Lori Senecal is a fabulous woman that has been able to build a foundation in advertising and marketing even though she is quite young. Lori is a global CEO that has managed to gain a lot of attention because she has been able to lead so many companies. Her position as president for various companies has given her a lot of chances to turn companies around.

In a report by Ad Week, before she become the global CEO for CP+B Lori was working her magic at Kirshenbaum Bond Senecal + Partners. She has also been able to provide a high level of expertise for McCann Erickson during her time as the CEO for this company as well. She has continued to build a career for herself over the years with her skills in digital marketing and creative strategy methods. She has shown that she is able to change the course of the way that companies operate. The thing that she has proven over the years is that she is able to help companies create the right type of platform to make growth and expansion possible.

When companies go from 200 employees to 900 employees it is obvious that there is something that is being done correctly. Senecal has had her hand in marketing for companies like Nestle and BMW. She has aimed to please at these companies with her creative marketing strategies, and it shows that she is willing to go the extra mile. That is why she has gained the position of CEO. Lori is all about getting the clients to become thrilled by what she is doing. CP+B has been able to win accounts like the Infiniti global accounts, and that is because Senecal has been working tirelessly to make this happen.

It only seems fair that women that are going into the field of marketing would acknowledge what someone like Lori Senecal has done in her field. She has proven that she is ready to meet the challenges that many of the top organizations have. She has shown that is more than capable of fulfilling her duties in the role of global CEO.

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