EOS (short for “evolution of smooth”) is a brand of skincare products specializing in hypoallergenic, quality ingredients. Appropriate for people of all skin types, gluten-free, dermatologist tested, and free of harsh chemicals, EOS products are a good choice for people hoping to improve the health of their skin. One of their most popular products, their lip balm, is kept to this same high standard with many flavors for you to choose from. Additional hints at frenchtribune.com.

This begs the question: Which flavor of EOS lip balm should you try? EOS has a massive selection of lip balm flavors to choose from, so it’s hard to narrow it down to just a few. With that in mind, we’ll look at three of the most popular flavors of lip balm based on the EOS webpage. Try watch youtube.com for details.

The first flavor featured is lemon twist. A tangy balm from their Active Protection line, this formula includes SPF 15 to help protect your lips from the sun, with water resistance for up to 80 minutes while wet.

The next flavor we have to look at is sweet mint. Part of the Smooth Sphere line, cooling mint combines with a touch of sweetness to apply clear and give lips a hydrating boost.

Finally, we have blackberry nectar, part of the Visibly Soft line of products. These balms are specially designed to help heal and protected extremely dry lips. Long lasting and made of 99% natural ingredients, blackberry nectar is a delicious cure for chapped lips designed for long term relief.

While we may have only featured three flavors of EOS lip balm in this article, there’s really no wrong answer when picking one for yourself. Through their use of quality, natural ingredients and delicious, soothing flavors, each EOS lip balm product is worth a try. Which flavor will be your favorite?

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