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Kevin Seawright Dedicates His Job to Helping Newark, New Jersey

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Kevin Seawright is the Executive Vice President & Chief Financial Officer at the Newark Economic Development Corporation working in the finance and administrative operations experts. Seawright has been built around being a brilliant strategist in the world of economics.

He has successfully led companies through complete reorganizations and throughout his home state of New Jersey and led him to the current position he holds as the Vice President of the Newark Economic Development Corporation company where he works. Seawright he has been working at this company since September of 2014.

The Newark Economic Development Corporation company where Kevin Seawright works as a city-funded economic development project that benefits greatly from having Seawright at the helm as he has extensive experiences and backgrounds managing money and operations in the public sector of business.

Seawright says he is very honored to take on a position that will help improve the city of Newark, and he hopes to make it a better place for everyone who lives there. One of Seawright’s biggest priorities is ensuring that the city pays the debt they owe which will all be paid off in time according to the plan Seawright has been able to draw up for the city to use to pay the debts.

Kevin Seawright is a graduate of the Mendoza College of Bussiness where he majored in Executive Leadership. Seawright’s past has seen him work in both the public and private sectors and his position with the Newark CEDC is what he looks at as the culmination of his career’s worth of hard work and achievement to helping communities in the local area where he lives.

In the Footsteps of Greg Secker

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In the Footsteps of Greg Secker

The road to being your own boss is always a glaring reality but often faced with unique challenges. When it comes to financial market trends, leaders in the industry such as Greg Secker often play a crucial role in giving insights on how to make it through unprecedented times. For example, Secker advises on the need to find a mentor to emulate in forex trading, clearly define your goals and also be realistic with the same goals. If by any chance you have not ventured into the trade, the best time would be now as Secker puts it. This will prepare you for the benefits ahead such as the ability to practice anywhere, flexibility with the trade in terms of the market as well as the choice to work anywhere.

Greg Secker, who hails from Norfolk, holds a degree in Agriculture and food science which he earned from the University of Nottingham. After leaving college, he grew the interest in forex trading from his first work at Thomas Cook Financial Services. While working at the company, he developed Virtual Trading Desk. A few years later, this and other ventures would turn to be one of the biggest companies ‘Learn to Trade.’ Currently, the company has expanded its operations to South Africa, Australia, Philippines as well as London. The company has received several awards among them being, Best Forex Trade Training UK, in 2015 and it continues to impact many through knowledge on forex trading.

Besides his strong skills in trade, Secker also has a heart for philanthropic activities demonstrated through hi Greg Secker Foundation. The Foundation was set up in 2010 and focuses on facilitating access to education, improving life skills and well as grooming youth leaders around the world. In other charitable events by Secker, he helped in building homes 100 homes for the Philippines affected by Typhoon Yolanda. Further, Secker is renowned public speaker mainly on financial matters and has written books such as Financial Freedom Through Forex. It’s no doubt he is an inspiration to many as well as role model to those hoping to join the forex trading since as Secker puts it, everything is possible.


The Inspiring Career of Vinny Parascandola

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The financial industry recognizes the crucial role Vinny Parascandola has played in betting the lives of many individuals. Vinny began his career 30 years ago when he first appeared as a systems analyst at the Irving Trust Company. He gradually rose the ladders to serve in some of the most reputable financial institutions in America such as MONY Group, Prudential Insurance and most recently the AXA Group. At Prudential Insurance, Vinny was an agent. While here, he was crowned the National Rookie, a thing that motivated him to work extra hard. He left the Prudential Insurance Company in the year 1990 to start a career as a financial professional at MONY Group. Out of his efforts and dedication in his work, Vinny Parascandola was promoted to the position of the head of the sales department.

In his newly acquired position, Vinny Parascandola was as ethical and hardworking as ever, a virtue that got him promoted after four short years to become the managing director of the company. His career at this corporation became that of rising from one position to another. While he exited the company, Vinny Parascandola was the field vice president of the enterprise. He stepped into AXA Group in the year 2005. During his first two years in the company, he was the AXA Equitable executive vice president. He would later be named the equitable president in charge of the Advantage Group for one year and then head the Northern Division for another year. His career has been in deed a journey. Before leaving for AXA Advisors in 2014, Vinny was the president of the Continent and also the chief sales officer.

He was welcomed at AXA Advisors that is based in New York, USA and handed over the senior executive vice president position, which he holds to date. In this post, the primary focus of Vinny Parascandola is hiring individuals on top positions, training them and also working together with the company’s producers to speed up sales growth. The University of Pace alumnus undertook a Bachelor of Science in computer science degree. During the commencement of the Pace University in the year 2014, he was one of the speakers.



