Like parents will customize the size of solid food for very young children, pet owners should do the same thing. Many dogs tend to attack their dry food like someone is waiting to steal it if they don’t get to it first. Beneful‘s extensive pet food lines have kibble sizes that work with your pet’s eating habits and digestive needs.
Beneful: Healthy Puppy with Real Chicken

This kibble by Nestle PurinaStore is very small and shaped for young puppies who are literally discovering how their mouths work. Tiny bone shapes massage gums, and heart shapes can be manipulated with the tongue. Rounded bits prevent choking if they are swallowed without chewing. This kibble is packed with vitamins for a growing body, and has very little filler for easy passing.

Beneful: Originals

This is a medium-sized kibble that is generally round in shape. Adolescent, adult, and senior dog stomachs all feel comfortable with the size and shape.

Beneful: Incredibites

This kibble is a combination of tender and crunchy bites. It’s very appropriate for small breeds that are slower eaters, or instinctively examine each bite before they scoop it up.

Beneful: Playful Life

A unique shape is included in this kibble. This product has antioxidants like blueberry and spinach. Bites in the shape of clover leaves keeps dogs that are either hyper, or easily bored, interested in their meals. The kibble size is ideal for mature dogs.

Beneful: Baked Delights Treats

These treats from are larger and have interesting colors and patterns that distinguish them from everyday kibble. Stars with morsels, hearts with tender centers, and fruit and vegetable shapes add chewing and taste variety. Small dogs will love to savor each large treat. Large dogs with love the rewarding mouthfuls.

Just like humans at all stages of life, dogs are sensitive to the look, taste, feel, and degree of ease in their food.

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