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Chainsmokers Give Fans What They Want With New Hit

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Everyone leaves a Chainsmokers show absolutely exhausted. The American DJ duo absolutely leaves it all out on the stage during their live performances. Blending live instrumentation, live vocals, computer sounds and turntables, the Chainsmokers blast beats to an insatiable audience. The two have a knack for getting people to dance making their live performances a joyous, fun and even sweaty occasion.


So it’s no wonder that the EDM duo has throngs of committed fans. And the band always seems to deliver. Take their latest hit “Somebody,” for instance. The song is a wall of sound with a catchy beat, computerized vocals and modular synth. The dance team has recently filmed a short film showing the making of the hit behind closed doors.


Drew Taggart sits at a piano and plays a ringing melody before backing it up with a deeper baseline played on a keyboard. He then sits in front of a computer modulating prerecorded vocals that were intended for a different song. He turns to the camera to explain that the vocals have to be turned up two notches in pitch to match the music of “Somebody.” It’s absolutely captivating to see such a talented artist manipulate prerecorded vocals to make it sound so catchy.


You can also see him play with the tail ends of notes. Using a computer, Drew lifts and distorts the pitch at the end of a catchy keyboard riff. And you can see him dancing out the new melody as he manipulates it in real time.


Seeing all this makes it easy to understand the DJ duo’s new worldwide recognition. They burst onto the scene with their debut single “#Selfie” back in 2014. The song was a playful summer hit that made fun of those who loved to take pictures of themselves. Ironically, it may have inspired thousands to take selfies.


That song topped charts in multiple countries around the world. And now the EDM team has been named to the Billboard New Dance 100 List. They’ve also just crushed a live performance at Ultra Miami 2018 and their second single has been streamed over 1 billion times on Spotify.

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Doug Levitt’s Long Strange Trip

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Doug Levitt has spent the last thirteen years on Greyhound buses. Logging over 120,000 miles on these humble transports, he has recently released a collection of work called The Greyhound Diaries chronicling his time spent traveling on the American highways–the relationships he’s forged, and the encounters he’s had.The singer-songwriter hadn’t planned on going on a decade-long gonzo foray into the bottom percentile of American life. A former war correspondent for CNN, he had volunteered with the John Kerry campaign in 2004. You can also follow him on twitter : Here.

Taking buses from town to town, he played music for locals in an attempt to register voters in small-town America for the Kerry ticket. Coming from a middle-class Washington D.C. background, he became enamored with the folks he met. These were people cut from every cloth of the U.S., but most were from a disenfranchised world he had never seen before. Former convicts, out of work Drug-addicts and mental health patients on the down-and-out populate these vehicles, and Levitt sought to understand them better, and America in the process. When the Kerry campaign came to a doomed close, Doug Levitt remained on the bus.

At sixteen years old, Levitt lost his father to suicide. During long miles and long conversations with his fellow passengers, he began to tell and work through his story. He was able to empathize with theirs. He’s encountered soldiers with prolonged guilt and heartache from deployments in the middle east who still carry guilt from lost comrades, or debilitating symptoms of PTSD. There’s the stories of addiction and redemption from grandparents, and tales of a corrupt prison system from former inmates. Levitt states that he was able to predict events such as the Great Recession and the rise of Trump from his conversations with fellow travelers. His time with society’s forgotten fringes has led him to greater self awareness and an understanding of the people at the bottom of the latter.Doug records his experiences and has selections of his recordings available in his public website.

Ms. Martinez Luque and her Work as a Pop Artist

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Norka Luque was born and raised in Caracas, Venezuela. Coming from a family that had knowledge of other languages and cultures, Martinez always knew that she was destined to have music as her career. She discovered her talent at an early age and her parents encouraged her to pursue a career in music. They inspired her to join piano, ballet , flamenco and voice practice classes while at the same time pursuing her education.

Ms. Martinez graduated from high school and moved to France where she enrolled in a French college to study international business. Aside from this course, she also got the chance to learn French, a language that she desired to master from her childhood.

While a student, Norka Luque joined a band by the name Bad Moon Rising to keep in touch with her musical aspirations. During her time with this band, she acquired skills that have helped shape her career as a solo artist. She graduated successfully and moved to Monaco in search of a job.

According to her profile, she landed a job in the banking sector of Monaco, but she did not do the job for long. It was at this point that Martinez decided to venture into singing. She moved to the United States and settled in Miami.

Norka Luque owes her career to the legendary music producer Emilio Estefan. Mr. Estefan signed her to his record label in 2008, after he heard samples of her work.

“As you Do It,” which was her first single won her various awards and nominations at the 2011 Premios Lo Nuestro Awards. In 2012, she treated her fans to yet another sensational hit dubbed “Milagro.” The song that was a blend of reggae, pop, rock and roll was written by the internationally acclaimed songwriter Archie Pena. “Milagro” was produced in different versions including urban remix, dance, and salsa version. The dance version of the song did very well in music charts in Venezuela and the United States.

Norka Luque’s third single “Tomorrowland,” was also received well by her fans. The original version of this track can be found on all digital music channels. She is planning to end the year in style with the re-launch of this amazing tune.

Find Ms. Martinez on Facebook to learn more about her work.