The online subscription retailer, Fabletics, is a hotspot for fashion lovers with a number of excellent quality and amazing style sportswear and accessories. The women’s wear fitness brand is founded by Kate Hudson, Adam Goldenberg, and Don Ressler in 2013. The subscription program helps the customers to get the products at great prices. Users have the option to get the customized products according to their tastes and preferences making it an easier place to get the preferred fitness outfits at the best-valued rates. The logic of Fabletics is simple, people like brands and the online retailer is mixing it with convenience and style. Hence, customers get something that is beyond their expectations.



Fabletics is using reverse showrooming strategy to give a warm shopping experience to its customers. Due to this, customers can walk into the physical store and experience things, check the details of it in online by browsing the website and then proceed with the shopping. It is also enabling more customers are being added into its subscription program called, VIP Member. While choosing the subscription program, each customer would be charged $49.95 per month, and they can purchase products from the retailer for the amount. The users would also get free goodies every month and products at a discounted rate of up to 30 percent. If the customer wants to skip the payment for a month, they would have an option for that as well. The users input their choices and preferences as soon as they chose the subscription and according to that Fabletics chooses the suitable outfits for them.



In the local Fabletics stores, mostly products that are getting mass appeal only be made available. Customers who wanted specific products can browse through the online store and choose their product. The retailer is working on three principles, lifestyle, customer experience, and consumer education. This means that the focus of the online retailer is looking for a personal relationship with its customers. Investing in physical stores, supported by the online store, every customer is getting the benefits of both type of stores, which is clearly customer focused.



The quality of each of product on the website is excellent, and it is always up to 40 percent less than the same quality material in the market. Be it leggings or tops; it is greatly fit to the body and perfect outfits for workouts. The leggings are thick but very comfortable and easy to use, whereas the tops are very soft and flexible to workouts. Outfits are available for various activities including yoga, running, and gym & workout. Each of the products is unique and stylish and will impress the customers. With solid colors, bold patterns, cut-outs, etc., the outfits are making a great sense of fashion experience.



Though it started as a women store and mostly selling ladies clothes and accessories, it also sells men’s wear, especially pants and shorts. The retailer is giving a unique experience to the customers with a different shopping experience with quality products. Due to this, the retailer is able to challenge all the online and offline retailers including Amazon. Its introduction of the new line of products every month is intended to make something for everyone.