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Whitney Wolfe Success Story as a Young Technology Guru

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Whitney Wolfe happens to be the director and the founder of Bumble which is the fourth most popular dating app in the world. She happens to have been a very young woman who is always committed to succeeding in life and has been on the frontline pursuing success. Her mission is ensuring that she becomes a great person in life and has been on the frontline pursuing her dreams. She is a very experienced person in the industry of dating and has always committed her skills and experience for the betterment of her life and the people she has always desired to help. She is passionate about what she does but has been on the frontline pursuing dreams very well. She also works with passion to achieve big time and have great dreams.

Whitney is from Salt Lake City where she was born and brought up. She had very caring parents whereby the father was a known developer who always desired to help her achieve her dreams. Her motive is ensuring that she achieves her overall goals in life. She has persistently pursued dreams to the end. While she was in high school she performed exemplary well and even got a chance to study at the famous University of Southern Methodist whereby she decided to major her studies in international studies.

Whitney Wolfe while at the University decided to start his first company in just 19 years. She loved people so much and got affected when there was BP oil spill and so many people were affected. That is when the idea of selling bamboo tote bags came in and she formed a non-profit organization called ‘Help Us Project’ which was very successful. |She worked very hard to help many people and even did a partnership with great global celebrities just to ensure that the organization is able to reach so many people from every corner of the world.

All these efforts were applied while Whitney was at the University. She could admittedly confess that she had special love for people and always had a desire to change the lives of the majority. After she graduated, she left for South East Asia whereby she got a job at an orphanage. She could try her level best to make it friendly for the children who visited there. After some few years, she went back to her country whereby she worked with various labs.

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Why I Absolutely Love Kate Hudson’s Fabletics

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Let me start off with saying that I’ve always been absolutely in love with anything Kate Hudson has done as an actress. How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days is still my spirit animal of a movie.


Her most recent venture, Fabletics has really resonated with me on a number of levels. First, it has absolutely skyrocketed to the top of the industry in just a few short years – bringing in $250 million after just being founded a mere 3 years ago. That kind of innovation for a startup is huge, we’re talking Uber huge. Many celebrities put their name on a product, but this line of active wear truly shows that she is incredibly hands on. Her high energy and spirit are in every fiber of Fabletics gear.


Kate was actually just recently profiled in an article by CNBC in which she shared with readers some of the reasons her brand has seen such massive success. True to her style as an entrepreneur, she recommended always staying hands on with her brand. Even with the huge success of her company, she is still involved in the day-today. She also recommended believing in yourself and taking risks and to ensure you stay inspired. One of my favorite tips was to look for unique marketing opportunities and to utilize big data. These two points seem crucial to the success the company has had.


When Fabletics launched, there was a gaping hole in the marketplace for trendy athletic apparel that was well-built without being overly prices. Few people can justify paying $200 for a pair of black leggings and even fewer would commit to a brand selling leggings for $20 that stretched out or lost their shape after two washes.


Fabletics completely changed that mindset by offering wonderfully fun and stylish athletic apparel on a monthly subscription basis. Their clothes are incredibly well made and not overly costly.


The brand also utilizes a reverse showroom technique. I wasn’t exactly sure what this was, but an article in Forbes outlined it and it was immediately clear that their technique was one of the reasons I am so loyal to Fabletics. Instead of having to drag myself to a store where I receive the same in-store experience of thousands of others, Fabletics has made their digital “showroom” a fun and exciting space for me to feel like I’m truly part of the brand and not just one in a batch of thousands.

The Expansion and Growth Of Fabletics

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When it comes to starting a business, one of the things that a business owner has to figure out is how the business is going to expand. After all, if one is not prepared for that aspect of business, then he is going to be faced with issues when it comes time to make this decision. Fortunately, the developers of Fabletics has known that they have a hit with the company. Therefore, they have managed to expand smoothly into different territories over the few years it has been open. However, it wasn’t a hard sell. Fabletics is an online company. Therefore, it was relatively easy to expand it into other territories.


After Fabletics opened, it was only a matter of almost a year before it expanded to Europe. It has expanded into the United Kingdom to serve countries such as Germany, France and other European countries. Of course, the company turned out to be a hit. Therefore, this has helped to push forward the goals of TechStyle to be one of the influences on the fashion industry throughout the world. Therefore, they are going to be able to reach out to others in the globe and allow them to enjoy different fashions while they are saving money.


Kate Hudson and Fabletics are also hoping to bring a lot of luxuries to the poorer parts of the world. While people often have to limit themselves to the basics, Kate Hudson wants people to enjoy some of the more creative styles that are found in the fashion industry. Therefore, not only do they get to enjoy new clothes, but they also get to enjoy higher quality clothes. These clothes are made in the company. People who create Fabletics clothing and accessories do not have to worry about tough conditions. This is a lot more to say for the company than other companies provide styles for customers.


