Financial expert Chris Linkas has an intriguing background. He has been in charge of an European credit group of twenty people that specializes in the opportunistic nature of principal investments. Chris Linkas has a large amount of investment knowledge that allows him to counsel people about investing benefits.


He believes that several people put off stock market investments when they are young. Linkas thinks that it does not matter what the financial situation is or whether or not there are student loans to repay those in their early twenties should start investing.


Wealth Creation with Over Time Interest and Reinvestment of Dividends


Experience in investments ranging across a variety of international groups though he primarily focuses on Ireland, Germany, Italy, and the United Kingdom in addition to a few other countries. Chris Linkas says that young people do not need to have the ideal situation financially before investing since they will not be retiring for decades.


Young people can increase investments passively by reinvesting. The fact that reinvesting and compounding is equal to the world’s natural wonders was once noted by Albert Einstein himself. There are two ways for investors to earn money with compound dividends and interest in addition there is also the additional profit from the interest on these. Reinvestment of dividends and interest over several decades can allow for retirement with large sums of money.


Key to Financial Success = Compounding


In forty years an investment of ten thousand dollars that you make at twenty could reach over seventy thousand dollars. An interest rate of five percent is used for the previous calculation. Investors can actually earn more than five percent for a long term investment. Dividends are something that young investors tend to ignore.


Financial investment portfolios are created with conservative investments that do not experience extreme volatility. Time and reinvestment of funds generates wealth. Younger people investing in conservative mutual funds that offer substantial dividends quarterly should reinvest them into shares that compound.


Volatility = Risks


Chris Linkas is a professional investor with an impressive record in the world of investment. Linkas believes that age is a factor in determining how much risk a person should take when investing. Everyone should learn from their mistakes when investing.