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The Great Insights of Robert Ivy

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Robert Ivy is the CEO of The Americans Institute of Architects (AIA) and through the firm, he has brought many architects in the country together. Ivy took up his role at the firm in 2011 and has since then brought transformative ideas to help it grow. The firm is fully focused on serving architects and bringing them together. Through AIA, architects in the United States have acquired a chance to share ideas and come up with various strategies through which they can make the industry better. Besides, they have also been able to launch and analyze a vast number of constructions in the country, so as to [promote safety and development in the housing industry.

Ivy`s major focus at AIA has been to make people understand the importance and value of every architect in the country. He has since taken up the role in the firm, strived to make people understand the various challenges that architects go through with an aim of earning their respect. Ivy believes that architects are great hard workers and insists that their rights must be observed and fully respected to ensure that they bring out the best while supervising constructions.

Robert Ivy has lately paid focus on coming up with ways through which architects can effectively deal with the various challenges that they face in the market. He has shared ideas and his thoughts with many architects in the country concerning the major effects of climate change to their work, and together they have come up with solutions to deal with the issue. Besides, he looks forward to addressing the contributions of design to the public health. He believes that architects need to be recognized for their major contributions towards designing eye-catching buildings, with a close focus on safety and security of every individual that uses them.

Ivy believes that every architect has their potential, which can be monitored through motivation. Besides being a CEO, Ivy is also an author and has published a number of journals, which have received recognition in the country. The Architectural Record journal that he took part in publishing, acquired fame as the most read architectural journal in the country, a step that saw him gain a great reputation.

Robert Ivy has also received a lot of accreditation from many people due to his major advocations and contributions to the architectural sector. He was later honored with the Polk Award to appreciate his hard work towards making architects feel great.

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Rick Shinto’s Leadership at InnovaCare Health

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In a world whereby diseases have become prevalent across all ages, the society needs institutions that will provide medical solutions. Undoubtedly, Innovacare Healthcare is one of the leading healthcare providers today. The principle of maintaining quality guides the operations of this organization. It is through the employment of qualified medical staff that Innovacare has been in a position to grow as well as meet the needs of its clients. Its overall success has been as a result of the combination of several values such as transparency, teamwork, clear vision and effective communication.

This North-American company’s operations are divided into two areas which include Medicare Advantage Programs and Provider Networks. The main programs provided by this institution include MMM and PMC. Both of these programs are designed to facilitate proper delivery of services to the clients. Having acknowledged the changing healthcare needs in the society, Innovacare has dwelt on being innovative. Innovacare develops sustainable healthcare products through the use of technology. It also makes them affordable, which is why it has created a wide customer base.

A clear proof to show that Innovacare is a success is that it was awarded the NCQA accreditation for both MMM and PMC programs. This accreditation is very hard to get, and an institution only gets it when it guarantees quality in its operations.

The success of Innovacare can be attributed to the capable leadership of Rick Shinto who is its current President. His prowess in leading this company towards tremendous growth can be attributed to the experience that he has gathered over the years. Rick Shinto has worked in several areas such as Aveta Inc. whereby he was awarded for being excellent in his work. He also worked as the Vice President of Medical Management after which he became the CMO of Cal Optima Health Plan. Rick Shinto also provided his skills in NAMM and Innova. Undoubtedly, such experiences have made him become an active leader at Innovacare.

The Chief Administrative Officer, Penelope Kokkinides, has also contributed towards Innovacare’s success. With over 20 years’ experience in the industry, she has a lot of knowledge about innovative clinical programs. She has served as the COO and the Vice President of clinical programs in Aveta Inc. Her participation in Medicare, Medicaid, Touchstone Health and AmeriChoice has also broadened her knowledge on the provision of quality healthcare.

Clay Siegall – Founder, Research, and a Man of Many Talents

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Who is Dr. Clay Siegall?

Dr. Clay Siegall’s Ph.D in Genetics is from George Washington University. He also has a Bachelor of Science in Zoology from the University of Maryland. He is the Co-Founder, President, CEO, and Chairman of the Board for Seattle Genetics. Dr. Siegall’s premise for establishing Seattle Genetics, was to stimulate innovative drug research. Siegall’s leadership has skyrocketed his foundation to the top. Seattle Genetics is renown for its developmental research for antibody-drug conjugates for the treating of cancer.

Clay Siegall, Ph.D – Leadership

With Dr. Siegall at the helm, Seattle Genetics has secured several licensure for its ADC research and technology. In addition, SG has several partnerships and collaborations across the board that are currently using SG’s technology to enhance or develop new drugs. Dr. Siegall has raised enough capital to secure more than 675 million dollars to continue SG’s research programs. Some of these collaborators include GlaxoSmtihKline and Pfizer.

Dr. Clay Siegall wears many directorial hats. He is the Director of Ultragenyx Pharmaceutical Inc. He is also the Director of Alder Biopharmaceuticals Inc. He is the Director of Washington Biotechnology and Biomedical Association and many other organizations. Dr. Siegall sits on a multitude of board of directors for many different organizations. His experience has given him the opportunity to author several papers in his field of study. Dr. Clay Siegall holds nine patents to this date. He also wears an editorial hat by serving on the board for three major medical and scientific journals.

