OSI Group commands a very rare respect in the food market. The giant food company is recognized to be the leader in the industry, giving twenty thousand employees working positions. The high number of employees keeps on increasing as the company continues to expand internationally and locally. The organization rose from the most humble background to become one of the prestigious corporate businesses that are being operated in the world. Its sixty-five facilities found in different locations show a company that has endured the corporate world challenges and emerged as one of the strongest in the American history. With the globalized economy, the organization is still looking for ways to grow and fit in the changing markets.

Immigrant Roots

The history of OSI Group is eye-catching. Most companies that have grown to become giants in the market are those that have been established by wealthy and influential people in the community. Starting a company is always a hard task that requires so much capital and commitment. OSI Group, however, did not start with large amount of capital. The company was set up as a simple butchery shop in Chicago. The small shop was owned by an individual who had arrived in the US from Germany while looking for greener pastures together with his family. His passion for meat products is what drove him to start the company. Because the immigrant was still new in the US, he only focused on the people who were close to him.

International market

The booming immigration of Germans into the United States meant that many people from Germany settled in the US. Chicago being one of the cities that had a large immigrant population, the meat store had many clients. There were many immigrants in search of the best meat, and they only found refuge in OSI Group. All companies have to deal with problems when they are being started. People have different tastes, especially when they are coming from different places of the world. OSI Group was patient with customers ever since it was operating just like a small shop. The people supporting the company in leadership have also delivered perfectly.

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