The Israeli Embassy in the U.K. has announced that Daniel Taub, current Israeli Ambassador, will retire this summer after serving a four-year tenure as the Israeli Ambassador in the United Kingdom.

During Taub’s time in office relations between U.K. and Israel were quite cordial and profitable for both countries. The Israeli Embassy has stated that academics and cultural links were also formed and cemented by Mr. Taub’s efforts.

Trade Between U.K. & Israel Increased

One of the biggest highlights of Taub’s term was the increase in trade between the two countries.

According to the British & Israeli Chamber of Commerce, over 300 businesses were established within the U.K. and the total trade amount between Israel and the United Kingdom increased to over $5 billion while Taub was in office.

Roots In The U.K.

Perhaps Taub’s success stemmed from the fact that he was born in the U.K. and so was very familiar with the culture and dealings of the country. Learn more about Daniel Taub: and

What is more, Mr. Taub chose to specialize in peace negotiations while in office and developed a very cordial and almost welcoming demeanor about him that encouraged trust and warmth among others.

At one point, he even traveled to Northern Ireland along with the Palestinian Ambassador in the U.K. to learn more about how to settle differences and encourage peace among waging factions.

Defying The Odds

Taub’s tenure was not without difficulties, however, he sad to overcome hostile situations being expressed by both U.K. schools and cities who were on unfriendly terms towards Israel and Israelis living in the U.K. while he served as the Israeli Ambassador in the United Kingdom.

Two such incidents included Israeli boycotts by student unions on several college campuses across the country and Bradford cities’ “Israeli-Free Zone” declaration.

In both instances, Mr. Taub encouraged both sides of the table to be allowed to express their opinions and views in a non-hostile environment and even visited Bradford to discuss its current Israeli policy with the city’s representative.

Integrating His Roots

One thing that has been apparent during Daniel Taub’s tenure was his ability to integrate two cultures under one umbrella.

This fact was not only shown by his outward successes while in office, bridging the gap between U.K. and Israeli cultures and opening the doors for business, academics, and humanitarian links between the two countries, but was also seen on his person every day while he was in office.

Not one to shy away from his Orthodox Jew beliefs, Daniel Taub wore the traditional kippah on his head while taking office for the first time and during his first meeting with the Queen of England. This was a clear indication that he had no intention of ignoring responsibilities towards the countries he served.

Daniel Taub was a Brit by birth and an Orthodox Jew by heart and this perhaps was the most significant factor contributing to the positive diplomatic ties that he was able to strengthen as the Israeli Ambassador to the United Kingdom.

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