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Changes to Immigration Program Brings Swift Legal Action by American Civil Liberties Union

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Following the recent changes made to the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program, the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) has decided to file suit against the Trump Administration.

The program was established by the previous administration, and the proposed changes and ending of the program has now put the lives of 800,000 young people in question.

Previously, in April of 2017, the President suggested to the public that those young people should “rest easy”, but apparently he had a change of heart. The ACLU sees the disheartening reversal to now end the program as a violation of the constitution as well as possible government abuse.

The ACLU has a total of 1.2 million members nationwide and thousands of volunteer attorneys who support the nonprofit organization and uses the U.S. Constitution as the basis for all advocacy actions taken.

With the recent changes to the DACA program, the ACLU filed a class action lawsuit (IEIYC and Arreola vs. Duke) based on the opinion that the revocation of immigration status is a violation of the U.S. Constitution, an abuse of power and unlawful when the program rules and policies have been followed under the current law. Read more: Jim Larkin | and Michael Lacey | Facebook

The ACLU views the actions taken by the government as a violation of the Fifth Amendment as well as the federal Administrative Procedures Act. The lawsuit includes several government agencies such as the Homeland Security, U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services, Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), and the Customs and Border Protection.

The ACLU has previously filed similar cases against ICE for its misinterpretations of the laws as well as its enforcement tactics, and the ACLU come away with a successful resolution on behalf of the individuals represented.

In Arizona, the Lacey and Larkin Fund is continually forming resource information relating to the DACA program in order to bring awareness to the immigrants within the region who are more likely to become affected than any other state. In 2016, there were 1.2 million native-born immigrant residents in Arizona making up 18.4 percent of the state’s population with at least one immigrant parent.

This statistic has increased the need for the Lacey and Larkin Fund to assure the immigrant community of their rights through crucial information while also keeping them informed of the government’s actions.

The Lacey and Larkin Fund was established by Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin in 2013, and they both have received the humanitarian award for their commitment to the society.

Michael Lacey & Jim Larkin

Michael Lacey was born in Newark, New Jersey, but moved west to attend Arizona State University. After dropping out he and fellow student, Jim Larkin, changed the Phoenix New Times, a free weekly newspaper, into a self-sustaining business.


Now, let’s turn to Joe Arpaoi. For twenty-four years Mr. Arpaoi had been elected Maricopa County Sheriff. He built a career on being a hardliner on illegal immigration and did everything he could to fight against it. Unfortunately, “America’s Toughest Sheriff” also developed a reputation for violating people’s rights in pursuit of that aim.


On December 2011 the U.S. District Court issued a preliminary injunction ordering Sheriff Joe Arpaio and his team to stop profiling Latino drivers, but the sheriff and his officers continued, claiming miscommunication was causing the confusion. All the while, the local paper, the Phoenix New Times continued to call out Sheriff Arpaoi and his team for their abuses until October 18, 2007. On that day Arpaoi’s armed deputies arrested Jim Larkin, the newspaper’s executive editor, and Micheal Lacey, the newspaper’s head of advertising, at their homes and had them illegally detained.


With the $3.75 million settlement the two received from the county they formed the Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund, which gives grants to migrant-rights organizations throughout Arizona. And, they are returning to journalism with the launch of Front Page Confidential, a website that covers the threats to free speech and the First Amendment


Eighteen Billion in Philanthropy

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The Last Moments Of Life And Philanthropy

Philanthropy always comes down to the last moments of your professional life. It’s noble to believe that you can always strive for the work of humanity, but the reality is that it’s actual work. The work of George Soros is also winding down as he donates sums that are wowing the financial world.

Mr. Soros became a true professional when he embraced the final market and sought to make a larger career from it. The money, success, power and fame he earned enabled him to develop more empowering strategies. These strategies give the world great benefits today. The last moments are here for George Soros.

Investing Moves As Fast As An 18 Billion Transaction

The pace of George Soros is calculated in a transaction he completed and that gave just $18 billion to the Open Society Foundations. George was able to do this in the time it took to transfer all of this money. The Open Society Foundations works to expand democracy and to aide in world transition.

There’s a lot the modern world is experiencing, and the transformation it undergoes is aided by the work of agencies like the Open Society Foundations. George Soros helped to form this foundation. The work was only possible because of a clear process he continues to succeed with. Mr. Soros is a world expert at making more money.

There’s A Pace George Soros Holds That Hasn’t Been Matched

The pace of Wall Street resembles the moves and actions of George Soros today. What’s being witnessed is a development that can only be understood in full when George makes even more money than he began with. The frustration outsiders experience comes from the fast-pace achieved by the professional.

