Recently, Nick released a book, Seven Figure Decisions: Having the Balls to Succeed. He shares his personal experiences. He also details his principles relating to investing in real estate. He talks about how applying this principle has earned him financial wealth. It has also granted him entrepreneurial freedom. Nick Vertucci in this book talks about the lessons learned on his journey. Some of the lessons include the essence of coming from a place of service for your customers. Pushing past fears and raising your sights higher are also among the lessons. American entrepreneur Kevin Harrington has also endorsed this book. Its readers have also given it exceptional reviews. They described the book as motivating and inspiring.

Nick’s Background

Vertucci came from a humble family. His family was middle class and wasn’t considered wealthy. He lost his father at the age of ten. His mother struggled to cater for the family’s financial needs. He once lived in his car at 18. He later started a company that sold computer parts. He rose from rags to riches, earning seven-figure salaries. The dot-com industry crashed in 20000 and he experienced losses. His decision to attend a real estate seminar afterwards changed his life.

Nick Vertucci Real Estate Academy

Nick Vertucci founded NVREA in 2014 in California. Through it, he helps students achieve their real estate investment goals. His seminars teach succeeding in wholesale contracts and asset protecting.

Nick Vertucci’s Four Keys to Success

His four strategies to winning are: seeing, believing, mapping and executing. When you see something that you want, you need clarity of vision to achieve it. Once you see it, you must believe it to be achievable. You need to build up your confidence. Mapping will help you create a plan. The execution stage is the accomplishment stage.

How to learn Vertucci’s strategy

Nick Vertucci holds seminars for those with a growing interest in real estate. The venues include San Diego, Miami, and Dallas. Everyone can attend regardless of real estate experience. There are no cash reserves and formal training isn’t offered.

In these seminars, he covers many topics. He talks about finding income-producing properties and locking them down. He also talks about tips to help you network and how to balance real estate business with your day job. Nick recommends his new book to anyone looking for directions for their businesses.

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