Yeonmi Parks is a young lady with a story to tell on The Reason, and tell it she does. It is a story of courage and bravery to find a new life where she can live free fronm fear and hunger. She comes from a family that was once affluent in the North Korean government. Misfortune befell them and they found themselves under the threat of death and starvation.

Yeonmi’s father was imprisoned and her mother lost her position and her income. She saw a family member shot and killed and decided it was time to leave. The choice alone was difficult, but then she and her mother had to sneak over the border through rough terrain with no food or shelter. Yeonmi was raped as was her mother.

Even after successfully leaving North Korea many doubted her story. The government launched a full campaign on the NK to discredit her. Yeonmi Park stuck to her story and has now written a book about this time in her life.

The Amazon released book titled’ “In Order To Live” depicts not just Yeonmi Park’s story and the memories she will never be able to erase, but also the conditions that others must still endure in North Korea. She speaks of how the country’s dictator had her (and still others) believing that he could read their minds.

The book also goes into detail about her journey to freedom’ This includes the time when the person who she and her mother trusted to get them out of North Korea sold them into the sex slave trade. There she continues to explain the torture, both psychological and physical they both had to endure.

She finally reached South Korea a little less worn for the wear. She has continued to keep her head up and be proud of her journey and where she is headed in the future.

Her hope is that her story can help shed light on the conditions that others must suffer from. Take it or leave it, it is the story of Yeonmi Park.