Wikipedia has long been used as a major source of information by many people. You can find information on a large number of people, organizations, locations, technologies, and virtually anything that you can imagine. Wikipedia is also created and edited by a wide variety of people. In fact, Wikipedia pages can be designed by anybody. You can make a Wikipedia page of your own, and this can be used for any sort of purpose. Wikipedia business page creation can be used to promote a business. Of course, it can only be used as a means of providing information about a business. It cannot appear to be an advertisement. However, Wikipedia pages can also be used to talk about a cause. 

Wikipedia has been used for a number of very important causes. For instance, one woman will create a Wiki page to combat sexism every time an instance of it occurs to her. From a very early age, Emily Templewood has used Wikipedia to create pages for successful women in the sciences. Whenever she gets any sort of harassing comment from internet “trolls”, she will create a Wikipedia page that is aimed at telling others about successful women in the sciences. This is an effort to combat the issue of gender discrimination in modern day society. Currently, she is planning to go into the sciences herself. She is a biology student at a well known university, Loyola University. This is a very ambitious plan, and in the future, she hopes to be one of the many women in the sciences. She feels that the sexist culture that exist today stifles women’s ability to achieve success. However, she strongly feels that what she is doing is helping women to be able to purse their dreams. She has used the negativity that she has received from others, and she has turned it into a positive effort to help women in general. 

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