Newswatch is one of the most celebrated shows that has won several awards for their efforts on focusing on technology celebrity interviews and electronic reviews. It also features safelight interviews and a number of non-political awareness campaigns. The show is aired weekly and has airplay of just 30 minutes. During the 30 minute show, it airs in about 200 markets in the United States. The show airs on ION television network and the AMC network.

Since Newswatch began its shows in 1989, they have been able to air more than 1000 episodes. In the past one year, Newswatch has been able to host hundreds of celebrities. They include – Carrie Underwood, Brooklyn Decker, Olympian Carl Lewis, and Diane Lane. Some of America’s biggest companies have also been hosted by the show. The likes of Ford, Discovery channel, American Heart association amongst many others. This is an indication of the show’s continued commitment towards keeping the Americans informed an entertained too. The show is hosted by Michael Ison and Andrew Tropeano too.

Past customers have posted very impressive results by using Newswatch in their advertisement. Ockel is a Danish company that was able to raise half a million dollars by placing an advert on Newswatch. This is an indication of the large coverage that the show has and its efficiency as a marketing platform. The company executive says that he loved working with the company and would recommend them to another user too.

Musical pairings too assert that there they made a fortune by advertising on the platform and had to pull down their app from the app store so that they could keep up with the demand that rose when they put an advert on Newswatch.

All in all, several clients across the globe have ascertained that there is a huge success achieved from advertising on Newswatch.