Have you ever been referred to as “lazy”? Then you know that such people find all manner of barriers not to address the problems that arise in everyday life. They simply find the quickest shortcut to get it done – any which way.



Discover the world of Wengie, of doing extraordinary things to solve ordinary problems and that “lazy” reference will be quickly replaced most likely by “smarter” or “trendy.” Wengie is a superstar YouTuber and runs the best trending Asian beauty channel in Australia. With over 18 million subscribers and hundreds of millions of views on her posted videos, Wengie has a knack for bringing little-known tricks to handle everyday routine processes in life. And they work!



Are you feeling under the weather for no reason? Hungry and hate the long, arduous cooking process? How about a healthy one-minute pizza recipe? Or a yummy chocolate cake dessert in under a minute. Almost instant with no frills and your rumbling stomach is taken care of. Tired of reaching into your packet of chips to get some, make it a shallow bowl in one simple step. If you are watching your favorite movie and microwaving some snacks, there’s a simple trick to use your cell phone to face-time your oven and keep an eye on both from the same screen.



Tired of holding your device while you watch something on it? Check out here and get great inspired tips and tricks including for lazy people such as how to make an easy holder for your device anywhere there is a flat surface. Fed up with doing dishes? Try wrapping your plate in cling foil, and you might not have to. Just use and rip off the foil when done leaving the plate as clean as it was. No spoon in sight to take that can of yogurt? Use the top to fashion a disposable paper spoon. Did you know you can quickly iron your tie with your hair straightener when in a rush?



One handy solution for those people who keep losing the remote control is to turn your favorite handheld device into a universal remote by downloading a small app to it. From these few examples, you can see there is a simple life hack for almost every nuisance matter in your daily lives. Follow Wengie and discover more simple fun tricks to live better.