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Industry Expert Peter Briger Blends Work And Humanity Moments In Time

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A Forbes Top 400 business professional, financial expert and former US Treasury Official, Peter Briger is also well known for his philanthropic generosity.Briger, who joined the Fortress Investment Group in 2002, currently holds the position of president and chief executive officer at the company.He has been a member of the board of directors of Fortress since 2006 and a member of the management committee since 2002.Based in San Francisco, Briger makes the most of his finance and investment expertise to administer the company’s credit fund business.Briger and his team of more than 300 specifically focus on undervalued assets and distressed credit investments.

Formerly a partner at Goldman Sachs & Company, Briger possessed more than 15 years experience in a number of leadership roles as co-head of groups that incorporate the Asian Real Estate Private Equity business, the Fixed Income Principal Investments Group, the Whole Loan Sales and Trading Business and more. Briger is also the founder of Hydromine and functions as its chief executive officer. He has extensive expertise in developing, assembling, building and configuring major mining projects.Aside from his work at Fortress, Briger contributes to several philanthropic and community activities.He is a board member of the Central Park Conservancy, which manages the park and has invested more than $600 million since its start in 1980 and the Global Fund for Children which works with groups worldwide to be of assistance to at-risk children.

Briger also is a board member of Tipping Point, the Hospital for Special Surgery and the Princeton University Investment Company.More recently, Briger made a donation which helped set up the Princeton Entrepreneurship Council (PEC) at Princeton University.The PEC works with existing campus groups to facilitate entrepreneurship by setting standards and priorities for the use of financial resources. The program, between students and the latest alumni, promotes creativity, innovation and taking risks. It also makes physical space available to entrepreneurs.A graduate of Princeton University, Briger went on to receive a Master of Business Administration from the University of Pennsylvania Wharton School of Business.

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Louis R. Chênevert – Strategies and Stores on Success

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Louis R. Chênevert shared his ideas, motivations, and advice in an interview with Ideamensch. Having retired in 2014, Chênevert is the former Chairman & Chief Executive Officer of United Technologies Corporation, an aircraft manufacturing company.

Ideamensch asks Chênevert where the idea of United Technologies Corporation came from. Chênevert’s mission was to fully understand the customer’s needs and deliver the highest quality of products. Through collaborations of experts, executives, and acquisitions that strengthen his portfolio. Chênevert’s approach of collaboration based on a passionate mission led to the company’s numerous successes.

Chênevert brings his ideas of life by focusing on setting up small groups and leadership teams with the funds, tools, and autonomy to brainstorm and produce products that change the game. A trend that excites Chênevert is the rapid advancement of technology. Through innovative and ever-evolving technology provides opportunities for growth and learning.

Chênevert believes that his successful habits are all connected. Being detail-oriented, following up, focused, optimistic, and passionate are a few habits he names that have played definitive roles in his success as an entrepreneur. Chênevert shared that if he were able to start over and do things differently that he’d keep a closer eye to internal politics. By being more aware of the internal politics he would not tolerate people who do not have the same agenda and hinder success and extraordinary results. On the contrary, Chênevert recommends focusing on putting together the right team to achieve your results. Having a dream allows for inspiration, overcoming obstacles, and appreciation that ultimately leads to success.

Chênevert lastly shares the strategy that repeatedly leads to success. He advises extreme focus on your work and the end goal, taking the time for breaks, overcoming obstacles through eliminating roadblocks, and nothing just outside of the box, but to think big. Through celebration and support, a positive energy and environment of winners is made.

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Lori Senecal to Resign from CP+B

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CP+B Global chief executive officer will be leaving the company by the end of the year. According to the news that has been shared by the company website, Lori Senecal will be resigning from the position so that she can take care of other crucial roles in her career. Lori Senecal has been working as the global chief executive officer for a while now, and she has performed so well, introducing the changes the company management has been dreaming of for years. Before becoming the leader of the successful company, Lori Senecal had been working as the president of a large institution that is known as MDC Partners Network. When she joined CP+B, Lori Senecal continued to work as the president of the previous company. Despite the numerous challenges she has had to deal with in the course of her career, the businesswoman has been performing quite well, and she has proven that she can be a leader in the complicated markets. Check out Ideamensch to see more.


