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Doe Deere’s Color Enthusiasm

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Doe Deere is a prominent figure on the widely known social networking website Instagram. People who follow her on Instagram routinely see photographs of her radiant visage. She applies makeup that’s chock-full of bright color. It’s no surprise that she does this, either. Deere is the popular CEO (Chief Executive Officer) of the Los Angeles, California makeup brand that’s known as “Lime Crime.”

Deere’s childhood encouraged her to set up her own cosmetic company. This is because she’s always had a strong passion for the arts. Color was also a source of fascination for her. When Deere was a youngster, pencils and paints were staples for her. She always did whatever she could to look colorful. She wore colorful apparel and accessories. She borrowed colorful makeup products from her mother as well. Deere has stated that she finds it tough to believe that color is actually her career right now. She said that she finds it amazing that she’s actually permitted to have a career that’s so enjoyable to her.

It wasn’t difficult for Deere to come up with her company’s name. She actually first had the idea in 2004. That was when she established a shop on eBay. The words “Lime Crime” simply appeared in her brain as she was thinking about what to call her store. Since Lime Crime wasn’t yet taken, she signed the name up. Deere loved it instantly. The name reminded her of bright green, her preferred color. She appreciated the fact that the name rhymed as well. She believes now that the name Lime Crime symbolizes the revolution of colors. She also believes that it symbolizes fearlessness. People who don’t worry about color norms are Lime Crime’s targeted audience. The same goes for people who aren’t exactly interested in abiding by social guidelines. Deere has said that Lime Crime motivates people to play with colors. She also has said that it motivates people to have a little fun in life.

Doe Deere was born named Xenia Vorotova. Russia was her place of birth. She relocated to the United States as a child. That’s why she was reared in New York, New York. Deere introduced the wonders of Lime Crime to the planet in 2008. She felt compelled to do this out of frustration. Deere couldn’t locate cosmetics that had the vibrant colors necessary to suit the apparel she was making. Lime Crime released “Unicorn Lipsticks” a year after starting. These lipsticks featured colors that were striking and eye-catching. They looked nothing like the other lip colors that were readily available at the time. Lime Crime is a brand that genuinely cares about animal welfare and safety. That’s why it exclusively manufactures cruelty-free products. The company’s products have been devoid of cruelty since 2008. Lime Crime currently makes products that are strictly vegan as well.

Doe Deere is a makeup aficionado who is active on various social media sites. People can learn more about this famed cosmetics expert by following her on Twitter, Facebook and the aforementioned Instagram.

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Meet Doe Deere

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Meet Doe Deere, a famous doll maker and star of Instagram! She has just made the news once again! Apparently, this time it is not for the better…..

In her recent Insta-Doll Scandal explanatory article, it appears that both Ms. Doe Deere and Joshua David McKenney tell their story. You may find photos of both of them throughout this wonderfully creative and inspiring article. You may also find them holding dolls in their photos, look-alike work of their representation.

Mr. McKenney and Ms. Doe are both blue-haired, and have many unique similarities to one another….thus prompting them to work together and even be seen together promoting the same work!

A bit more background on Doe? Who is this amazingly inspiring, awe striking, and recognized, relatable person? She is none other than….the one and only…Doe Deere!

Doe Deere is founder and Corporate Executive Officer (or CEO) of a company known as “Lime Crime Makeup”. Of course, she works with beauty and makeup. The name is implied in the lifestyle with which she is so heavily involved.

Doe Deere’s Instagram account has over three hundred thousand followers to it. In it, she is seen posing along her custom made life representation model dolls….which appear to have caught the eye of the late Prince. Her Lime Crime colors match in the photos to her personal appearance, as is noted in the article.

It appears that Joshua David McKinney is her doll making friend, and this Instagram photo in particular was apparently shot to give him recognition and exposure. He is seen posing along side Ms. Deere in the photo. There is no doubt that both McKinney and Deere have a lot in common in terms of fashion and tastes, creative gifts and intuition, and even matching hair color!

These two creative geniuses appear to make a great team, and an unstoppable one….to say but the very least! It always seems that when any two people anywhere—who are both filled with a passion for the extra ordinary—come together and do something wonderful, it is bound to be nothing short of a success.

But please, don’t take my word alone for it.  More great articles on the related topic are to be found there as well.

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Doe Deere’s Fun With Fashion

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Rules, rules and more rules! Why does that fashion world feel the need to dictate to women about how they look? Aren’t we all grown ups now? Can’t we decide what we want to wear and how we want to wear it?

That’s the philosophy of Internet entrepreneur Doe Deere, whose Lime Crime cosmetics line is making a difference in how women make themselves up. This innovative makeup line was created by Deere as an online startup, and now it’s becoming a major rule breaker in the world of cosmetics.

Doe Deere herself loves to play with color and bend or break the rules as she does it. Here are a few rules she’s very fond of breaking.

Don’t Wear Colors if Your Hair is Unnaturally Tinted. Deere is a woman who loves to ear her hair in shades of red, pink, purple and blue, and her view is that these colors can go well with clothing that is boldly colored. Yes, neutral outfits can go well with colorful hair, but playing the hair color off the clothes is a great look too.

2. Don’t Combine Patterns.
This rule has been a hard and fast fashion dictate for a long time, but Doe is able to pull off wearing pattern combinations by finding a link between the patterns.

3. Don’t Use a Bold Look on Both Lips and Eyes.

Deere is very firm about feeling this is a rule made to be broken. She like to use eye and lip colors that enhance eachother, like a burgundy lip color with eye shadows in hues of blue or brown. If the makeup is artfully applied it can be a great look.

Not all rules are made to be broken, but some are meant to be toyed with. That’s the philosophy Deere lives by, and it works for her. So why not try it yourself?

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QNET Female Entrepreneurs

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In a recent article published by Salon Perfection, the topic discussed was the advancement of the quality of life of women by their entrance into the workplace where that work place offered them the versatility to continue their roles as wives and mothers, 
QNET is a direct-selling business which does offer women this type of opportunity. QNET states that 74 percent of their workforce is composed of women and catering to the needs of their workforce is a priority for QNET . 

QNET has taken the additional step to employ a sports star and celebrity to be a figurehead and good will ambassador for the company. They selected Martina Hingis, grand slam tennis champion from the international world of tennis. Hingis was a dominant force for women’s tennis for over a decade, she was a gracious winner and both players and fans enjoyed her as a star on the tennis circuit and as a person. Tennis is a sport enjoyed and watched around the world and QNET, likewise, has a business presence around the world.

The business world is changing rapidly. Flex-time is a new catch phrase to go along with maternity leave and child care provisions to attract women who are interested in becoming a part of this new and more flexible business structure. The proliferation of cell-phones, computers and websites has changed the day-to-day operation of businesses, and now with the move toward electronic ordering for goods and serves, the face-to-face business operating profile has been changed forever. 

QNET employees and other direct sellers are, actually, at odds with the new wave of eCommerce and electronic merchandising. Technology has removed the personal touch from many business transactions today. Actually, it was not a large leap in going from personally shopping at warehouse discount stores (Walmart) to staying at home and ordering from the same store by using that store’s on-line facilities. 

As businesses move away from the brick and mortar super-store concept. There will be a vacuum created, that vacuum might be filled, again, by “Mom and Pop” type operations and direct sellers as an alternative to eCommerce. Sources: 

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