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Glasses Can Make the Difference Says Sightsavers

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Imran Khan of Sightsavers is interested in the needs of those who can’t learn because they can’t see well because at one time, he had the same difficulty. Fortunately for Mr. Khan, he lived in the more developed world where access to help from an ophthalmologist makes all the difference.


Not everyone in the world is blessed enough to be able to afford or live in area where they can easily access the help that is needed with their eyesight. Sightsavers is working with governments around the world to help children to see better.


It is estimated that as many as 10 percent of the children who live in developing countries are not able to see well at a distance. For the majority of these children, a pair of glasses would change their lives. They would be able to see the blackboard and better understand the lessons that the teacher is trying to present.


The developing world presents certain difficulties in getting eye exams and glasses to children. Most of the eye care professionals who are located in the developing world are located in the major cities of the country. Those in rural areas don’t have access to the help that is needed. In other parts of the world, there is a stigma to wearing glasses that needs to be overcome.


Sightsavers is certainly helping with the first problem. Sightsavers is partnering with governments in order to establish eye tests right in the schools. This way, children don’t have to travel to see an eye specialist. The specialist comes to them. When the testing is done in school, the students’ educational time is only very lightly disrupted.


So far, Sightsavers is working to establish an eye testing program in four countries that are being utilized as part of a pilot program. Cambodia, Ethiopia, Senegal and Ghana are participating in the project. Students are being tested. Teachers are being trained, and students are receiving the eye care and the glasses that they need to make learning a reality.

Sean Penn Points out Why He Had to Write ‘Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff’

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Former actor Sean Penn has been gracing news headlines of late. A budding author and trendsetter in the industry of arts, Penn has just released a book titled Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff. Although he has a few critics here and there, one thing is clear- the book has been crafted from a clear perspective of the current affairs.


Just like Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff Sean Penn is a baby boomer whose literary level is quite mind-boggling. At first, you would think that Sean is angry because of the tonal variation. However, as you read through the chapters, you will discover that he is addressing some of the internal issues that affect a country in general.


Bob Honey is Penn’s bizarre vessel. Deeply described as a quiet man coupled with a few characteristics like being antisocial, he is on a recovery journey after losing the woman who defined the better part of his life. Not only is he discouraged but also perturbed and lost in his unconsciousness. Now to have a meaningful life, Honey begins to highlight the issues affecting the society, but he does in a rather aggressive manner that is by no means, encouraging at all. For instance, he becomes an assassin and is involved in the mass shooting of police officers. To Bob Honey, America is not the same state it used to be in the past. It is rather preoccupied with many challenges that crop out from the government. He even touches on the leadership of the current president, painting him as a disappointment.


In the last chapters of the book, Sean Penn writes a letter to the serving president. He refers to it as the landlord and states the growing cases of social injustices that need to be dealt with. His remarks are rather based on the current issues that have paralyzed the country since the election of President Donald Trump. However, it could also be possible that he is addressing someone else. Whichever the case, the book is an eye-opener for many people who do not understand the situation at hand.

PSI-pay a Leading Provider in Contactless Payments

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Contactless Payments

The traditional method of payments through the use of notes and coins seems to be diminishing due to the innovation of contactless payment methods. Contactless payments refer to the use of debit, credit, and smart cards for payment of goods and services. According to the statistics issued by the British Retail Consortium, 50 percent of the payments are made through the use of contactless payment methods.

The use of cashless methods is expected to dominate the market given the recent announcement by Kerv, an affiliate of PSI-pay. The two companies are advocating for cashless payments by releasing the use of contactless payment ring into the international market.

With such innovations, the use of notes and coins tends to be diminishing. Given the increase in shopping stores in the world mainly in the UK, the use of contactless payment methods is the easiest. Contactless payment methods were in the market ten years ago, and they contribute to one-third of the total payments.

Some institutions are jumping the trend and have adopted contactless payment methods in their transaction. A clear instance is with the Church of England that incorporated electronic collection point in most of their churches to make donations. The recent innovations by PSI-pay regarding easy payment methods is said to surpass the use of cash payment.

PSI-pay is a service provider that offers contactless payments through the use of credit, debit and smart cards. Kerv, an affiliate of PSI-pay provides contactless payments through the use of a contactless ring. These rings come in different sizes, different fashion trends for different genders, and can withstand scratches and water damages. Additionally, they are designed to provide comfort.

