If there is one thing that could be said about Darius Fisher, it is that he saves lives in many ways. Online reputation crises can cause a lot of damage to an individual. For one thing, a business owner can lose a lot of sales because of a scandal. However, things could get even more dangerous. Information about an individual could be leaked which is very personal. This could include where he lives or bank information. As a result, the person is at risk for harm. Fortunately, Darius Fisher founded Status Labs in order to provide the needed services to each individual undergoing a crisis.

Darius Fisher has put together such an innovative and helpful company that he has been named Business Development Professional of the Year. The reason is that Darius Fisher helps others succeed in their goals. He also gives people a chance who have experienced success but was faced with hits to their reputation. He works with each individual to assess the specific nature of their problem. Afterwards, they come up with a plan for the client to get his reputation back on track. This involves a combination of SEO, PR, social media posting and a change of behavior on the part of the client depending on the nature of the problem.

Darius Fisher also handles problems such as sensitive images being leaked. One of the ways that Darius Fisher handles it is by asking to website to remove that image. Once the image or piece of information is removed, then the individual can move on with his life without looking over his shoulder. Darius Fisher is a professional that is all about giving people second chances. He himself has experienced a crisis that he recovered from. This has gained him a lot of trust with his clients.

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