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Reducing On Inmate Calls With Securus Technologies

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Securus Technologies is a leader in providing inmate calls as these would be provided with unlimited minutes. It is able to provide nearly 80% in savings with regard to making long distance calls. Besides, Securus Technologies is not placing any “per minute” charges. These can be used on the existing home landline or even a cell phone. There are no long-term contracts here. The payments have to be done on a monthly basis. This is why their customers have voted this company as the number one provider of inmate calls in the US.


The Public Safety Solutions of Securus Technologies are designed to help cities as well as law enforcement agencies to collect as well as consolidate information. The company has to visualize, store as well as distribute this information in real time as that can support their need of gaining immediate access to information. This is because, in case of emergency response dispatch, critical, information is required on an immediate basis. This allows for mobile law enforcement and helps to enhance public safety too.


Securus Technologies is providing investigative solutions too. This is the way in which the company is helping the jail and prison officials in preventing several crimes from taking place. This has even helped to reduce the inmate-on-inmate crimes in a big way. Securus Technologies helps to identify, store, as well as analyze and pinpoint data that is useful for investigations. This includes providing advanced data analytics that can be used for voice biometric identification besides other verification solutions. In this way, Securus Technologies is able to enhance security by making use of these investigative tools in order to analyze huge amounts of data quickly. This helps to provide investigators with actionable intelligence data on demand. All this has helped to make the Facilities as well as public spaces safer for all.


George Soros: Leader in Shaping the Society

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George Soros is a man who grew up seeing inequality and discrimination around him. When he was still a kid, he have seen how his fellow men were killed by the Nazis who have invaded his home land. George Soros managed to escape the Nazis along with his family, and hid throughout the war because his Jewish ancestry would send them to concentration camps.

When the war is over, George Soros decided to leave Hungary for the United Kingdom. He enrolled himself in a university and took up a course related to economics. He also had to work different jobs in order to support his studies. Being a part time student made him stronger and developed skills that he has not learned before. George Soros graduated from the university after years of hard work, and then decided to immigrate to the United States in order to secure his American Dream.

During his first few years in the United States, George Soros thought about ways on how he can earn money. He used what he learned at school at opened a hedge fund. This hedge fund would be the ultimate source of his wealth, and just after a few years, George Soros managed to build up wealth by investing in different investment opportunities. He had his hedge fund, and some of his money are being used to purchase stocks. Because of how he build up his fortune so fast, he was regarded as the greatest and the most successful investor in America.

Remembering what he has witnessed when he was still a kid, he decided to use his fortune to create a foundation, and it is called the Open Society Foundations. This foundation is responsible for providing funds to groups and organizations who are supporting the idea of George Soros to build a society which is more accepting and tolerant towards the difference of each person. One recent example of how the Open Society Foundations moved were the rallies in Ferguson. George Soros has been funding these groups, and when news broke out that another African American teenager was killed by the police, different race equality groups stormed the city of Ferguson and protested. They are asking for justice to be served to victims of police brutality in America and asked the government to protect the rights of African American citizens.

Another example of his recent move was his support for the Democratic Party last 2016 Presidential Elections. George Soros supported the Democratic Party because of their liberal views in the society. He donated millions for the campaign of Hillary Clinton, but unfortunately, she lost. Even if the Democratic Party lost the presidential bid last elections, George Soros stated that they still have his support and that he will continue to help them financially in order to attain his goal.

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Human Rights Groups And Their Impact

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Human right groups have been on the rise, and they are a source of hope that the world could be saved from self-destruction. These groups give a voice to the voiceless and provide vital information on human rights. They are determined to end evil in the world and stop violation of human rights. Learn more about Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey:

Besides, they are bold, gritty and will confront evil without fear or favor. These groups genuinely want to make the world a better place. To help you understand the significance of these groups, we are going to look at Avaaz and Frontera Fund among other organizations that work tirelessly to stop violation of human rights.

Their Role

Avaaz was founded in 2007 by a group of professional from the public sector who were devoted to promoting democracy and good governance around the world. Avaaz focuses on issues such as conflicts, human rights, new technologies, animal rights, and poverty.

Avaaz is based in the US and has more than 40 million members. It is currently the most influential online human right group in the world. The group raises awareness through online campaigns. Like most human right organizations, Avaaz gets its funds from its members. They also get funds from donors around the world.


According to the founders of the group, Avaaz was created to replace the bad with the good. Their goal is to build an environment where people respect each other and live in harmony. Simply put, Avaaz believes that fighting for what is right, whether political, religious, social or economic, is always the right thing to do. Read more: Village Voice Media | Wikipedia

Avaaz has been one of the biggest supporters of the LGBT community. Members of this community are often mistreated and subjected to unfair treatments. Avaaz is against this and will fearlessly confront any country that violates the rights of this community.

