George Soros is a man who grew up seeing inequality and discrimination around him. When he was still a kid, he have seen how his fellow men were killed by the Nazis who have invaded his home land. George Soros managed to escape the Nazis along with his family, and hid throughout the war because his Jewish ancestry would send them to concentration camps.

When the war is over, George Soros decided to leave Hungary for the United Kingdom. He enrolled himself in a university and took up a course related to economics. He also had to work different jobs in order to support his studies. Being a part time student made him stronger and developed skills that he has not learned before. George Soros graduated from the university after years of hard work, and then decided to immigrate to the United States in order to secure his American Dream.

During his first few years in the United States, George Soros thought about ways on how he can earn money. He used what he learned at school at opened a hedge fund. This hedge fund would be the ultimate source of his wealth, and just after a few years, George Soros managed to build up wealth by investing in different investment opportunities. He had his hedge fund, and some of his money are being used to purchase stocks. Because of how he build up his fortune so fast, he was regarded as the greatest and the most successful investor in America.

Remembering what he has witnessed when he was still a kid, he decided to use his fortune to create a foundation, and it is called the Open Society Foundations. This foundation is responsible for providing funds to groups and organizations who are supporting the idea of George Soros to build a society which is more accepting and tolerant towards the difference of each person. One recent example of how the Open Society Foundations moved were the rallies in Ferguson. George Soros has been funding these groups, and when news broke out that another African American teenager was killed by the police, different race equality groups stormed the city of Ferguson and protested. They are asking for justice to be served to victims of police brutality in America and asked the government to protect the rights of African American citizens.

Another example of his recent move was his support for the Democratic Party last 2016 Presidential Elections. George Soros supported the Democratic Party because of their liberal views in the society. He donated millions for the campaign of Hillary Clinton, but unfortunately, she lost. Even if the Democratic Party lost the presidential bid last elections, George Soros stated that they still have his support and that he will continue to help them financially in order to attain his goal.

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