In the modern entertainment business industry there are countless recognizable figures for viewers to get attached towards. Ryan Seacrest is the most famous individuals through his lucky break of hosting American Idol. It was the number one program on Television during the height of its popularity. In addition to his television personality, Ryan Seacrest is proactive in other areas of the market. Ryan Seacrest Distinction and Polish are fashion and body brands to give consumers some style. He can be found on the radio through On Air with Ryan, and on the morning variety show Live with Kelly and Ryan. Lastly, he regularly gives back to the community with Ryan Seacrest Foundation.

A man of his caliber is certainly popular with the ladies, but his eye caught one women in particular. As he describes in a recent article with People, he fall for Shayna Taylor. Ryan Seacrest describes how in their first encounter she won him over with food. It was 2013, and friends had paired them up for a meeting. She brought gluten-free pancakes and the rest is history as Ryan Seacrest would say. They began doing everything together, and even moved to New York in 2007 due to his new morning show.

However, beyond food, they both like the same things such as fitness, health and wellness. Moving to a new city only made for exciting times in their lives. They don’t let their busy schedules get in the way of spending time together. Ryan Seacrest describes how they will often wake up an hour earlier just to have more time to enjoy each other. It’s a relationship they both feel proud about.

In the business industry, its rare to see a couple truly enjoy each other like Ryan Seacrest and Shayna Taylor do. There have been positive times, and negative times, but they always come back to each other for support. Life just feels incomplete without the other constantly in their lives.