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Rocket ship education is a public charter school that made a name for itself with the excellent test scores and diverse learning system. Preston Smith who is also the Executive officer founded it in 2007. Since its establishment, the network aims at providing quality education for its students. The public charter school aims at attaining education prosperity for public schools by improving the quality of teaching in the school. As an example, the school has incorporated various education systems and conveniently selected those that will aid in learning progress while still maintaining administration expenses at low levels. A recent study conducted at Stanford University shows that consistent attendance by the English learners is bound to boost student achievement and also adequately prepares the students for college.

The school has so far opened a total of 27 public schools that have presented good performance results. This performance success is due to the readiness of the organization to ally with community groups, students, and the parents to establish a working and efficient system. Various business leaders have also volunteered to take up financial responsibilities through funding, investments, and provision of technology to support the educational achievement of public schools like Rocket ship education. Together these parties are set to improving the quality of teaching in public schools.

The parents in Rocket ship education are highly involved in the operations of the school. During the construction of the school’s branch in South East Washington, parents followed up with the building of the school. They were involved in the launching of the school and also took part in the hiring process of the teachers. The parents who have a say to their children future gave reviews on interviewed teachers, and the principal took their reviews into consideration while recruiting teachers.

The parents also organize community meetings where they discuss on pressing matters and ways on how to improve on the Charter’s education system. Recently, a group of 374 parents, including parents from Rocket ship education drafted a letter to the MNPS demanding for the educational needs of their kids. The parents wrote off complaints about the schools that are not performing well and recommended the board to take action.


Why End Citizen United has Grown into a Leading Upcoming PAC in the US

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Political action committees elicit a lot of attention and debate, especially when the elections period draws closer. One such committee, End Citizen United, has continuously hit the headlines mainly due to its dedication to champion for campaign finance reform and become a significant player in 2016. It plans to put in tens of millions of dollars to fund Democratic candidates, especially those running in both Senate and House races nationwide.


End Citizen United’s ultimate objective is to pass a constitutional amendment that reverses the Supreme Court’s Citizen United decision made in 2010. This decision is attributed to triggering the rise of super PACs in 2010 and releasing a tidal wave of dark money into the political scene. In an effort to get the court to overturn the ruling, End Citizen United led more than 325,000 individuals to sign its petition demanding Congress to pass the bill. The rise in the number of people signing the petition was imminent citing the group’s partnership with Ready for Hillary. As such, it aimed at renting out its email list, which comprises of over four million individuals, in an effort of accessing more potential liberal supporters.


The question in many people’s mind is why End Citizen United is not supporting Republicans. Although most Independent and Republican voters concurred that anonymous secret political spending was out of proportion, the Republican leadership in Congress proved to be a major impediment to overturning the Supreme Court’s ruling.


2018 Midterm Elections for Congress


End Citizen United has recently been gearing itself financially ahead of the oncoming 2018 midterm Congress elections. As such, the group hopes to fundraise about $35 million before the elections. The projected amount would be a significant increment compared to the $25 million that was raised during the 2016 election, which marked the group’s first election cycle.


According to Tiffany Muller, End Citizen United’s executive director and president, nearly 100,000 individuals contributed to the group during this year’s first quarter. In fact, 40,000 of those people were those that donated money for the first time. According to End Citizens United’s leaders, the group’s goal is to elect champions of campaign-finance reform to Congress.


Muller cited that the average contribution received by the group this year reached $12. In fact, she went ahead to say that Democrats have extra momentum considering President’s Trump’s win during the 2016 heavily contested elections. Hence, they are prepared to fight back against his agenda and nominees including his selection for Supreme Court Judge, Neil Gorsuch.


End Citizen United draws its name from the 2010 Citizen United decision by the Supreme Court. The group functions as a conventional PAC and cannot receive donations that exceed $5000 from a single donor. Despite this cap on donations, End Citizen United’s fundraising in 2016 propelled it to the high ranks of groups aligned to the Democratic side’s spending during the 2016 elections.


Effective Advertising With Lori Senecal

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Every business that is hoping to be a major success needs to figure out what it needs to do to advertise effectively. Fortunately, they can do it with the help of Lori Senecal. Lori has tons of experience with advertising. Therefore, she can be trusted to provide her services that are going to be very effective for her clients. She understands that each client and business she deals with is its own individual entity. Therefore, she treats them on an individual basis. This helps make her campaigns even more effective. She is very good at figuring out the details of the campaign. For more details visit LinkedIn.

