IC System is a reputable account receivable firm and has maintained a legacy spanning eighty years, as the ultimate providers of premium collection services. The company is big on innovation and technology and has found ways to integrate technology into their operations. This has ensured that the company is updated with the latest operational techniques.


Consequently, IC System is able to consistently operate at the higher levels and maintain their status as the most sought-after company in the business. The company is committed and dedicated to its culture that is rooted in customer satisfaction. It aims at establishing trust with clients and building goals aimed at improving its interaction with both employees and customers. All the companies’ plans are tied to integrity, pride, and clients. This is evident in the company’s operations and how they conduct their official and social business.


Devotion to founding principles


 IC System is the most credible and devoted provider of receivable services. Customers trust the company to collect debts from patients on their behalf without shaking faith that their property will be safe. This is because IC Systems have proved to be trusted partners. It also gives customers more confidence that the company has invested in state of the art security systems thereby eliminating the risk of loss. The company is also one of the biggest employers in its operating area but it takes social responsibility outside its location.


In adherence to its founding tradition of ethical practices, IC Systems is fully committed to corporate civil responsibility and in turn funds a number of charitable initiatives. The company has been loyal to the practice since 1981 when it created an in-house team called Employee Charitable Help Organization (ECHO) which is tasked with organizing the company’s charity choices. This has seen the company and their employees volunteer their time and resources to initiatives like The American Red Cross and the Special Olympics.


More about IC Systems


The company was started eighty years ago, in 1938 by Ruth and Jack Erickson. The company which is based in Minnesota on the outskirts of St. Paul has remained successful and operational for the last 80 years. The company is a family run business and it has been profitably passed down across three generations of the Jack Erickson family.