The Ubuntu Fund has been a major player in South Africa over the better part of almost the past two decades. Jacob Lief founded the charity in order to bring relief to children suffering from a lack of education, healthcare, hospitality, and hope. A big part of the Ubuntu Fund’s success has been their ability to reach out and find willing donors to bring in an influx of funds and energy to the fund. Andrew Rolfe, Chairman of the Board at Ubuntu, recently hosted the 10 Annual Ubuntu Fund Gala Dinner this past May. The goal for this charity event was to raise nearly $1 million to bring more aid to their Port Elizabeth campus in South Africa.

Andrew Rolfe has been a donor, advocate, and Chairman on the board for years now and his tireless work has helped to bring relief and life changing help to those in need. The Gala Dinner was another excellent chance for Rolfe to do more good for the charity. For this celebratory, charity dinner over 300 guests would assemble in order to taste a sample of South African culture including authentic food, a charity auction, and even the Xhosa Choir. More than the authentic performance and food was the importance of two special guests: Sinesipho Rabidyani and Malizole Gawxula — two South African individuals who had their lives changed by the Ubuntu Fund.

Sinesipho Rabidyani pretty much stole the show from the moment she walked onto the stage until the moment she walked off of it. Rabidyani told her story of an abuse home life dominated by an angry and violent drunk father. She told the assembled crowd how she feared for her future until a chance meeting with the Ubuntu Fund. Since then she was able to get a scholarship, pursue higher education, and even get the psycho=social support that she so desperately needed.

Rabidyani’s speech must have done something to initiate a fervor during the auction section. The Ubuntu Fund managed to raise nearly $800,000 which got them right up against their initial goal, thus helping a ton of people in need in Port Elizabeth.