Along with George’s substantial donation to the Open Society Foundation, he’s also selling personal positions within companies like and Apple and Facebook. Public records don’t yet show what George gained as a result of selling these large stakes. The idea of donating $18 billion gives us the rough idea of what George is earning however.

That number could meet or proceed $18 billion if its also being valued through Facebook and Apple shares. The tactics of Mr. Soros will surprise us in the end. The surprise is a larger display of financial prowess and what will move the world economy again. There’s a mark being left by Soros.

The History And Growth Of The American Institute Of Architects

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About AIA
AIA is an organization that is comprised of architects in the United States. With its headquarters in Washington DC, the main function of AIA is offering education, offering government advocacy, public outreach, and community development. All these activities are geared towards supporting the architecture profession while improving public image. AIA also works with other organization in the building industry in order to coordinate the industry.

The organization was started in 1857 by a group of 13 people who were architects. The purpose of starting the organization was promoting the scientific and practical improvement and perfection of the architect profession. Before the organization was formed, there were no modalities of identifying architects since there was no school for architecture. There was also no laws the in the United States that were used to govern the architecture profession. As such, anyone could claim that they were architects.

The organization is comprised of more than 90,000 architects who are licensed. The members also include other associated professionals. AIA is guided by a code of ethics and professional conduct. These rules are meant to assure customers, members of the public, and members of the organization of the highest standards of professionalism.

Membership is categorized into different levels in AIA. There are Architect members; they are architects that are licensed to practice architecture by the licensing authority. There are also Associate Members who are not licensed but work under a licensed professional. They include people that have earned their degrees in architecture or people who are interns who are seeking to earn the credits required in order to be licensed. There are also members who have international membership. They are international associate members who are licensed by other licensing authorities outside the United States.

Robert Ivy, the CEO of American Institute of Architects
Robert graduated from Tulane University with a Masters of Architecture having attained a Bachelor of Arts in English from Sewanee. Robert became the Editor in Chief of Architectural Record in 1996. He helped grow the journal to become the world’s most read architectural journal. He has also worked with McGraw-Hill Construction Media, HQ Magazine, and Constructor among many other organizations.

Due to his record of great success, he has earned many honors. He has earned honors in the publishing industry. He also received an award while working at McGraw-Hill for management excellence in 1998. In 2010, he was voted Master Architect by the architecture fraternity.

Learn more about American Institute of Architects:

Dr. Cameron Clokie Highlights Impediments for the Penetration of Regenerative Medicine in Canada and the World

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Regenerative medicine is a field in medicine that is fast gaining momentum in the treatment of damaged body structures, which are as a result of either an injury or a disease. Stem cell therapy involves the use of cells, biomaterials and molecules to repair and restore body parts to their proper functioning state.

Bloomberg reveals that Dr. Clokie is one of the eminent scientists that are working hard to discover new generative medicine treatments that have a massive potential of reducing the burden of diseases on humankind.

According to Cameron Clokie, stem cell therapies present effective ways to battle a wide range of ailments including stroke, progressive neurological conditions and heart disease. Research has also shown that regenerative medicine has a capacity of boosting the quality of life of patients with chronic diseases, which has an overall effect of improving life expectancy. Read more: Cameron Clokie Believes Technology is Changing Dentistry For The Better

However, despite of the numerous benefits of regenerative medicine and the enormous efforts that scientists are putting towards the discovery of new therapies, regenerative medicine treatments have not been fully embraced by the medical industry as a treatment, which can be used to tackle health problems facing different patients. Learn more about Cameron Clokie:

There are two major impediments, which have prevented the progress of generative therapies from discovery into applicability in the treatment of patients.

Scientists are continuously coming up with new therapies and improving the existing ones, but few of these treatments are approved by regulatory bodies such as the Food and Drug Administration. This pushes private health providers who have huge appetite for profits to use unproven therapies, which can result in devastating effects on the patients.

Generative medicine treatments require massive investment regarding facilities for production and staff. This makes the therapies very expensive. Based on the fact that health sectors of many countries work on limited budgets, they are unable to make these therapies a reality.

About Dr. Cameron Clokie

Dr. Cameron Clokie is a seasoned maxillofacial and oral surgeon who has used his experience in the medical field to venture into business.

He serves as the CEO of Induce Biologics Inc. Dr. Clockie is also a long-standing professor in medicine. Additionally, he has published papers widely in his area of specialization.

