IAP Worldwide Services has distinguished themselves in their field because they have the ability to “make the impossible possible.” They engage in logistics from a global scale and they are ready at a moment’s notice whether it is overseas battlefields or natural disasters. They are the experts at managing different areas and in having the utmost efficiency per IAPWS.com.

Because they possess the utmost in mission and goals, they will not rest until they deliver the results their clients need. That is one of the main reasons why they are proud to announce that last year they acquired two business units from DRS Technologies. This acquisition will help expand their worldwide market and they will be engineered into a new company called Aviation and Engineering solutions.

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“The addition of these aviation, communication and networking technologies businesses from DRS are a natural fit for IAP, expanding our portfolio of services and solutions to U.S. and international government agencies and organizations,” said Doug Kitani, CEO of IAP Worldwide Services, Inc.

The main purpose of the acquisition of this company for IAP Worldwide Services would be to continue to establish a growth model. The IAP Worldwide Services aim to do this through an organic growth program with a focus on customer-focused discipline and lean operations. They also want to place an emphasis on the acquisition and integration of new that complement their main objectives. They are constantly on the lookout for partnering with new companies in order to help them continue to be the world leader in worldwide logistical services.

IAP has been a leading international services company for over 60 years now, and they will go the extra mile in providing a broad spectrum of services for international and United States companies. They provide seasoned program management and can provide a host of innovations and solutions in order to meet all of the needs of their clientele. They have corporate locations in Cape Canaveral, FL and provide services at 100 locations in over 20 different countries. They have proven to be an asset to many different types of organizations, and with their new acquisition they will continue to set themselves apart from the rest of the pack.

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