PSI-pay is the leading service provider in contactless payment and is regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. The company provides payment card pay in the UK and around the world. Kerv recently partnered with PSI-pay to offer contactless payment ring. With this ring or card, you only have to tap it through the electronic collection point. You do not require a password or pin to complete the payment process.

With the contactless technology, you can only complete limited transactions to protect authorized consumer transactions. Nevertheless, the limitations vary from bank to bank.

Nick Vertucci’s Journey of Success

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Recently, Nick released a book, Seven Figure Decisions: Having the Balls to Succeed. He shares his personal experiences. He also details his principles relating to investing in real estate. He talks about how applying this principle has earned him financial wealth. It has also granted him entrepreneurial freedom. Nick Vertucci in this book talks about the lessons learned on his journey. Some of the lessons include the essence of coming from a place of service for your customers. Pushing past fears and raising your sights higher are also among the lessons. American entrepreneur Kevin Harrington has also endorsed this book. Its readers have also given it exceptional reviews. They described the book as motivating and inspiring.

Nick’s Background

Vertucci came from a humble family. His family was middle class and wasn’t considered wealthy. He lost his father at the age of ten. His mother struggled to cater for the family’s financial needs. He once lived in his car at 18. He later started a company that sold computer parts. He rose from rags to riches, earning seven-figure salaries. The dot-com industry crashed in 20000 and he experienced losses. His decision to attend a real estate seminar afterwards changed his life.

Nick Vertucci Real Estate Academy

Nick Vertucci founded NVREA in 2014 in California. Through it, he helps students achieve their real estate investment goals. His seminars teach succeeding in wholesale contracts and asset protecting.

Nick Vertucci’s Four Keys to Success

His four strategies to winning are: seeing, believing, mapping and executing. When you see something that you want, you need clarity of vision to achieve it. Once you see it, you must believe it to be achievable. You need to build up your confidence. Mapping will help you create a plan. The execution stage is the accomplishment stage.

How to learn Vertucci’s strategy

Nick Vertucci holds seminars for those with a growing interest in real estate. The venues include San Diego, Miami, and Dallas. Everyone can attend regardless of real estate experience. There are no cash reserves and formal training isn’t offered.

In these seminars, he covers many topics. He talks about finding income-producing properties and locking them down. He also talks about tips to help you network and how to balance real estate business with your day job. Nick recommends his new book to anyone looking for directions for their businesses.

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Senate Candidate Rick Scott Faces FEC Complaint Filed By End Citizens United For Anti-Coordination Violations

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End Citizens United recently filed a complaint against Senate candidate Rick Scott for allegedly using “super PAC” money to fund his campaign. The political action committee (PAC) filed the complaint with the Federal Elections Commission after discovering information that shows Scott received more than $78 million for his campaign coffers. The complaint includes details that say Scott has been trying to circumvent the federal limits that are in place to prevent super PACS from providing money directly to a candidate’s campaign.

According to End Citizens United’s Communication Director, Adam Bozzi, the funds have been used to pay for Scott’s campaign bills. Bozzi went as far as accusing the former Florida governor of being more interested in advancing his political career than being concerned about following the election laws. Bozzi says that it is clear that Scott has been trying to bypass the laws and funneled the soft money for political gains. The anti-coordination law was chosen to file the FEC complaint.

The New Republican PAC has made clear of its support for Scott’s candidacy for the Senate seat. However, Scott was still listed on the super PAC’s website as chairman as recently as January. According to the Washington Post, he also planned to attend a dinner for contributors who have supported his campaign. Scott and his campaign have steadfastly denied all the allegations; however, End Citizens United has provided supporting documentation to the FEC. Additionally, the Tampa Bay Times also reported that Scott was actively raising funds for the New Republican just four months ago.

A recent poll, which was taken by the Washington Post to decide if Scott should run for the Senate seat, prompted End Citizens United to file the FEC complaint. The PAC believed that Scott’s agreement to allow the committee to spend money on his campaign for exploratory activities proved intent to evade campaign disclosure laws.

