WEN by Chaz Dean Products have been in the market for a long time. Most people must have come across YouTube advertisements for this hair care line. The adverts feature beautiful women shaking their gorgeous hair, claiming that the cleansing conditioner from WEN by Chaz Dean made their hair vibrant. Who wouldn’t like to have such awesome strands of hair on their head? A hair fanatic decided to try out the product and test if would turn her hair into luscious strands as the infomercials claim.

On the first day, she had greasy and unruly hair when she got into the shower. At first, she was shocked by the high amount the product recommended for use on different length of hair. She was worried that the amount would adversely affect her hair, so she used the normal amount of shampoo that she uses to clean her hair and scalp. The results were poor as her hair was standing on its roots.

She decided to use the recommend amount and massaged her scalp, pulling the strands across the ends. While massaging, her hair felt thicker and there was a negligible fall-out of hair in the shower. She let the product soak for some minutes before rinsing. She then blow-dried the hair, and the results were appealing.

The following morning, the roots were greasy, but she didn’t have time to wash it. In the evening, she washed her hair, and it was bouncy again. After a week, the lady learned that the product had to be used in the morning for one to have clean looking hair. Therefore, for those who want bouncy and shiny strands of hair, WEN is the product for you. However, you will have to wake up in early the morning and style up your hair.

WEN cleansing conditioner is a three-in-one conditioner, shampoo, and styling treatment. This product can work for all types of hair, depending on the formulation you buy. The lady who tried it out used the Fig Version since it leaves the hair moist, bouncy and shiny. So far so good for WEN by Chaz Dean as there have been no reports of negative side effects. She decided to use the hair product for a week, documenting the results for the test period.
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