Kevin Seawright is the Executive Vice President & Chief Financial Officer at the Newark Economic Development Corporation working in the finance and administrative operations experts. Seawright has been built around being a brilliant strategist in the world of economics.

He has successfully led companies through complete reorganizations and throughout his home state of New Jersey and led him to the current position he holds as the Vice President of the Newark Economic Development Corporation company where he works. Seawright he has been working at this company since September of 2014.

The Newark Economic Development Corporation company where Kevin Seawright works as a city-funded economic development project that benefits greatly from having Seawright at the helm as he has extensive experiences and backgrounds managing money and operations in the public sector of business.

Seawright says he is very honored to take on a position that will help improve the city of Newark, and he hopes to make it a better place for everyone who lives there. One of Seawright’s biggest priorities is ensuring that the city pays the debt they owe which will all be paid off in time according to the plan Seawright has been able to draw up for the city to use to pay the debts.

Kevin Seawright is a graduate of the Mendoza College of Bussiness where he majored in Executive Leadership. Seawright’s past has seen him work in both the public and private sectors and his position with the Newark CEDC is what he looks at as the culmination of his career’s worth of hard work and achievement to helping communities in the local area where he lives.