End Citizens United believes that in the short-term there are solutions to campaign finance transparency issues, such as electing candidates who are committed to abiding by and enforcing the current laws. However, the PAC believes that Congress needs to step in and pass new disclosure laws that prevent candidates from being able to hide in secrecy who is contributing to their campaign. The PAC also continues in the direction it is headed to nullify the 2010 U.S. Supreme Court’s decision of Citizens United v. Federal Elections Commission.


Financial Services Offered by the Southridge Capital

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About Southridge Capital

Southridge Capital was founded in 1996 by Stephen M. Hicks who is the current Chief Executive Officer of the firm. The firm specializes in offering financial solutions, investment banking, and acting as a brokerage firm. Over the years, the form has recorded success by directly investing $1.8 billion into growth companies globally. Additionally, they have managed to scope over 250 public companies which have registered growth under Southridge Capital.


Financial Services


Southridge Capital plays a fundamental role in financial services by offering structured advisory services to public companies. Their clients are dedicated to ensuring that they provide the best creative and innovative solutions to their clients. Southridge Capital is led by a team of innovative and smart leaders who are experienced and equipped with knowledge with regards to the market trends. The leadership is as follows

Stephen M. Hicks – he is currently the founder and the CEO

Narine Persaud – Controller and Chief Financial Officer

Laurence J. Ditkoff, CFA, CPA – Director of Research

Henry B. Sargent, JD, CFA – COO and General Counsel

Linda Carlsen – a member of the portfolio management team


The staff at Southridge Capital are oblivious to all the corporate problems that public company face. In this manner, they are equipped with tools and ideas which are excellent for any challenge.

As discussed, Southridge Capital provides advisory services to their clients. They specialize in the fields of financial analysis, operational assumptions, balance sheet optimization, and project financial statement. Southridge helps their client companies to take actions that have the best positive outcomes. The firm also offers advisory comments regarding balance sheet optimization. They maintain their companies to attain the ideal balance between debts and equities to achieve maximum results. Southridge Capital also provides advisory services regarding bankruptcy and aids companies to recover from the problem.


Despite offering financial solutions to their companies, they play an active role in the society. Southridge Capital is involved in philanthropic activities as well as supporting a charitable organization. Additionally, they represent a fundamental role in nurturing leadership. Stephen M. Hicks and his wife together founded the Daystar Foundation which helps philanthropic organizations. You can visit their Facebook page.



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Solution to workplace progression for women by Susan McGalla

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Only one in four top-level executive positions across the globe are filled with women and men still holds the edge in the work that could be equally accomplished by women. This is what Susan McGalla has been advocating for years and she feels that many efforts in this direction have not yielded any positive results. She feels that one way this could be accomplished is to create sponsorship opportunities in the workplace where women would be recommended to lead challenging projects and would be responsible for important deliverables. The sponsors need to be an advocate of women while the positions are filled within the organization which would enable women workforce to be more visible in the upper management tiers. Another reason to overcome this problem is to eliminate gender bias in the workplace and have stricter HR policies regarding it.

She feels that every corporation and business, small and large shall adopt this methodology as numbers have clearly shown that diverse workplace is known to surpass corporations which are not diverse. While the executive sponsorship could enable women to move up the ladder in their careers, it would also enable the male workforce to work with strong headed businesswomen who are equally capable of delivering the tasks. There shall be mentorship in a workplace to promote gender equality where promotions shall only happen based on the aptitude and nothing else. Although it seems like a practical solution, only time would tell how productive of an idea this could be, if ever implemented.

An Overview of Beamridge, and Advisor Lee May

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Beamridge is a construction company currently operating in the UK. They held a charity boxing event in October of 2017. The transportation was paid for by the 20,000 GBP that were raised by Lee May. Lee May is the Advisor to Beamridge, Ltd.


Beamridge is a very prominent charity company, as they have raised money for organizations such as the Demelza Children’s Hospice. In order to further aid the Nemesis Amateur Boxing Club, Lee May had participated in a 10K marathon in order to help them buy a minibus. On October 16, 2016, a Commercial Manager of Beamridge, Teresa Milligan, took part in a marathon to raise money for Children with Cancer UK.


Beamridge has sponsored a few events and athletes as well. They sponsor Thamesview ladies FC, who, in late April, have become SECWFL Kent Division Champions. A Media and IT Technician of Beamridge, Charlie May, participated in a London marathon.


