Today’s days of food awareness call for healthy variety from full-portions to snacking. Unfortunately, too many tasteless and downright bland products are pushed under the guise of “organic” labeling. Vegan does not mean that one has to sacrifice taste. Luckily, innovative snacks like Hippeas chickpeas bring full flavor to the table. As the name suggests, the company is a true grassroots movement. Their chickpeas come from sub-saharan Africa, supporting less-fortunate farmers through a charity. This brings entirely new meaning to healthy eating, a snack that can provide mental satisfaction, knowing that your purchase contributes to a quality cause.

The snacks provide a “punch of protein”, Hippeas carry the tags of “vegan”, “organic” and “kosher”, “non-gmo”, and “environmentally friendly”. With unique flavors ranging from “Far out Fajita”, to “Maple Haze”, and “Sriracha Sunshine”, the titles inspire innate notions of flavor before one even takes a bite. Founder Livio Bisterzo hopes that the food becomes a millennial favorite, and a new global favorite. He is certainly on the right pace. As the 100 calorie, 3-gram of fiber packs are now available in over 7,500 Starbucks stores nationwide.

Livio Bisterzo is an intuitive Italian entrepreneur, having lived and studied in the UK, he has some serious marketing knowledge and the ability to thrive in a global market. His proven products (of which there have been very many) have appeared in some serious publications such as “GQ, The Times, and Esquire”. In 2016, Bisterzo took his wife and 3-kids and moved shop to Los Angeles, where he now resides and continues his Hippea movement. His idea is the fusion of “taste good” and “do good”. Hopefully, in time, this is a mantra that will extend to the food market throughout the globe. For now, Bisterzo’s innovation is a step in the right direction.