In the Footsteps of Greg Secker

The road to being your own boss is always a glaring reality but often faced with unique challenges. When it comes to financial market trends, leaders in the industry such as Greg Secker often play a crucial role in giving insights on how to make it through unprecedented times. For example, Secker advises on the need to find a mentor to emulate in forex trading, clearly define your goals and also be realistic with the same goals. If by any chance you have not ventured into the trade, the best time would be now as Secker puts it. This will prepare you for the benefits ahead such as the ability to practice anywhere, flexibility with the trade in terms of the market as well as the choice to work anywhere.

Greg Secker, who hails from Norfolk, holds a degree in Agriculture and food science which he earned from the University of Nottingham. After leaving college, he grew the interest in forex trading from his first work at Thomas Cook Financial Services. While working at the company, he developed Virtual Trading Desk. A few years later, this and other ventures would turn to be one of the biggest companies ‘Learn to Trade.’ Currently, the company has expanded its operations to South Africa, Australia, Philippines as well as London. The company has received several awards among them being, Best Forex Trade Training UK, in 2015 and it continues to impact many through knowledge on forex trading.

Besides his strong skills in trade, Secker also has a heart for philanthropic activities demonstrated through hi Greg Secker Foundation. The Foundation was set up in 2010 and focuses on facilitating access to education, improving life skills and well as grooming youth leaders around the world. In other charitable events by Secker, he helped in building homes 100 homes for the Philippines affected by Typhoon Yolanda. Further, Secker is renowned public speaker mainly on financial matters and has written books such as Financial Freedom Through Forex. It’s no doubt he is an inspiration to many as well as role model to those hoping to join the forex trading since as Secker puts it, everything is possible.