equity value. The solutions provided by the Corbel will enable the company to increase the sales and also the company revenue opportunities.



About the Madison Street Capital



Madison Street Capital is an investment banking company offering their services to different international companies. They have offices in three different continents; North America, Asia, and Africa. It is a company that is focused on giving quality services to their clients. That is the reason why they make sure that the all the projects are handled in a time sensitive manner.



They are committed to excellence, integrity, service and leadership. They are experienced in different areas including;



« Capital restricting



« Mergers



« Acquisitions



« Corporate governance



« Bankruptcy services



« Reorganization services



« Private placements



The company has established itself as a leader in the financial world through the different services that they offer;



« Capital rise; they have the expertise in the rising capital and therefore they will source out the different solutions suitable for you. They have a customized approach to all business including; debt restructuring, valuation and also financing relationship.



« Sell-side advisory; through these services, the company will offer you a pre-transaction analysis. This is meant for all individuals who are looking to sell their companies.



« Buy-side advisory; they have a team of professionals that will help you in your buying process. Their investment bankers will help in negotiation meetings.



« Valuations and financial opinions; if you are looking to invest in the different business, the company can help you in evaluation all the channels.



« Tax planning and wealth preservation; whether you want to build your wealth, exit a business or planning your tax, then the Madison Street Capitals will provide you with all the relevant support.


Investment Banking Martin Lustgarten

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Investment banking is one of the most competitive industries in the world today. There are a lot of people who are excited about the opportunities in this area. If you want to invest with a professional, working with an investment banker is the way to go. A lot of people today are excited about the opportunities with online investing. Martin Lustgarten is someone who has worked hard to get his clients online access to their investments. At one time, this was not something that people thought would be possible. The change to online investing has been a major move within the industry.

Martin Lustgarten

From the time he started in his career, Martin Lustgarten has always wanted to take things to the next level. He is interested in investing in companies that have a strong track record of success. His investing is generally conservative, and he is never going to risk the money of his clients if he does not think it is wise. He has great reviews from customers, which is not surprising because he spends a lot of intimate time with each of them. Many financial planners in industry today are only interested in helping themselves, and Martin Lustgarten wants to change that image. That is why he is always willing to spend extra time with other people who are willing to learn about investing and finance.

Future Plans

In the coming years, Martin Lustgarten wants to continue to expand his business. He has done a great job over they years of helping people plan out their finances. If you are ready to invest with someone who is a professional, Martin Lustgarten is the person to choose. He has a great work ethic and is passionate about his work. He will always do what it takes to help others in a variety of ways.

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How Does The US Money Reserve Advocate For Gold Coin Investment?

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There are quite a few investors in the world who do not want to invest in traditional markets, and they are searching for something that feels different. They often find what they are looking for in gold coins, and they may purchase gold coins from the US Money Reserve. This article explains how investors may purchase coins that will grow in value over time, how the price of gold is rising, and how the world markets are safer with gold.


#1: Gold Coins Have A Solid Value


Gold has been one of the more stable investments in the last 100 years, and it has long been a hallmark of wealth and status. The gold itself is priced by the ounce, and anyone may research the current price of gold around the world. Every country’s market has its own price for gold, and the gold prices determine the value of the coins purchased.


#2: Gold Coin Designs


Gold coin designs are chosen for their beauty, and it is quite important that someone purchasing gold coins has considered which designs they desire. Every gold coin has a design that is lovely to see, and the coins may be traded or sold on the basis of their designs. Traders often enjoy the coins because of their beauty, and they may piece them together into larger collections.


#3: The Coins May Be Purchased Online


Every gold coin chosen may be purchased through the US Money Reserve catalog, and the catalog is fun place to look for something new. Traders and collectors may find a design they believe will be beautiful, and everyone who is trying to build a large collection will see their value jump with every new coin purchase.


#4: How Are Gold Coins Used As Investments?


Gold coins from the US Money Reserve as used as investments by those who sell them at the end of the year, and they may sell them at the time of retirement. The coins will produce cash for the investor, and the coins will represent a large part of someone’s portfolio. They know the approximate value of their coins, and they understand they may sell for high prices.


The gold coins chosen for investment from the US Money Reserve are an important asset for each investor. They provide stability that is difficult to find, and they allow investors to move around the traditional markets they fear.

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Major Significant Roles Played by Nationwide Title Clearing Inc.

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The above named company is a private entity based in Palm Harbor, FL. The company was founded in Florida in 1991, and specified in the category of Bond and Mortgage Companies. The leadership noted that the real estate industry had been experiencing challenges especially when it comes to titles. It is unfortunate that within the secondary market there are such major blows such as unnecessary delays which bring out defects in the critical documents associated with property. For seamless conveyance of titles, the Nationwide Title Clearing Inc. executives feel that the property records are most significant and should hence be handled carefully.



