Glen Wakeman, the Founder and CEO of Launchpad Holdings, LLC is a high-profile globe-trotter, Entrepreneur, mentor, writer, and inventor. His creation, Launchpad Holdings is a software development company targeting start-up and entrepreneurs. With years of experience in the field of business blended with his enthusiasm to start growth, he realized that youngest entrepreneurs are vulnerable to higher risks of failure in the early start-up of business execution. The idea around Launchpad Holdings is on structures needed to help transform an idea into a plan thus catalyzing the prospects of eventually acquiring capital. Writing is an art well perfected by Glen Wakeman. It is evident in his blog posts.


He provides an analytic approach and insight into matters such as market and market trends, global affairs and finance. In his methodology, Glen Wakeman emphasizes five crucial areas an entrepreneur should focus on when looking to provide funding for a business plan. The partitions include marketing, operations, talents, financials and risk management. Due to his flexibility, Wakeman has been able to work in 32 countries during his career at GE capital which lasted for about 23 years. His leadership skills were instrumental in the company a resulting in involvement in managerial duties such as the general director. When it comes to academic qualifications, Wakeman successfully attained an MBA from the University of Chicago, BS in finance and economics from Scranton University and six certified sigma belts. Apart from giving advice and in-depth analysis in the realm of business.


Wakeman is a certified and clinical mentor credited to supporting brick and motor start-ups. He intends to share his experiences regarding failure and success with the young generation hoping that would greatly benefit. Still, in its development stages, Snarkify is Wakeman’s latest extraordinary project that is soon to take the presentation to the next level. In his research, he noticed that presentation is becoming tiresome, and an audience easily loses interest. So he aims at integrating memes, videos and satire to come up with a presentation toolkit. Wakeman has traveled around the world at the same time maintaining his job.