Jeff Aronin attended Northern Illinois University and graduated with a bachelor’s degree. He then moved to DePaul University and acquired an MBA. Mr. Aronin then started working in a healthcare facility after which he founded the Ovation Pharmaceutical LLC and became its Chief Executive Officer in 2000. He decided to establish Ovation to cater for patients with rare and neglected diseases. The main aim of the company was to treat patients and develop drugs for the rare diseases. A Danish healthcare company called Lundbeck became interested in acquiring Ovation in 2009. The company was then sold to Lundbeck for 900 million USD and Jeff was made its CEO. Under his tenure, the company continued to expand its operations in developing drugs and taking care of patients.


Jeff Aronin is one of the leading investor as well as incubator of innovative biotech companies. Paragon Biosciences aims at identifying underprivileged medical needs, novel science, and developing companies with holistic talents to provide treatments in the market. Some of the companies assisted by Paragon Biosciences include Harmony Biosciences and Castle Creek Pharmaceuticals. Harmony Biosciences specializes in finding treatments for central nervous disorders while Castle Creek Pharmaceuticals specializes in the treatment of rare genetic dermatology conditions such as epidermolysis bullosa simplex. The success of Jeff Aronin has attracted many investors and biotech companies in search of strong partner to develop potential medicines. With the help of Mr. Aronin, Paragon has the ability of supporting other biotech companies to develop and deliver treatment for patients.


Jeff Aronin together with Paragon Biosciences have also supported the community in a number of ways. Mr. Aronin sits on the World Business Chicago board of directors. The organization is a partnership between private companies and the city administration that focuses developing and growing job opportunities. Jeff was appointed to the board by Rahm Emanuel, the mayor of Chicago. He is also a member of the Discover Financial Services board of directors. Jeff also has a foundation known as The Aronin Family Foundation which supports patients and research for unmet medical conditions and diseases. The foundation has supported several hospitals in Chicago and the world at large.