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Senate Candidate Rick Scott Faces FEC Complaint Filed By End Citizens United For Anti-Coordination Violations

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End Citizens United recently filed a complaint against Senate candidate Rick Scott for allegedly using “super PAC” money to fund his campaign. The political action committee (PAC) filed the complaint with the Federal Elections Commission after discovering information that shows Scott received more than $78 million for his campaign coffers. The complaint includes details that say Scott has been trying to circumvent the federal limits that are in place to prevent super PACS from providing money directly to a candidate’s campaign.

According to End Citizens United’s Communication Director, Adam Bozzi, the funds have been used to pay for Scott’s campaign bills. Bozzi went as far as accusing the former Florida governor of being more interested in advancing his political career than being concerned about following the election laws. Bozzi says that it is clear that Scott has been trying to bypass the laws and funneled the soft money for political gains. The anti-coordination law was chosen to file the FEC complaint.

The New Republican PAC has made clear of its support for Scott’s candidacy for the Senate seat. However, Scott was still listed on the super PAC’s website as chairman as recently as January. According to the Washington Post, he also planned to attend a dinner for contributors who have supported his campaign. Scott and his campaign have steadfastly denied all the allegations; however, End Citizens United has provided supporting documentation to the FEC. Additionally, the Tampa Bay Times also reported that Scott was actively raising funds for the New Republican just four months ago.

A recent poll, which was taken by the Washington Post to decide if Scott should run for the Senate seat, prompted End Citizens United to file the FEC complaint. The PAC believed that Scott’s agreement to allow the committee to spend money on his campaign for exploratory activities proved intent to evade campaign disclosure laws.

End Citizens United believes that in the short-term there are solutions to campaign finance transparency issues, such as electing candidates who are committed to abiding by and enforcing the current laws. However, the PAC believes that Congress needs to step in and pass new disclosure laws that prevent candidates from being able to hide in secrecy who is contributing to their campaign. The PAC also continues in the direction it is headed to nullify the 2010 U.S. Supreme Court’s decision of Citizens United v. Federal Elections Commission.


Why End Citizen United has Grown into a Leading Upcoming PAC in the US

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Political action committees elicit a lot of attention and debate, especially when the elections period draws closer. One such committee, End Citizen United, has continuously hit the headlines mainly due to its dedication to champion for campaign finance reform and become a significant player in 2016. It plans to put in tens of millions of dollars to fund Democratic candidates, especially those running in both Senate and House races nationwide.


End Citizen United’s ultimate objective is to pass a constitutional amendment that reverses the Supreme Court’s Citizen United decision made in 2010. This decision is attributed to triggering the rise of super PACs in 2010 and releasing a tidal wave of dark money into the political scene. In an effort to get the court to overturn the ruling, End Citizen United led more than 325,000 individuals to sign its petition demanding Congress to pass the bill. The rise in the number of people signing the petition was imminent citing the group’s partnership with Ready for Hillary. As such, it aimed at renting out its email list, which comprises of over four million individuals, in an effort of accessing more potential liberal supporters.


The question in many people’s mind is why End Citizen United is not supporting Republicans. Although most Independent and Republican voters concurred that anonymous secret political spending was out of proportion, the Republican leadership in Congress proved to be a major impediment to overturning the Supreme Court’s ruling.


2018 Midterm Elections for Congress


End Citizen United has recently been gearing itself financially ahead of the oncoming 2018 midterm Congress elections. As such, the group hopes to fundraise about $35 million before the elections. The projected amount would be a significant increment compared to the $25 million that was raised during the 2016 election, which marked the group’s first election cycle.


According to Tiffany Muller, End Citizen United’s executive director and president, nearly 100,000 individuals contributed to the group during this year’s first quarter. In fact, 40,000 of those people were those that donated money for the first time. According to End Citizens United’s leaders, the group’s goal is to elect champions of campaign-finance reform to Congress.


Muller cited that the average contribution received by the group this year reached $12. In fact, she went ahead to say that Democrats have extra momentum considering President’s Trump’s win during the 2016 heavily contested elections. Hence, they are prepared to fight back against his agenda and nominees including his selection for Supreme Court Judge, Neil Gorsuch.


End Citizen United draws its name from the 2010 Citizen United decision by the Supreme Court. The group functions as a conventional PAC and cannot receive donations that exceed $5000 from a single donor. Despite this cap on donations, End Citizen United’s fundraising in 2016 propelled it to the high ranks of groups aligned to the Democratic side’s spending during the 2016 elections.


End Citizens United Gets Rhythm In The Fight For Democracy

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The End Citizens United PAC is slowly getting the rhythm in its fights for the independence of the democracy. The group that is founded in 2015 to resist against the Citizens United v. F.E.C. Supreme Court verdict that recognized “corporations are people” and given options to spend unlimited in political campaigns and U.S. elections. It was considered to be a big setback for the values which country had inherited through the long years. It also gave authority to use the untraceable amount of money in American elections.

The real implication is that it creates a situation for super-rich people to buy the government to win their business interests and goals on It has proved many times that over-exposure of money in politics can damage the political system of the country in the long run. Many examples for this can be seen across the world, but there is no effective resistance is being formed against it. The purity of democracy and election is that it translates the needs and ambitions of the mass. But, if it being hijacked by some individual business interests on Facebook, it can create social and financial divisions in society, and that can become a block to the integration of the people.

In order to act against the verdict, the PAC has initiated a petition signing campaign to demand Congress to pass legislation to overcome the decision. Within months of the campaign, End Citizens United successfully gathered the sign of almost 325,000 people. The PAC also endorsed 11 Democratic candidates as they found to be supporting its noble initiative. End Citizens United has received 136,000 donations within four months, and the average of the contributions stands at $14.86. This amount shows that the grassroots are making the contribution while the message is reaching the grassroots level.

It should be noted that there is a ceiling of $5,000 for individual contributions and hence no major contributions would be reflecting in its list. The primary objective of the contributions on are not for the money but to educate people about the ill-effects of the verdict and to create a public opinion against it. Since the PAC is fighting against unlimited and untraceable money in the elections, it is looking to reflect the views in its contributions as well.

The campaign against Citizens United is also deemed by End Citizens United to prevent further worsening in election spending and intervention of business groups. It is always seen that when there is money power ruling the elections, it affects the transparency of the process. Crony capitalism is a major problem in many countries, and history teaches that it can create increased violence and escalated financial inequality. If the majority of the people feel that they are not being represented in the country, it is the death of the country.