The United Kingdom and Israel are very good partners on international issues. This is a relationship which has been cultivated through cooperation between the two countries via their appointed representatives.

Between 2011 and 2015, the appointed representative of Israel in the United Kingdom was diplomat Daniel Taub. Daniel Taub is a qualified international lawyer who has specialized in peace resolution. Before his appointed, he led a delegation of Israeli in peace negotiation with Palestine.

Daniel Taub is very much experienced in the peace and conflicts situation in the Middle East region. During his tenure as the envoy to the United Kingdom, Israeli was undergoing a serious crisis in the region.

There were ISIS, GAZA conflicts, and the Iran nuclear weapons issues. All these were challenges that were facing Israeli at the same time. However, despite the crisis that was being witnessed in the region the relations between Israeli and the United Kingdom did not deteriorate at all. For a fact they were even becoming better. Read more: Daniel Taub – Crunchbase

According to Daniel Taub, although there is turmoil in the region, there is so much to write home about happening in the region apart from the conflicts. He says that even with the challenges, there is another side of the region that also need to receive attention. According to him, Middle East crisis need to be handled with care since the stakes for peace are high in the region.

He adds that it is important that the two countries concentrate on what is important to Israeli and steps that can be taken to influence the other partners. One of the issues that he points out is the peace agreement they have recently passed between Israeli and Iran. He says that the agreement is likely to change the situation in the region with better stability expected.

However, according to Daniel Taub, Israeli is concerned with the implications of the agreement. He points to a scenario that may most likely happen.

One, when Iran fails to stick with the agreement, there is the likelihood that there might be worse implications that may come through. One of them being Iran financing terror groups such as the Hezbollah and Hamas which have always been an anti-Israel government.

About Daniel Taub

Daniel Taub was born in Britain but later moved on to Israeli in 1989. Daniel Taub is a writer, a philanthropist and an international lawyer.

He served in the Israeli Defense Forces immediately after moving to Israel. He has also worked in the ministry of foreign affairs in Israeli for a very long time.

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