Robert Ivy is the CEO of The Americans Institute of Architects (AIA) and through the firm, he has brought many architects in the country together. Ivy took up his role at the firm in 2011 and has since then brought transformative ideas to help it grow. The firm is fully focused on serving architects and bringing them together. Through AIA, architects in the United States have acquired a chance to share ideas and come up with various strategies through which they can make the industry better. Besides, they have also been able to launch and analyze a vast number of constructions in the country, so as to [promote safety and development in the housing industry.

Ivy`s major focus at AIA has been to make people understand the importance and value of every architect in the country. He has since taken up the role in the firm, strived to make people understand the various challenges that architects go through with an aim of earning their respect. Ivy believes that architects are great hard workers and insists that their rights must be observed and fully respected to ensure that they bring out the best while supervising constructions.

Robert Ivy has lately paid focus on coming up with ways through which architects can effectively deal with the various challenges that they face in the market. He has shared ideas and his thoughts with many architects in the country concerning the major effects of climate change to their work, and together they have come up with solutions to deal with the issue. Besides, he looks forward to addressing the contributions of design to the public health. He believes that architects need to be recognized for their major contributions towards designing eye-catching buildings, with a close focus on safety and security of every individual that uses them.

Ivy believes that every architect has their potential, which can be monitored through motivation. Besides being a CEO, Ivy is also an author and has published a number of journals, which have received recognition in the country. The Architectural Record journal that he took part in publishing, acquired fame as the most read architectural journal in the country, a step that saw him gain a great reputation.

Robert Ivy has also received a lot of accreditation from many people due to his major advocations and contributions to the architectural sector. He was later honored with the Polk Award to appreciate his hard work towards making architects feel great.

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