Fabletics has continued to expand to different territories which include Canada. Given that they have made all of these successful expansion efforts within a year of opening, they have shown themselves to be very impressive with their business sense. They have eventually experienced such a success that they have decided to get physical with their business and open up locations in different markets so that people who are traditional in their shopping can see what all of the hype is about. The good news is that the company did not disappoint physical shoppers.

Fabletics Wins The Market With Quality, Style, And Value

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The online subscription retailer, Fabletics, is a hotspot for fashion lovers with a number of excellent quality and amazing style sportswear and accessories. The women’s wear fitness brand is founded by Kate Hudson, Adam Goldenberg, and Don Ressler in 2013. The subscription program helps the customers to get the products at great prices. Users have the option to get the customized products according to their tastes and preferences making it an easier place to get the preferred fitness outfits at the best-valued rates. The logic of Fabletics is simple, people like brands and the online retailer is mixing it with convenience and style. Hence, customers get something that is beyond their expectations.



Fabletics is using reverse showrooming strategy to give a warm shopping experience to its customers. Due to this, customers can walk into the physical store and experience things, check the details of it in online by browsing the website and then proceed with the shopping. It is also enabling more customers are being added into its subscription program called, VIP Member. While choosing the subscription program, each customer would be charged $49.95 per month, and they can purchase products from the retailer for the amount. The users would also get free goodies every month and products at a discounted rate of up to 30 percent. If the customer wants to skip the payment for a month, they would have an option for that as well. The users input their choices and preferences as soon as they chose the subscription and according to that Fabletics chooses the suitable outfits for them.



In the local Fabletics stores, mostly products that are getting mass appeal only be made available. Customers who wanted specific products can browse through the online store and choose their product. The retailer is working on three principles, lifestyle, customer experience, and consumer education. This means that the focus of the online retailer is looking for a personal relationship with its customers. Investing in physical stores, supported by the online store, every customer is getting the benefits of both type of stores, which is clearly customer focused.



The quality of each of product on the website is excellent, and it is always up to 40 percent less than the same quality material in the market. Be it leggings or tops; it is greatly fit to the body and perfect outfits for workouts. The leggings are thick but very comfortable and easy to use, whereas the tops are very soft and flexible to workouts. Outfits are available for various activities including yoga, running, and gym & workout. Each of the products is unique and stylish and will impress the customers. With solid colors, bold patterns, cut-outs, etc., the outfits are making a great sense of fashion experience.



Though it started as a women store and mostly selling ladies clothes and accessories, it also sells men’s wear, especially pants and shorts. The retailer is giving a unique experience to the customers with a different shopping experience with quality products. Due to this, the retailer is able to challenge all the online and offline retailers including Amazon. Its introduction of the new line of products every month is intended to make something for everyone.

Extraordinary Life Hacks for Tackling Everyday Lifestyle Issues with Wengie

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Have you ever been referred to as “lazy”? Then you know that such people find all manner of barriers not to address the problems that arise in everyday life. They simply find the quickest shortcut to get it done – any which way.



Discover the world of Wengie, of doing extraordinary things to solve ordinary problems and that “lazy” reference will be quickly replaced most likely by “smarter” or “trendy.” Wengie is a superstar YouTuber and runs the best trending Asian beauty channel in Australia. With over 18 million subscribers and hundreds of millions of views on her posted videos, Wengie has a knack for bringing little-known tricks to handle everyday routine processes in life. And they work!



Are you feeling under the weather for no reason? Hungry and hate the long, arduous cooking process? How about a healthy one-minute pizza recipe? Or a yummy chocolate cake dessert in under a minute. Almost instant with no frills and your rumbling stomach is taken care of. Tired of reaching into your packet of chips to get some, make it a shallow bowl in one simple step. If you are watching your favorite movie and microwaving some snacks, there’s a simple trick to use your cell phone to face-time your oven and keep an eye on both from the same screen.



Tired of holding your device while you watch something on it? Check out here and get great inspired tips and tricks including for lazy people such as how to make an easy holder for your device anywhere there is a flat surface. Fed up with doing dishes? Try wrapping your plate in cling foil, and you might not have to. Just use and rip off the foil when done leaving the plate as clean as it was. No spoon in sight to take that can of yogurt? Use the top to fashion a disposable paper spoon. Did you know you can quickly iron your tie with your hair straightener when in a rush?



One handy solution for those people who keep losing the remote control is to turn your favorite handheld device into a universal remote by downloading a small app to it. From these few examples, you can see there is a simple life hack for almost every nuisance matter in your daily lives. Follow Wengie and discover more simple fun tricks to live better.