So as to improve the state of the matter, the company endeavors in expert research, appraisal, as well as processing legal documents for the service providers, mortgage lenders, residential mortgage servicers and also the investors. The aspect of providing employment is also a crucial role that the company has played in the market. It is worth noting that the company employs not less than 100-249 people on annual basis, which is tremendous.



Key Factors That Could Lead to Title Nullifications



Use of simple language that does not meet the real estate standards could render a property legal document invalid. Real estate standards demand that the document must comply with the already set canons. As well, a property document may be nullified in the case where an individual or company claims land that is already in possession of another person or entity.



A title with missing signature of key parties involved in transaction is also considered invalid. While at this you also need to check that all encumbrances are removed, failure to which the document gets nullified. You realize that real estate is strict especially when it comes to legal matters. It is for this reason that John Hillman, the NTC CEO addresses such issues, and goes on to caution that the parties involved in transaction should clear all the defects before endeavoring in the actual transaction.



NTC’s Efforts to Aid the Revolutionizing Mortgage Industry



The company has automated most of the processes. This has been made possible through provision of property reports online to facilitate online ordering. They are also in the verge of implementing a fast and procedural process through which the people will access these reports. The best thing about this company is that they provide information they have gained from the ground. They conduct a thorough feasibility study on the land and avail the information online for access by the entire nation.


During the process they collect data from several counties in the United States. Their ability to remain competent has enabled them to win the trust of most lenders across the U.S. It is the way to go for those that are ready to embrace technology and allow it to simplify the formerly hectic manual procedures.

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EOS and Their Growth to Number Two

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For nearly a century, there was no change to the lip balm industry. The main brand was Chapstick and there were very few competitors. All of the sticks looked and felt the same with very little variety. Roughly a decade ago, this all changed. EOS, Evolution of Smooth, came onto the scene and changed how everyone thought about lip balm.

The standard for lip balm was a cylinder shape with very few flavors. EOS lip balm wanted to make a huge impact and stand out from what was considered “the norm.” They started out with research. EOS wanted to know their customers, what they liked, what they disliked and what their needs were. Their results were very telling.

The main lip balm customers were women. The number one complaint these women had was that their lip balm was plain and they were always losing it in the bottom of their bags. This is where EOS got the idea that the shape needed a major change. They wanted something that looked nice and felt nice in their hand but was also a quality product.

A clay artist was brought in to help design the new shape for their lip balm. After some trial and error, the circle orb shape was the final design. Natural and organic ingredients were used in making the new product. These types of ingredients will be their specialty.

Once the items were placed on store shelves, the orbs began selling quickly. EOS lip balm products became available on Target stores, Walmart and Ulta. Beauty magazines went wild over all the new flavors. Celebrities were photographed with the product. The general public took to the new product quickly as well. EOS is continuing to grow their brand and they have found themselves in the number two slot when it comes to sales. They have created a great product that people want.

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A New Way Of Running A Dental Practice With MB2 Dentistry

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Not every business owner specializes in running a business. Many professionals, especially dentists, have a specialty. Dentists are specialized in dentistry and went through many years of medical school in order to practice their profession. There has been a standard for many years that private dental practice owners should run their business and be a dentist at the same time. Dentists do not have to be trained in effectively running their own business if their main goal is treating patients and practicing dentistry. Trying to accomplish all the aspects of running a business can actually take away from the quality of their work. This simply is not the way things have to be done.


Running a business has entirely different aspects unto itself. The aspects of running a business can be seen as a business within itself. There are many issues that small businesses have to deal with on the day to day that could interfere with someone practicing their specialty. There are areas of business that need to be finessed to help them run smoothly, and when running smoothly they have the ability to develop and expand their patient practice. Hiring an affiliate like MB2 Dental who understands how these day to day processes should be run to achieve a higher level of function can be the best way to see an improvement in the business without the dentist stepping away from his chair.


There are specialists that are keyed in to all aspects of how to run a business. They are professionals that know how to handle billing and accounts, money and growth management, human resources, recruiting and marketing for the business. They are informed in all the ways of how to make the business grow and develop while letting the dentists handle the business they do best, which is dentistry. MB2 Dental is a specialized dental affiliate in which dentists work for dentists. The founder of the company, a dentist himself, realized that this aspect was missing in the business and set out to make sure it didn’t have to be hard for other dental businesses who wanted to make time for their dentistry and work to expand their business.