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The Leading EOS Lip Balm Flavors

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The Evolution of Smooth (EOS) lip balms have revolutionized the lip balm industry through its innovative, cost effective, and multi-flavored products. EOS lip balms are easily identifiable due to their unique and beautiful spherical containers that come in different eye-catching colors. The outside awesomeness is nothing compared to the quality packed into those containers. All the different EOS lip balm flavors have one thing in common; their lips moisturizing effect is unmatched to none in the industry. The lip balms are manufactured by blending natural and organic ingredients, such as Vitamin E, jojoba oil, and shea butter, among others. These ingredients have the ability to protect the lips from external damage as well as keeping them glamorous and healthy. This article seeks to discuss the top EOS lip balms, see here.


The Top Four


The EOS Lemon Drop SPF-15 derives its name from its sweet lemon flavor and SPF 15 formula that gives the lips a whole day protection from the UV rays. The lip balm comes in a beautiful yellow casing. It is good to wear this lip balm when going for an outdoor event due to its sun-protection ability. Hop here on


EOS Passion Fruit comes with a purple casing and is loved by many for its revitalizing ability. This lip balm is also healthy as it prevents the lips from pigmentations.


The EOS Strawberry Sorbet has an even more unique oval-shaped casing and a strawberry flavor. This lip balm is good to apply when suffering from cracked lips for it has a healing effect on such a condition.


The EOS Blueberry Acai Lip Balm comes with a blueberry flavor. It has a bright blue casing and is made of antioxidants as its ingredients. See for more.


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About EOS


Evolution of Smooth is the fastest growing firm in the global beauty products industry. After seven years in the industry, the company’s currently estimated worth is about $250 million. EOS lip balm advertises its products via social media avenues, such as Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter.


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The Inventiveness of Whitney Wolfe

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When one thinks about the CEO of Bumble, Whitney Wolfe, one of the first things that are going to come to mind is that she is inventive. For one thing, she would have to be in order to come up with such an innovative solution as Bumble. This is one thing that has inspired her to be an entrepreneur. Entrepreneurs need a lot of creativity in order to succeed in what they do. This is why they go after what they are passionate. When they pursue their passions, they can become really creative in the solutions they offer.

When it comes to dating, there can be a lot of innovative solutions that people can come up with. One of the reasons is that people like Whitney Wolfe are passionate about dating and relationships. It can be hard not to be sense a lot of people take part in it. Therefore, Whitney Wolfe can not only provide people with a great dating app but also offer advice on what to do to have the best dating experience. For one thing, different people are going to date for different reasons. Some will date to just meet people for fun while others will date to have a serious relationship.

Whitney Wolfe understands the frustrations that could come in dating. This is why she recommends that people to make sure that they make their intentions known so that they can be well matched in dating. For one thing, it is very easy for one to be mismatched. This is why Whitney Wolfe has done everything she can to make sure that Bumble is efficient and precise at matching people together. This is of course given that the online profiles are accurately figured out. Those that are careful to fill out their profile in an accurate manner are going to have the greatest success in dating.


Alexandre Gama Recognized As A Global Success

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The global reputation built by advertising specialist Alexandre Gama has been hard won as the man who had won a staggering 23 Golden Lion’s at Cannes by the man who began his career as a writer with Standard Ogilvy. Alexandre Gama is always looking to push forward the Neogama advertising agency he founded in 1999 in any way possible, which previously including agreeing a partnership with the internationally known BBH agency; this partnership has been productive for both Neogama and Gama himself, who took on the role of Chief Creative Officer for this global brand. Recently, Alexandre Gama has returned to his roots after deciding to become independent as the owner of Neogama, a move that has seen the Rio de Janeiro born business leader appointed as the first ever Brazilian to the Global Creative Board of the Publicis Groupe international holding company.


Karl Heideck Professional Litigator

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The fact is that the majority of people lump all legal professionals together. They assume that all attorneys offer the same type of services to their clients. However, there is a difference between your basic trial attorney and a litigator. A litigator is an attorney that assists his client through all phases of a lawsuit in court or through arbitration. For example, the litigator might handle the investigative process, pleadings, discovery, and the trial. Of course, the tasks that are performed depends heavily on the type of case handled by the litigator. Some litigators specialize in handling disputes for personal injury, contracts, or real estate, while others are generalist.

Litigator Background
Most litigators like Karl Heideck began their career by earning an undergraduate degree in pre-law. Next, the individual attends an accredited law school for several years. After passing the bar, they begin their legal career in earnest. The litigator is expected to have strong research, writing, communication, and investigative skills. The litigator takes on a lot of responsibility. Therefore, the legal professional is expected to be honest, trustworthy, responsible, organized, and dedicated professional. Most employers prefer that the litigator has several years of legal experience before joining their organization.

Karl Heideck
Karl Heideck is a well respected attorney, based in Philadelphia. He works as a compliance risk management attorney. Karl Heidek received his undergraduate degree from Swarthmore College. Later on, he attended the Temple University – James E. Beasley School of Law.

Karl Heideck is based in the Philadelphia area. He continues to concentrate on areas that involve legal research and writing. His experience includes working for Grant & Eisenhofer. During that productive period, Karl Heideck gained a tremendous amount of experience that guided him in his career to this day. He remains focused on issues that involve reviewing discovery materials that involve acquisitions, risk management and other legal matters.

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Lip Care to Suit Your Tastes

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EOS (Evolution of Smooth) lip products are a great choice to care for your lips. Each tube/sphere is made of all natural, hypoallergenic, petrolatum and paraben free ingredients. EOS lip balm gives you younger looking lips since each flavor is packed full of antioxidants that leave your lips feeling soft and looking smooth. With plenty of specific care lines such as organic smooth (sphere or stick), shimmer smooth (sphere), visibly soft (sphere), you can choose one to suit your personal needs. Go here


EOS lip balm also knows everyone’s tastes are different that’s why they have developed a multitude of flavors to select from. Whether you like something in mild or bold EOS has something to suit each and every one of your moods. Choose from a creamy Vanilla Bean, a feisty Passion Fruit, a summery Strawberry Sorbet, detoxifying Blueberry Acai, a bold Pomegranate Raspberry, a mild Sweet Mint, delicious Lemon Drop, a juicy Summer Fruit, a healing Medicated Tangerine, soft and smooth Coconut Milk, Blackberry Nectar, or a summery Honeysuckle Honeydew. EOS lip balm flavors are lightly scented and not overpowering. With such a varied selection, in both care type and flavor, as well as a highly attractive package EOS makes it easy to give each flavor a try.


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