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An Overview of Beamridge, and Advisor Lee May

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Beamridge is a construction company currently operating in the UK. They held a charity boxing event in October of 2017. The transportation was paid for by the 20,000 GBP that were raised by Lee May. Lee May is the Advisor to Beamridge, Ltd.


Beamridge is a very prominent charity company, as they have raised money for organizations such as the Demelza Children’s Hospice. In order to further aid the Nemesis Amateur Boxing Club, Lee May had participated in a 10K marathon in order to help them buy a minibus. On October 16, 2016, a Commercial Manager of Beamridge, Teresa Milligan, took part in a marathon to raise money for Children with Cancer UK.


Beamridge has sponsored a few events and athletes as well. They sponsor Thamesview ladies FC, who, in late April, have become SECWFL Kent Division Champions. A Media and IT Technician of Beamridge, Charlie May, participated in a London marathon.


In late March, a Project Manager at the company was chosen as a candidate for the Regional LABC Site Manager Awards. They have also gained a new member, Steve Sharp,who has worked in many different areas of construction, as well as working for contractors like Barratt London and the Berkeley Group.


This company has constantly expanded its boundaries. Through its support of various athletic group and competitions, as well as its philanthropic endeavors, it has proven to be a trustworthy company throughout the UK. It has also upheld its reputation as a company that is leading in the construction industry.

Dr. Johanan Rand Specializes in Healthy Aging

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Dr. Johanan Rand is a renowned medical expert and a genius in his medical niche. He is the founder of Healthy Aging Medical Centers in New Jersey, a company committed to offering health care services to individuals with various age-related issues.


Dr. Johanan Rand obtained his medical training from Albert Einstein Medical Center in New York prior to opening his own treatment facility. With more than 15 years of experience, his expertise has allowed him to handle several medical cases. His passion for ensuring better outcomes for his clients is one of the reasons why he is sought after by many.


His method of treatment includes a robust system of procedures and preventative medication. The procedures used are a result of many years of research, reviews, and development. Every aspect of the protocol used is Dr. Rand’s treatment program is formulated towards facilitating the best standards in the industry. Together with his team, they evaluate a patient’s results based on these standards, which is why they are perpetually committed to being at the top of the game.


Being a champion of regenerative medicine, Dr. Rand has devised an integrated approach that allows the optimization of the benefits of therapies for his patients. This he does to ensure that a client enjoys a long and quality life. Better still, the procedures are individualized and applied to a patient depending on their unique preferences.


His commitment reflects every facet of his organization, the Healthy Aging Medical Center. People who are suffering from serious medical conditions make some of his patients. Dr. Rand ensures that they have the best support for them to live life to the fullest and as long as possible.


The Healthy Aging Medical Center doesn’t provide solutions to age-related problems only. One of the treatment options used is the IV nutrient therapy. This and other alternative solutions suffice in dealing with conditions that need support for the needs of his patients. The facility also offers weight loss programs and several other regenerative medical solutions. Nevertheless, women who have and are going through menopause find his medical center as a safe haven. They get support and relief far from enjoying the many wellness programs.


To better provide his patients with the appropriate support, Dr. Rand has exclusive treatment options for each accompanying symptom. Some of the symptoms covered by his treatment protocols include hot flashes, fatigue, erectile dysfunction, mental fogginess, vaginal dryness, insomnia, anxiety, depression, low libido, and night sweats among others. This is why he is the best man to run to for those looking to lead a quality life.


Chris Linkas Advises Youth To Take Risks To Earn Their Fortune

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Financial expert Chris Linkas has an intriguing background. He has been in charge of an European credit group of twenty people that specializes in the opportunistic nature of principal investments. Chris Linkas has a large amount of investment knowledge that allows him to counsel people about investing benefits.


He believes that several people put off stock market investments when they are young. Linkas thinks that it does not matter what the financial situation is or whether or not there are student loans to repay those in their early twenties should start investing.


Wealth Creation with Over Time Interest and Reinvestment of Dividends


Experience in investments ranging across a variety of international groups though he primarily focuses on Ireland, Germany, Italy, and the United Kingdom in addition to a few other countries. Chris Linkas says that young people do not need to have the ideal situation financially before investing since they will not be retiring for decades.


Young people can increase investments passively by reinvesting. The fact that reinvesting and compounding is equal to the world’s natural wonders was once noted by Albert Einstein himself. There are two ways for investors to earn money with compound dividends and interest in addition there is also the additional profit from the interest on these. Reinvestment of dividends and interest over several decades can allow for retirement with large sums of money.


Key to Financial Success = Compounding


In forty years an investment of ten thousand dollars that you make at twenty could reach over seventy thousand dollars. An interest rate of five percent is used for the previous calculation. Investors can actually earn more than five percent for a long term investment. Dividends are something that young investors tend to ignore.


Financial investment portfolios are created with conservative investments that do not experience extreme volatility. Time and reinvestment of funds generates wealth. Younger people investing in conservative mutual funds that offer substantial dividends quarterly should reinvest them into shares that compound.


Volatility = Risks


Chris Linkas is a professional investor with an impressive record in the world of investment. Linkas believes that age is a factor in determining how much risk a person should take when investing. Everyone should learn from their mistakes when investing.