The top management at CP+B has been very impressed by the kind of results that have been delivered by Lori Senecal in the course of her tenure in the company. The founders of the institution say that Lori Senecal is a perfect leader who has managed to bring the company to greater heights that it had never experienced in the past. Her flexibility and leadership skills in the company speak volumes about her career life. When she joined the company more than two years ago, there were very few employees who could perform to the satisfactory of the company management. The businesswoman has, however, managed to ensure that the people working in the organization are motivated by introducing employee programs. The company has not yet introduced the person who will be taking the position that was occupied by Senecal.


Lori Senecal is not a stranger to success. The businesswoman has worked in several companies in the past, and she is the perfect example of a career woman who performs well than the men in the society. Senecal has a lot of skills in the management of companies, and this has forced her into becoming an expert in employee motivation programs.



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Larkin & Lacey

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Michael Lacey, half of the duo of former newspapermen that founded the New Times Media empire, recently addressed the media in response to the final ruling issued by Susan R. Bolton regarding President Donald Trump’s decision to pardon Joe Arpaio, former Sheriff of Maricopa County.

While the ruling was no surprise, as many people already felt that Joe Arpaio would somehow once again escape prison time, many of the citizens of Maricopa County expressed their issues with the ruling. Learn more about Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey:

Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin have been in a continuous saga of drama with Joe Arpaio and the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Department since he was first elected in 1992. With their publication, Phoenix New Times, Larkin and Lacey regularly covered many of the illegal practices implemented by the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Department at the behest of Joe Arpaio, which eventually led to a showdown between all three.

On “Sheriff Joe’s” orders, Jim and Michael became victims of the elected official’s wrath, as they were falsely arrested in their homes regarding charges of disclosing information concerning an ongoing grand jury investigation. The investigation that they revealed in their publication, was one that they, their newspaper, and their readership was the subject of.

The New Times Media frontmen would be released in less than 24 hours, as the district attorney refused to prosecute the case, and a court battle, lasting three years, ensued. Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey would win their suit, claiming $3.75 million, which they used to begin the Larkin and Lacey Frontera Fund.

In 1970, Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey became involved in one of the most influential alternative publications in history with the launching of Phoenix New Times. Michael Lacey, joined by several students from the Arizona State Campus, felt compelled to join the growing roster of alternative newspapers that were, at the time, infiltrating the mainstream due changes in philosophy.

This yearning resulted from events such as the United State’s status in the Vietnam War, as well as the massacre that occurred on the campus of Kent State University. In 1972, Jim Larkin came into the fold, and he quickly became the top seller of the publication, eventually taking on the reins as the head of marketing.

By 1983, Phoenix New Times had garnered a substantial following throughout Arizona and decided to purchase Westword. Westword was first published in 1977 by Patricia Calhoun, to service the Denver, Colorado area.

After this acquisition, Larkin and Lacey continued their trend of purchasing like-minded newspapers across the country, eventually garnering 17 publications, which included LA Weekly, OC Weekly, Miami New Times, Village Voice, and Nashville Scene.

In 2007, New Times Media achieved its most significant award, the Pulitzer Prize, and by 2012, Larkin and Lacey had decided to leave the company.

Today, Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey head the Frontera Fund, as well as the website, FrontPage Confidential, which are both dedicated to maintaining the protection of constitutional rights for people of all backgrounds.