Whitney Wolfe Success Story as a Young Technology Guru

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Whitney Wolfe happens to be the director and the founder of Bumble which is the fourth most popular dating app in the world. She happens to have been a very young woman who is always committed to succeeding in life and has been on the frontline pursuing success. Her mission is ensuring that she becomes a great person in life and has been on the frontline pursuing her dreams. She is a very experienced person in the industry of dating and has always committed her skills and experience for the betterment of her life and the people she has always desired to help. She is passionate about what she does but has been on the frontline pursuing dreams very well. She also works with passion to achieve big time and have great dreams.

Whitney is from Salt Lake City where she was born and brought up. She had very caring parents whereby the father was a known developer who always desired to help her achieve her dreams. Her motive is ensuring that she achieves her overall goals in life. She has persistently pursued dreams to the end. While she was in high school she performed exemplary well and even got a chance to study at the famous University of Southern Methodist whereby she decided to major her studies in international studies.

Whitney Wolfe while at the University decided to start his first company in just 19 years. She loved people so much and got affected when there was BP oil spill and so many people were affected. That is when the idea of selling bamboo tote bags came in and she formed a non-profit organization called ‘Help Us Project’ which was very successful. |She worked very hard to help many people and even did a partnership with great global celebrities just to ensure that the organization is able to reach so many people from every corner of the world.

All these efforts were applied while Whitney was at the University. She could admittedly confess that she had special love for people and always had a desire to change the lives of the majority. After she graduated, she left for South East Asia whereby she got a job at an orphanage. She could try her level best to make it friendly for the children who visited there. After some few years, she went back to her country whereby she worked with various labs.

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DREAMers and Advocates Sounding the Alarm

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According to the article written by Carmen Cornejo, on the Lacey & Larkin Frontera Fund website, extremist GOP member has launched various attack fronts against the DACA program. The alarming news is bouncing across the organizations and networks of young immigrants.

DACA provides undocumented youth meeting certain requirements a social security number, a reprieve from deportation, plus the opportunity of working in the United States for two years that is renewable. In most of the states, the program is allowing them to get a driver’s license as well as access to state tuition fees.

As they had reported previously, Ken Paxton, the Texas Attorney General, released a letter that was addressed to the administration of Trump asking them to revoke the DACA program by Sep. 5, this year, threatening legal action, if they don’t meet their demands. The action won’t be a sudden termination. They were proposing a “phasing off,” and in which new applications are not going to be considered plus there won’t be renewals.

A total of nine attorneys general plus one red states governor placed their signatures on the letter. Recently, Hispanic Caucus members met in a closed-door meeting together with John Kelly, Secretary of Homeland Security. He said that the program that is protecting 800,000 people is in jeopardy. Kelly mentioned that the legal cases were already challenging that program as the basis for his communication.

Advocates and DREAMers had begun sounding the alarm for weeks, though the announcement of Kelly was alarming. The program of DACA is in its fifth implementation year, and it brought clear the benefits of the United States. A total of 95% of DACA beneficiaries study, work or do both. They donate millions of dollars to universities and colleges countrywide.

Lacey & Larkin Frontera Fund is going to provide assistance, guidance, and information in the fight of preserving DACA as well as fight for a solution that is permanent: A DREAM Act legislation.

Securus Technologies’ Facility Customers Comment on Using Technology to Solve and Prevent Crimes

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Securus Technologies is a Dallas-based technology company with the strongest commitment to the provision of technology that modernizes the inmate facilities. The company has worked with various inmate facilities across the United States to ensure they are protected with the best use of modern technology. The company is praised for offering technical solutions geared towards criminal and justice solutions. The company also offers solutions that increase the chances of better investigations, public safety, and monitoring. Securus Technologies is adopted for these solutions by most of the federal and state prison facilities because their technology is ahead of the rest in two years.


The prison officials are enjoying a good time working in the prison facilities use their accurate positions to detect crimes against fellow inmates. Securus Technologies has also announced the reception of more than 1,000 emails and letters congratulating them on their bold technology moves. Their clients, who come from all parts of the country, have always achieved the best through their assisted technical solutions with Securus Technologies. This sets Securus Technologies up in the ladder of excellence. It also explains why the company is given priority to provide technology solutions in the inmate industry.


In the past, we saw Securus Technologies set a technology challenge for other companies to showcase the leader. In the challenge, Securus Technologies proved to outdo all the technology companies in the industry. Its first position has also been showcased by the increased number of facility subscriptions to their services. Jail and prison officials are grateful for the high-end technology provided by Securus Technologies in the industry. In fact, the technology has reduced the number of crimes experienced in the inmate industry. This is why they are also seeking to express their joy to the world. Securus Technologies also prides itself on being part of the solution to these problems.