Whistleblowers come from every area, every socioeconomic level, and have vary in age, race, and gender. However, they have one thing in common, they all known for a security violation that should be reported to the SEC and they are thus enabled to the protection that is granted to SEC whistleblowers. IT can be very threatening to come forward with information that an employer may prefer to keep buried, therefore laws have been enacted to help those who are willing to speak out about things that they see happening. The SEC Whistleblower Advocate is here to make sure that the laws are followed and anyone needing protection receives it.

Congress passed the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act in 2010 and one large part of it was a whistleblower program that offers financial incentives and protection to those who report any alleged violations to the SEC. The program is designed to ensure that businesses stay within the federal securities laws and as a checks and balances to big business which may attempt to skirt the laws when it is to their benefit. The financial incentives encourage employees to speak up and the protection ensures that they are not punished for doing so.

SEC whistleblower attorney Labaton Sucharow was the very first law firm in the nation to create a practice that advocates for any whistleblower that needs the protection offered to them by the laws. The firm already had a securities litigation platform but now they also have a Whistleblower Representation practice that is very effective at helping clients gather the info they need to make an effective claim under the full protection of the law.

Labaton Sucharow leads the law firm with experience as the former Assistant Chief Litigation Counsel for the SEC Division of Enforcement at the SEC. He also was a former Assistant Director within the SEC. While there he helped draft the rules that govern the Whistleblower Program and that makes him the best person to defend the rights of someone who plans to utilize it. To get a case evaluation simply call or head online to the Labaton Sucharow website to make contact with the SEO Whistleblower Representation Team. All consultations are free and confidential therefore anyone with concerns should call.

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