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Knockout Options Solution by Jeremy Goldstein

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Jeremy Goldstein is one of the partners and owners of the Jeremy L. Goldstein and Associates, LLC. He attended the New York University School of Law, University of Chicago, and Cornell University, earning a Juris Doctor, Masters of Art, and Bachelor of Arts. Such a prestigious education is only topped by Goldstein’s remarkable career.


Now located in the greater New York City area, Goldstein and his team are motivated to provide the best advising services to clients such as CEOs, corporate giants, and related management teams. Before starting his own law firm, Goldstein worked with several other corporate law firms, including Wachtell, Rosen, Lipton, and Katz. Learn more:


Having been involved with large transactions such as the acquisition of the technology firm Goodrich by the United Technologies, Duke Energy, and Merck, Goldstein exhibits experience parallel to no one in his industry. Moreover, he is currently the executive of the Mergers and Acquisition Committee of the American Bar Association (ABA).


Recently, Goldstein explained knockout options and how it could benefit employers and employees. Companies have slowly been moving away from stock options. Many have chosen this path because it saves large quantities of capital, but others have reasons far more complicated than simply saving money.


There tends to be three main reasons why companies choose against stock options. First, the stock price may drop significantly, rendering all of its employee’s options useless. If there is no stock price present, then it should not exist in the first place. Second, many of the employees are fully aware of the economic recessions and downturns, thus they avoid stock options. If there is a strong indicator that the economy will crash, then employees tend to completely ignore stock options, serving them no purpose. Lastly, stock options usually tend to result in significant financial and accounting burdens. When this occurs, stock options proves more as a harm than a help.


Regardless, stock options are beneficial and do serve as a motivation to employees. As such, they are certainly preferred. Moreover, employees understand the dynamics of stock options; it’s simple to use and relatively easy to comprehend. Goldstein presents the knockout options, which works similar to stock options, but if the price falls under a certain limit (lose their value beyond a certain point), then employees no longer have the option to exercise this right. Further ramifications need to occur before fully implementing this stock option type.

Jeremy Goldstein: Stock options EPS

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Jeremy Goldstein recommends this option because it retains the advantages of the stock options but eliminates the stock options. When implemented in a company, it is likely to work to the benefit of the company. By making sure that the incentive of the worker is retained, the knockout options ensures that workers will give their best in making sure the company achieves its target. They stand to gain profit the company makes since they have an ownership in the company. Stock options also make sure that the company does not suffer from a stock overhang. The company will, therefore, be able to maintain good books with the shareholders of the company. Learn more:


EPS is a corporate compensation method that has both advantages and disadvantages according to Jeremy Goldstein. Jeremy Goldstein, a person who has witnessed forts hand the effects of incentives methods in business. Some methods will destroy the business while there are others that will build it. The effect will depend on who is applying the business method and in which type of business.


EPS can lead to quick growth in a company. When the value goes up, the company will be attractive to an investor. However, still, on this point, the method may be misused by people who determine its value. The executive sets the metrics for performance based on incentives. They can use it in the right way or even misuse it to cheat investors with a good stock value. There are also issues about the method encouraging favoritism.


About Jeremy Goldstein


Jeremy Goldstein is a co-founder of a law firm called Jeremy L. Goldstein & Associates. Through this firm, Jeremy Goldstein has been working with people in the corporate sector to look for methods that the companies can grow by incorporating good working relationshipwith their workers. Jeremy had worked with the big corporation in the world such as the United Technologies’ when it was acquiring Goodrich. Jeremy Goldstein is high conversant with matters of mergers and acquisition and has been working hard with even other corporations to give the company the best services ever.