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Boraie is the Proud Father of the City of New Brunswick

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At this point it seems needless to say, but America is growing quite hostile toward the rich 1% of this country. It seems that millennial’s, in particular, are angry at the rich elite who continue to oppress lower class and middle-class Americans with financial tyranny. While many in the upper class have the reputation of being financial bullies, Omar Boraie rises above is characteristic and does great things for the state of New Jersey.

Many people in the media call Omar Boraie the tender father of New Brunswick. This is because he spends his time and resources turning New Brunswick around and helping it thrive. This turnaround took him 40 years, but after four decades, New Brunswick is an economic hotbed.

According to NY Times, Omar Boraie began turning New Brunswick around by building a community of families. He knows that family is the backbone of any community whether that be a town or city. He reached out to churches and nonprofits in order to build this kind of relationship. He gave them the funds and they were charged with organizing the events.

Omar Boraie then continued turning New Brunswick around by a making it a lucrative place to find a job. In order to make New Brunswick a lucrative place to find a job, Omar Boraie had to do two things. The first thing he had to do was keep local jobs in the area. He achieved this by helping Johnson and Johnson to stay in the area. The second thing he had to do was bring more jobs to the area. He did this by building commercial real estate and offering it for a nominal profit.

Omar Boraie continued turning New Brunswick around by building an elite team of power brokers who would align their visions to make New Brunswick great. This elite team was made up of Rutgers University President, the head of the City Council, several state Senators, and the most powerful nonprofit leaders of the city. For more details visit State Theatre New Jersey.

Omar Boraie finished turning New Brunswick around by growing the middle class. He did this by tapping into the need that all young professionals face. That need is to afford higher class real estate for lower prices. Boraie Development built class A office space, as well as residential areas, and sold it to the upstart professionals for a price they could afford. This brought the middle-class back and helped stabilize the economy.



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Arthur Becker: The Tech Mogul Shifts Attention to the Development Sector

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Arthur Becker, a famous tech mogul who served NaviSite as the CEO has been behind the scenes in some of the biggest city developers. He has been involved with big names such as Kevin Maloney, Robert Gladstone, and Michael Stern. Lately, Arthur has decided to put his own name in condominium projects. This comes just a few years since he quit his major tech career position following the acquisition of NaviSite by Warner.

Arthur, who can be described as both an investor and a developer, is now planning a building at 465 Washington St. in Tribeca with an estimated sellout of 52.5 million dollars. Speaking in an interview with The Real Deal, Arthur Becker termed the 465 Washington as an “artisanal, boutique building.” The building is said to have Paris Forino handling the interior. The 465 Washington is going for seven simplex apartments as well as a penthouse duplex. Their sizes will range from 2000 square feet to 4000 square feet while prices will range from 2200 dollars per square foot to 3200 per square foot.

Becker had acquired the 465 Washington back in 2012 after his seven-year tenure at NaviSite ended. Lately, Arthur Becker seems to focus more on developing and joined Madison Partners NYC. However, this remarkable individual has been an active private investor in various tech ventures. Arthur is also known for his leadership role at Zinio. Here, he serves the digital magazine stand as the chief executive officer.

In other roles that he has played, Becker has been a financial backer at PMG as well as Madison Equities projects at 10 Sullivan Street. Due to his contribution to the condominium development, Arthur assumed the ownership of three adjacent apartments as compensation for his stake in the project. Becker is confident about the 465 Washington project despite the current slowdown in the luxury category.

Speaking in an interview with PĂ©rez Hilton, Arthur says that strategies should reflect the business vertical. In simpler terms, talent is vital to the success of any business. All you need to do is identifying talented persons and persuade them to your vision, then get out of their way.