The Story of Lacey and Larkin’s Migrant Fight

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Everyone is told it’s important to protect those that can’t protect themselves, but that’s a trait rarely seen in modern society. These days, everyone’s just attacking each other all the time. There aren’t really innocent people anymore; everyone’s someone else’s pawn. Read more: Village Voice Media | Wikipedia and Michael Lacey | LinkedIn

Occasionally, there will be a story about people just fighting for justice. It’s not a battle for supremacy or vengeance; it’s just about doing the right thing. That’s why stories like Lacey and Larkin’s fight against Sheriff Arpaio are so important. They weren’t trying to destroy an enemy. They wanted him to stop abusing innocent people. He destroyed himself.

For a number of years, Arpaio got used to doing whatever he wanted. Whenever someone challenged him or threatened his power, he used that power to silence or destroy them. Growing up in a race-focused cultured, he viewed other races differently. In his case, he viewed most of them as lesser than himself.

As a southwestern state, he particularly didn’t like Latinos. Being a border state, many of the locals were Mexican immigrants. He often participated in functions and rallies where he served a patriarchal role in fostering anti-Mexican fear-mongering. That’s just the tip of the iceberg.

As the duo dug deeper, they found a number of shady activities and incidents that proved that Arpaio is not fit to be a sheriff of anything. Most disgusting, his systematic abuse of Latinos. He seemed to have a knack for targeting and persecuting anyone that he believed to be of Mexican descent.

Because he and his friends didn’t view these people as Americans, he believed it was okay to abuse them however he saw fit. Once Phoenix New Times began reporting his activities, he focused his efforts on shutting the paper down.

When all his efforts failed, he had them arrested. The manner in which they were arrested seemed more like kidnapping. First, there was no official record of the arrests, because it’s illegal to arrest someone without probable cause. Second, they were arrested in the middle of the night and forced into unmarked SUVs. Third, they were taken to separate jails and subjected to Arpaio’s personal interrogations.

As hard as he tried, the sheriff couldn’t break the duo. They were released the next day after the nation found out what happened. Sheriff Arpaio lost his job, Maricopa County awarded the duo a $3 million settlement, and they used that money to create a fund that supports migrant rights.

Despite overcoming Arpaio’s hatred, nearly all of their work was undone by current President Donald Trump. He doesn’t seem to think that Arpaio is a bad guy.

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Shiraz Boghani Gets An Asian Business Award

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Shiraz Boghani is an internationally respected figure. The businessman is currently based in the United Kingdom, and he has managed to assist very many people in the society, especially those who are looking forward to venturing into the hospitality department.

The businessman has earned his popularity in the market for being the president and chairman for one of the leading hotels in the country, known as Splendid Hospital Group. The institution has rose from the bottom and won the hearts of consumers in Britain because of the services it has been offering. His incredible skills in leadership and hospitality have assisted him to become a respected figure in the market. Unlike most investors who inherit their investments from their parents, Shiraz has worked hard to earn his wealth, and he has inspired many people in the society.

Shiraz Boghani was not a Britain citizen from the start. The successful investor was born at the same time raised in Kenya. However, his parents got an opportunity to travel and settle in Britain, and this gave him an opportunity to expand his education and investments. While in the United Kingdom, the successful businessman went to the leading universities found in his new country, and he got a chance to perfect his accounting skills. By the time Boghani was leaving the university, he was equipped with all the knowledge he needed to perform well in the corporate world.

Read more: Hotelier Shiraz Boghani Shines At The Asian Business Awards 2016

After graduation, the successful businessman took his time to work for several financial firms in the UK before he finally decided to resign and venture into hospitality. Boghani decided to join the hotel industry after he discovered that it was highly profitable, and it was one of the best to invest in. Despite the challenges in the department, the businessman took the step to invest his money. Many years later, Boghani is happy because of the returns he has been getting in this forum. Not long ago, the successful finance expert was given an Asian award because of his achievements in the hotel section. The businessman was given the prestigious recognition because of what he has done while working as the president of the Splendid Group of Hotels. Despite the challenges facing investors in the hospitality department, Shiraz has done his best to make his group of hotels the best, and this is one of the reasons he got the award Hotel of the Year. While announcing the award, the businessman said that he got it because of the commitment he was receiving from the company employees.