Former actor Sean Penn has been gracing news headlines of late. A budding author and trendsetter in the industry of arts, Penn has just released a book titled Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff. Although he has a few critics here and there, one thing is clear- the book has been crafted from a clear perspective of the current affairs.


Just like Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff Sean Penn is a baby boomer whose literary level is quite mind-boggling. At first, you would think that Sean is angry because of the tonal variation. However, as you read through the chapters, you will discover that he is addressing some of the internal issues that affect a country in general.


Bob Honey is Penn’s bizarre vessel. Deeply described as a quiet man coupled with a few characteristics like being antisocial, he is on a recovery journey after losing the woman who defined the better part of his life. Not only is he discouraged but also perturbed and lost in his unconsciousness. Now to have a meaningful life, Honey begins to highlight the issues affecting the society, but he does in a rather aggressive manner that is by no means, encouraging at all. For instance, he becomes an assassin and is involved in the mass shooting of police officers. To Bob Honey, America is not the same state it used to be in the past. It is rather preoccupied with many challenges that crop out from the government. He even touches on the leadership of the current president, painting him as a disappointment.


In the last chapters of the book, Sean Penn writes a letter to the serving president. He refers to it as the landlord and states the growing cases of social injustices that need to be dealt with. His remarks are rather based on the current issues that have paralyzed the country since the election of President Donald Trump. However, it could also be possible that he is addressing someone else. Whichever the case, the book is an eye-opener for many people who do not understand the situation at hand.