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The Philanthropic Endeavors of Perry Mandera.

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Those of us who have been in the Chicago philanthropy scene for a while are familiar with the household names that come up during conversations and discussions. There are those that have been appearing for a while like Polk, Crown, and Pritzker, and then there is Perry Mandera, a trucking entrepreneur who is now more involved in charity work like the rest of them.


Perry Mandera was born and raised in Chicago and started his transportation venture at a tender age of 23 when he began Customs Company. It is an enterprise that caters for warehousing, transportation, and distribution. Customs as a company has grown exponentially to become one of the most respected cargo companies in the United States handling over 350 power units and using 33 significant distribution market centers.


Perry Mandera’s achievements in the transportation business have enabled him to become more active in philanthropy. He is not only involved in supporting the Chicago community but also other cities around the U.S. Perry is among those who donate to charity organizations like Chicago Anti-Hunger Federation and after hurricane Katrina, he gave truckloads of supplies and food to the families affected. He runs his own nonprofit, Custom Cares Charities, which primarily helps disadvantaged kids.


Custom Cares Charities has in recent years funded more than 100 youth sports teams from different communities in Chicago, Illinois. It has also gone a step further to offer educational sponsorships to underprivileged children and young adults. Having had a time in the Marine, Perry Mandera also directs some of his philanthropy works towards veteran’s courses.


Perry Mandera believes that the children are the leaders of tomorrow and he does a lot for them. He supports and funds the Jesse White Tumblers, an organization that offers kids with education tutoring and also ensures they stay active. Perry was also on the board of the Walter and Connie Foundation, an initiative that offers holiday packages for needy youths. His commitment to children has led him to coach basketball, baseball, and football clubs for kids. He runs the Glenview Grind, a small café that raises and donates funds to other nonprofits including Operation Support our Troops and the American Red Cross.

Eighteen Billion in Philanthropy

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The Last Moments Of Life And Philanthropy

Philanthropy always comes down to the last moments of your professional life. It’s noble to believe that you can always strive for the work of humanity, but the reality is that it’s actual work. The work of George Soros is also winding down as he donates sums that are wowing the financial world.

Mr. Soros became a true professional when he embraced the final market and sought to make a larger career from it. The money, success, power and fame he earned enabled him to develop more empowering strategies. These strategies give the world great benefits today. The last moments are here for George Soros.

Investing Moves As Fast As An 18 Billion Transaction

The pace of George Soros is calculated in a transaction he completed and that gave just $18 billion to the Open Society Foundations. George was able to do this in the time it took to transfer all of this money. The Open Society Foundations works to expand democracy and to aide in world transition.

There’s a lot the modern world is experiencing, and the transformation it undergoes is aided by the work of agencies like the Open Society Foundations. George Soros helped to form this foundation. The work was only possible because of a clear process he continues to succeed with. Mr. Soros is a world expert at making more money.

There’s A Pace George Soros Holds That Hasn’t Been Matched

The pace of Wall Street resembles the moves and actions of George Soros today. What’s being witnessed is a development that can only be understood in full when George makes even more money than he began with. The frustration outsiders experience comes from the fast-pace achieved by the professional.

Along with George’s substantial donation to the Open Society Foundation, he’s also selling personal positions within companies like and Apple and Facebook. Public records don’t yet show what George gained as a result of selling these large stakes. The idea of donating $18 billion gives us the rough idea of what George is earning however.

That number could meet or proceed $18 billion if its also being valued through Facebook and Apple shares. The tactics of Mr. Soros will surprise us in the end. The surprise is a larger display of financial prowess and what will move the world economy again. There’s a mark being left by Soros.