Awards and Accolades

Dr. Clay Siegall has several awards and accolades to his name. He has the Pierce Award for his efforts in targeting toxins. He has an entrepreneurial in healthcare award from Ernst & Young Pacific Northwest. He holds the prestigious University of Maryland Alumnus of the Year award for the fields of Computer, Math and Natural Sciences. Dr. Siegall has truly made his mark on the world and in his scientific field of study. He is sure to continue to find new and innovative drugs for fighting cancer and other diseases in the future.

Daniel Taub Retires But Will Be Remembered For The Israelii-U.K. Bonds He Formed While In Office

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The Israeli Embassy in the U.K. has announced that Daniel Taub, current Israeli Ambassador, will retire this summer after serving a four-year tenure as the Israeli Ambassador in the United Kingdom.

During Taub’s time in office relations between U.K. and Israel were quite cordial and profitable for both countries. The Israeli Embassy has stated that academics and cultural links were also formed and cemented by Mr. Taub’s efforts.

Trade Between U.K. & Israel Increased

One of the biggest highlights of Taub’s term was the increase in trade between the two countries.

According to the British & Israeli Chamber of Commerce, over 300 businesses were established within the U.K. and the total trade amount between Israel and the United Kingdom increased to over $5 billion while Taub was in office.

Roots In The U.K.

Perhaps Taub’s success stemmed from the fact that he was born in the U.K. and so was very familiar with the culture and dealings of the country. Learn more about Daniel Taub: and

What is more, Mr. Taub chose to specialize in peace negotiations while in office and developed a very cordial and almost welcoming demeanor about him that encouraged trust and warmth among others.

At one point, he even traveled to Northern Ireland along with the Palestinian Ambassador in the U.K. to learn more about how to settle differences and encourage peace among waging factions.

Defying The Odds

Taub’s tenure was not without difficulties, however, he sad to overcome hostile situations being expressed by both U.K. schools and cities who were on unfriendly terms towards Israel and Israelis living in the U.K. while he served as the Israeli Ambassador in the United Kingdom.

Two such incidents included Israeli boycotts by student unions on several college campuses across the country and Bradford cities’ “Israeli-Free Zone” declaration.

In both instances, Mr. Taub encouraged both sides of the table to be allowed to express their opinions and views in a non-hostile environment and even visited Bradford to discuss its current Israeli policy with the city’s representative.

Integrating His Roots

One thing that has been apparent during Daniel Taub’s tenure was his ability to integrate two cultures under one umbrella.

This fact was not only shown by his outward successes while in office, bridging the gap between U.K. and Israeli cultures and opening the doors for business, academics, and humanitarian links between the two countries, but was also seen on his person every day while he was in office.

Not one to shy away from his Orthodox Jew beliefs, Daniel Taub wore the traditional kippah on his head while taking office for the first time and during his first meeting with the Queen of England. This was a clear indication that he had no intention of ignoring responsibilities towards the countries he served.

Daniel Taub was a Brit by birth and an Orthodox Jew by heart and this perhaps was the most significant factor contributing to the positive diplomatic ties that he was able to strengthen as the Israeli Ambassador to the United Kingdom.

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Fake News Goes Deeper

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An epidemic of fake news is sweeping the globe. Well beyond the much discussed Russian interference in the U.S. election of Donald Trump, it is a concern that every country will likely face. Brazil is no exception.

Bruno Fagali, a Brazilian attorney specializing in compliance and ethics, works with advertising agencies to develop corporate integrity programs. He works as corporate integrity manager at Nova/SB. As corruption scandals sweep Brazil, these programs are meant to deal with the agencies’ relationship to the political class. Though clearly needed, the reforms won’t address the promulgation of fake news by sources outside the mainstream.

According to Bruno Fagali, based out of São Paulo, more than 1200 bots, or automated profiles, functioned during the 2014 Brazilian Presidential election to generate and disperse false and manipulative content around the internet. The Superior Electoral Court, or TSE, of Brazil has begun to grapple with these concerns. On his blog, Bruno Fagali notes that the TSE’s Consultative Council on Internet and Elections is working to study the issue of fake news, share opinions, and develop a framework to combat this issue. The problem will affect elections well outside presidential politics too, and it is about to get much worse.


A study from M.I.T. released last month, according to Bruno Fagali, found that 70% of news shared on Twitter is faked. Even more stunning, the vast majority of false stories are shared not by bots, as is assumed, but by real people. If that doesn’t cause genuine concern then the rise of the deep fakes may.

The so-called deep fakes are videos created at the hands of amateurs with access to cheap, crowd-sourced video editing tools found on the internet. Born out of the desire to create celebrity-based pornography, with a few clicks anyone now has the capability to place the heads of well-known persons, like politicians, into any video of their choosing. The videos are simple to make and possess a look of legitimacy, making them difficult to identify. Bruno Fagali suggests that if we hope to combat this rapid spread of doctored news, we need public policies built around creating awareness.

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