For instance, Avaaz was among the first human right groups to condemn the mistreatment of gay people in Chechnya. They used their massive online influence to put pressure on Chechnya’s government, and the abuse reduced significantly.

The groups also advocate for clean energy and have brought considerable attention to the issue of global warming. On political matters, Avaaz and Frontera Fund bravely go up against biased policies and corrupt regimes. They are credited for bringing down some of the world’s corrupt governments and institutions. This shows you how important human right groups are and why you should support them.

Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund

You cannot mention civil societies without mentioning Frontera Fund initiated by Lacey and Larkin. Frontera Fund is a human right organization that supports NGO’s that advocate for migrants’ civil and human rights. The organization also supports freedom of speech and civic participation. Based in Arizona, the organization was created by Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin, the founders of Phoenix New Times and Village Voice Media.

The two journalists, Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin, dedicated millions of dollars to fund civil societies that safeguard migrants’ rights around Arizona. The organizations also provide financial support to people to help them fight racial injustices to present.


The Brown Modeling Agency Helps Aspiring Models Make the Right Connections

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The Brown Agency has become one of the most popular companies when it comes to getting work for models. This has become a very popular Texas-based modeling agency that has been able to totally change the way that people look at the modeling industry in Texas. There are quite a few people that are fans of Brown Agency that has managed to produce many different models that are young and old. This company has connections with a lot of businesses like Toyota and L’oreal. That is why it has become so very well known in the modeling market.

There are quite a few models that have become fashion models through this agency. At one time it was referred to as the Wilhelmina Austin Modeling agency. It is a Texas-based company, but there are people from different parts of the United States and beyond that are becoming part of the Brown Agency roster.

People that are part of this roster may easily be seen at New York Fashion Week or Miami swim week. According to Market Wired, there have been lots of people that come through Central Texas that may go on to grace the runway in the Dallas Fashion Week shows, and some of them even go on to become magazine cover models. There are a plethora of opportunities available for people that want to get into modeling, and this may be one of the best ways that people can introduce their talents to the world. A lot of people love to put on new clothes and strut through the runway, but there are also models that are going to have a chance to get into television acting and print modeling. This is just how far the Brown Agency extends when it comes to modeling. People have many opportunities to engage in things that may even become big contract for models. The Brown Agency has definitely transition into a very well-known company that provides talent even to big brands like Louis Vuitton.

There is no shortage of talent when it comes to the Brown Modeling Agency. When people check out the website they have the opportunity to see some of these models at their best. They get a chance to check a portfolio online and discover models that may be perfect for a photo shoot or a magazine cover. Many of these models will also have links that connect people to their Instagram pages. This is how one can get a feel for how these models may look during photo shoots or during regular everyday activities. There certainly are a great number of possibilities for kids and adults that want to get into modeling. The Brown Agency has the connections to make this happen.


Andrew Rolfe Leads Charitable Dinner for Ubuntu Fund

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The Ubuntu Fund has been a major player in South Africa over the better part of almost the past two decades. Jacob Lief founded the charity in order to bring relief to children suffering from a lack of education, healthcare, hospitality, and hope. A big part of the Ubuntu Fund’s success has been their ability to reach out and find willing donors to bring in an influx of funds and energy to the fund. Andrew Rolfe, Chairman of the Board at Ubuntu, recently hosted the 10 Annual Ubuntu Fund Gala Dinner this past May. The goal for this charity event was to raise nearly $1 million to bring more aid to their Port Elizabeth campus in South Africa.

Andrew Rolfe has been a donor, advocate, and Chairman on the board for years now and his tireless work has helped to bring relief and life changing help to those in need. The Gala Dinner was another excellent chance for Rolfe to do more good for the charity. For this celebratory, charity dinner over 300 guests would assemble in order to taste a sample of South African culture including authentic food, a charity auction, and even the Xhosa Choir. More than the authentic performance and food was the importance of two special guests: Sinesipho Rabidyani and Malizole Gawxula — two South African individuals who had their lives changed by the Ubuntu Fund.

Sinesipho Rabidyani pretty much stole the show from the moment she walked onto the stage until the moment she walked off of it. Rabidyani told her story of an abuse home life dominated by an angry and violent drunk father. She told the assembled crowd how she feared for her future until a chance meeting with the Ubuntu Fund. Since then she was able to get a scholarship, pursue higher education, and even get the psycho=social support that she so desperately needed.

Rabidyani’s speech must have done something to initiate a fervor during the auction section. The Ubuntu Fund managed to raise nearly $800,000 which got them right up against their initial goal, thus helping a ton of people in need in Port Elizabeth.