In late March, a Project Manager at the company was chosen as a candidate for the Regional LABC Site Manager Awards. They have also gained a new member, Steve Sharp,who has worked in many different areas of construction, as well as working for contractors like Barratt London and the Berkeley Group.


This company has constantly expanded its boundaries. Through its support of various athletic group and competitions, as well as its philanthropic endeavors, it has proven to be a trustworthy company throughout the UK. It has also upheld its reputation as a company that is leading in the construction industry.

Dr. Johanan Rand Specializes in Healthy Aging

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Dr. Johanan Rand is a renowned medical expert and a genius in his medical niche. He is the founder of Healthy Aging Medical Centers in New Jersey, a company committed to offering health care services to individuals with various age-related issues.


Dr. Johanan Rand obtained his medical training from Albert Einstein Medical Center in New York prior to opening his own treatment facility. With more than 15 years of experience, his expertise has allowed him to handle several medical cases. His passion for ensuring better outcomes for his clients is one of the reasons why he is sought after by many.


His method of treatment includes a robust system of procedures and preventative medication. The procedures used are a result of many years of research, reviews, and development. Every aspect of the protocol used is Dr. Rand’s treatment program is formulated towards facilitating the best standards in the industry. Together with his team, they evaluate a patient’s results based on these standards, which is why they are perpetually committed to being at the top of the game.


Being a champion of regenerative medicine, Dr. Rand has devised an integrated approach that allows the optimization of the benefits of therapies for his patients. This he does to ensure that a client enjoys a long and quality life. Better still, the procedures are individualized and applied to a patient depending on their unique preferences.


His commitment reflects every facet of his organization, the Healthy Aging Medical Center. People who are suffering from serious medical conditions make some of his patients. Dr. Rand ensures that they have the best support for them to live life to the fullest and as long as possible.


The Healthy Aging Medical Center doesn’t provide solutions to age-related problems only. One of the treatment options used is the IV nutrient therapy. This and other alternative solutions suffice in dealing with conditions that need support for the needs of his patients. The facility also offers weight loss programs and several other regenerative medical solutions. Nevertheless, women who have and are going through menopause find his medical center as a safe haven. They get support and relief far from enjoying the many wellness programs.


To better provide his patients with the appropriate support, Dr. Rand has exclusive treatment options for each accompanying symptom. Some of the symptoms covered by his treatment protocols include hot flashes, fatigue, erectile dysfunction, mental fogginess, vaginal dryness, insomnia, anxiety, depression, low libido, and night sweats among others. This is why he is the best man to run to for those looking to lead a quality life.


IC System, Employing Innovation & Technology in Collection Business

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IC System is a reputable account receivable firm and has maintained a legacy spanning eighty years, as the ultimate providers of premium collection services. The company is big on innovation and technology and has found ways to integrate technology into their operations. This has ensured that the company is updated with the latest operational techniques.


Consequently, IC System is able to consistently operate at the higher levels and maintain their status as the most sought-after company in the business. The company is committed and dedicated to its culture that is rooted in customer satisfaction. It aims at establishing trust with clients and building goals aimed at improving its interaction with both employees and customers. All the companies’ plans are tied to integrity, pride, and clients. This is evident in the company’s operations and how they conduct their official and social business.


Devotion to founding principles


 IC System is the most credible and devoted provider of receivable services. Customers trust the company to collect debts from patients on their behalf without shaking faith that their property will be safe. This is because IC Systems have proved to be trusted partners. It also gives customers more confidence that the company has invested in state of the art security systems thereby eliminating the risk of loss. The company is also one of the biggest employers in its operating area but it takes social responsibility outside its location.


In adherence to its founding tradition of ethical practices, IC Systems is fully committed to corporate civil responsibility and in turn funds a number of charitable initiatives. The company has been loyal to the practice since 1981 when it created an in-house team called Employee Charitable Help Organization (ECHO) which is tasked with organizing the company’s charity choices. This has seen the company and their employees volunteer their time and resources to initiatives like The American Red Cross and the Special Olympics.


More about IC Systems


The company was started eighty years ago, in 1938 by Ruth and Jack Erickson. The company which is based in Minnesota on the outskirts of St. Paul has remained successful and operational for the last 80 years. The company is a family run business and it has been profitably passed down across three generations of the Jack Erickson family.