Among the most important aspects of the ad campaign is the images. With everyone having access to the internet, it is important for business to put images to good use. After all, people are driven by what they see. A whole bunch of words is not going to sell the product or the businesses like one image could. Also, given that the internet has become very advanced, there is no reason to not consider video for internet advertising. Many people are moving towards the internet for their entertainment. Therefore, it is important to treat the internet like television with advertising. Check out Salary to know more.

With Lori, effective advertising is going to require a multitude of methods. Among the methods that are worth trying is social media advertising. However, for a business to really be successful, it is important to do more than just drop ads on social media platforms. One of the best things to do is look for ways to engage the community in relevant topics. Meanwhile, Lori Senecal can work really fast to come up with a campaign that is going to bring a lot of good results for businesses. Lori Senecal’s advertising agency is really worth the investment that businesses make. You can subscribe on her YouTube account.

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See Napa Valley Like A Wine Guide!

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Want to visit Napa Valley like a true Wine Guide? Here’s how you do it. While most people map out the various vineyards and tasting rooms, Traveling Vineyard’s Wine Guides already know right where to go and how to make the perfect schedule for winery hopping. This gives them breathing time to check out Napa Valley’s non-wine activities. I know, I know, we go to Napa Valley specifically FOR the wine. But there is so much more to uncover in Napa Valley other than wine. The region is one of the most tempid and lush in the United States and with the influx of constant tourism, there are some pretty great things to see.

First, prep yourself for wine tastings and tours with a relaxing massage at Auberge Spa. The spa is located at Calistoga Ranch, which is nestled in an area known for its natural hot springs. You can also stay at Calistoga and enjoy the resort’s amazing activities like hot air balloon rides, hiking and biking, or a dinner crafted from local ingredients at the resort Lake house restaurant. After all that wine you may want to get a little exercise. Stop in to the Louise Stevenson State Park and enjoy the incredible vistas, mountain views and maybe take a whack at climbing Mt. St Helena. You can also try a different kind of tasting at Round Pond Estates and sample world-class olive oil.

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Wine Guides take this time to explore because their job is to bring the wines of Napa Valley into the homes where they live. They are a part of Traveling Vineyard – a concept that offers in-home wine tastings at no cost so that wine lovers can gather and sample Napa Valley’s finest wines before making a purchase. The in-home tasting can be done with just wines or mixed with additional elements. Guests can order the wines they like and have them delivered through the Wine Guide.

Wine Guides have incredible benefits when they work with Traveling Vineyard. They have absolutely no set hours and make their own schedules. They are also able to work as much as they want and earn as much as they want. Wine Guides also have access to unlimited training resources with Traveling Vineyards. So ask yourself, “wine not” become a Wine Guide?


JHSF follows new strategic vision under Jose AuriemoNeto

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Since the year 2000, Brazil’s real estate sector has taken off like a rocket. The country has gone from having to image of a poverty-stricken, third-world nation to becoming one of the most sought-after luxury real estate destinations in the world. The number of high-end shopping malls has exploded, attracting some of the globe’s most wealthy consumers and driving the local economies throughout many Brazilian cities.

No one has been more instrumental in this transformation than Jose AuriemoNeto. After taking the helm of the firm that his father founded, JHSF Participacaoes, in the early 2000s, Jose AuriemoNeto has proven that Brazil can follow the same development model as some of the world’s premier luxury destinations. AuriemoNeto has always believed that Brazil, with its natural beauty, large population and idyllic weather, could compete on equal footing with some of the most prestigious locations around the globe. AuriemoNeto believes that modern Brazilian cities, such as Sao Paulo, will one day be viewed with the same level of favor, among the world’s globe-trotting plutocrats, as destinations such as London, Dubai or New York.

Throughout the 2000s, AuriemoNeto began implementing this new vision of creating some of the most luxurious real estate development projects anywhere in Latin America. The company’s portfolio began growing exponentially, with hundreds of developments successfully completed, many of those currently under the management and ownership of the company itself as well as many more developments in the planning stages and early financing negotiations. Click here to know more.

In the year 2007, AuriemoNeto took the company public for the first time. It was listed onBovespa, the Brazilian stock market, with an initial IPO valuation of $100 million. Within just a decade, the company had more than doubled in valuation. Today, JHSF Participacaoes is worth more than 1.$3 billion and is considered Brazil’s leading real estate development firm.

Understanding how the company was able to propel itself so quickly to the stratosphere of the country’s real estate development space, it’s worth understanding exactly how different the strategic leadership provided by AuriemoNeto is from that of his father, company founder Fabio Auriemo. Without AuriemoNeto’s leadership, the company would be just another small real estate firm.