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How a Five Pack of EOS Lip Balm is all the Variety I Need

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EOS is selling a five pack of flavors of lip balm which provide a compelling mix. All too often multi packs of flavors include varieties that don’t sell well and use multi-packs as a way of getting rid of excess inventory. The EOS variety pack was refreshing in this sense by having a great mix of flavors that are among the most popular blends offered by the brand. These five packs include sweet mint, summer fruit, passion fruit, strawberry sorbet, and honeysuckle honeydew.

EOS lip balm is a world leader in lip balm after emerging in the industry just a decade ago. EOS differentiated themselves from their competition by selling higher quality lip balms that contained all-natural oils like coconut and jojoba oil, or shea butter, all with interesting flavor combinations. EOS packaged their lip balm in these nifty orbs that stood out on shelves but also were sanitary and easy to carry.

Their summer fruit, strawberry sorbet, passion fruit, and honeysuckle honeydew flavors are all in the fruit category, but are mellow and not at all overpowering. These flavor, despite being all fruit related, are very different tasting and have a wide range of flavor notes. The passion fruit and strawberry sorbet flavors are reminiscent of summer with a strong delicious flavor. Summer fruit is more subdued but a great and mellow addition to a pack that has a complex underlying fruity flavor. Honeysuckle honeydew was ultimately my favorite of the pack and provided an sweet addition that felt like an everyday option for me.  Check details on

Mint flavors work so well with lip balms, but the majority of the brands out there have mint lip balm that tastes like medicine. Not EOS though, whose sweet mint flavor tastes fresh and natural and but has a powerful min flavor too it.

Variety packs should have a great mixture and variety of flavors that allow you to sample a range of flavors to find your favorite. This EOS lip balm variety pack was no exception. While I liked all of the flavor varieties, I found my everyday lip balm with honeysuckle honeydew.

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Stephen Rotella’s LIFT Chairmanship, Business Success, and His Involvement in Community Work

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Stephen Rotella has been on the business scene for more than three decades. He is the current CEO and president of StoneCastle Partners, LLC. Rotella started his undergraduate studies at Stony Brook University in 1971 and graduated in 1975 with a degree in Economics. Two years later, he went to further his studies at University of Albany and graduated in 1978 with an MBA, specializing in finance and technology.

Rotella as LIFT Chairman

Stephen Rotella took over the chairmanship of LIFT in December 2015, succeeding Michael Gilligan who had served as chairman for six years. He was given the mandate of strengthening the organization’s agenda of ending the poverty cycle in the U.S. Accepting the nomination, Rotella expressed his gratitude towards the LIFT’s national board of directors for honoring him with the appointment. He vowed to work hand in hand with CEO Kirsten Lodal to make sure that the organization impacted positively on the lives of young American children. On his side, LIFT CEO Kirsten Lodal praised Rotella for his outstanding performance during his days as the chair of the organization’s development committee. He expressed optimism that Rotella would lead LIFT into higher heights.

You can also visit his professional business account: Stephen Rotella

Rotella’s Firm Makes a Huge Business Stride

Early this year, Stephen Rotella led StoneCastle Cash Managements’ subsidiary company, StoneCastle Insured Cash Sweep, to purchase the insured deposit business from Intermedium Financial, LLC. This transaction stamped StoneCastle’s authority as the leading provider of insured deposits for institutional investors. Furthermore, the purchase will go a long way in helping the firm to realize its long-term goals of expanding its client base to include financial advisors and broker-dealers. Speaking afterward, Stephen Rotella said that the deal, which included the InterLINK Fintech platform, was a boost to the firm’s technology-oriented business model and would also provide them with more distribution avenues.

Involvement with Community Work

Besides business, Rotella is a respected philanthropist and an accomplished community leader. His focus is to help the less privileged folk in the community and to assist the youth to excel in arts. He is the current patron of Jazz and Lincoln Center. Previously, he served as a volunteer board member of Youthcare, ArtsFund, and The Seattle Foundation. In the 1990s, he was the board chairman of Balletmet.


Tammy Mazzocco Knows Real Estate

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The Tammy Mazzocco story is a good one for young people to know about. Tammy is a very successful real estate agent in central Ohio who loves her work and is very good at it. Tammy did not have to overcome any great obstacles or anything like that; she just worked at it until it worked for her.


Tammy Mazzocco started her real estate career as the secretary to a nine-man commercial real estate company. From that position, she became the manager of a condominium project for seven years. From there Tammy went on to become a licensed assistant to a very successful real estate agent where she learned how a super successful office was managed.


In 1999, Tammy Mazzocco stepped out on her own and went full-time into the real estate business. Her secret formula, for those who are interested, is to love what you do and work very hard at accomplishing your goals.


Tammy states unequivocally that people who are going to accomplish anything must set goals. And once you set them, you must turn the goal into actionable steps. If you don’t do that, your goal will always look too big, and you’ll never attain it. She lives by that statement and operates each day walking through the steps that she has outlined for herself.


Tammy Mazzocco has another great view of how to get through tough times in which she states, “Don’t take yourself so seriously, live without fear of failure, and don’t settle.” If we worry all of the time about failure, we will quit and not get started. If you take yourself too seriously, you’ll never be able to fail. You must fail, and fail, and fail until you succeed. That was the model that Thomas Edison used to invent the light bulb. He failed thousands of times until he found the right filament that worked in the bulb. Tammy Mazzocco feels the same way – don’t quit until you succeed.


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What began as a concept by three friends in a basement on George Street in Indiana blossomed into a thriving business with many locations. The premise of George Street Photo and Video is to use the best talent available in teams that cover all aspects of the photo shoot.


In New York, a fabulous wedding can take place on a roof top with a spectacular view of the city and yet with a venue to create a personal, once in a lifetime event. The San Francisco area offers lush forests that capture a natural experience in an environment that radiates with a promise of growth and fulfillment.


George Street has locations in Chicago, IL, Detroit, MI, Philadelphia, PA, San Diego CA, Denver, CO, and Boston, MS. Cleveland , OH. Every location utilizes local photographers, wedding planners, marketers and schedulers with knowledge of the areas unique locations.

Whitney Wolfe Creates An Experience That Is Out Of The Ordinary With Bumble

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If the dating app world was a game, Whitney Wolfe would certainly be in the lightning round. This is the chance that she has to get as many users as she can with the competitive advantage that she has created.

With the Bumble app she has created a platform where women are the ones that make the first move. This is new and innovative, and this fresh start to the dating app world has allowed her to gain millions of loyal users.

Whitney Wolfe is young and energetic, but this is still the lightning round. She has to maximize her potential and get as many users as she can because other entrepreneurs are bound to duplicate what she has done. Her level of success is so major that magazines like Forbes have placed her in the top 30 under 30. She has also been featured in other well-known publications like Time Magazine. All of these things are a depiction of just how popular she is.

Whitney Wolfe as CEO has shown many that there is a love for what she does. So many people that are trying to get rich with the app that they create will find themselves with a void after their apps become stagnant. This is the second dating app for Whitney Wolfe so it is obvious that she has a tremendous passion for helping singles find the right mate. This is the driving force that has allowed her to continue making Bumble the best app that it can be.

Very few people saw this type of innovation coming in the app world. Whitney Wolfe may not have even seen it herself. It was only when certain events led up to her move back to Texas that she decided to try something that was completely out of the ordinary.

The Focus of Sam Boraie on Real Estate Development and Charity in the City Of New Brunswick

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Boraie Development, LLC is the most outstanding and progressive real estate company in the Northeast region of United States. The company, which is based in New Jersey, has a particular focus on urban real estate development. It started developing the New Brunswick area five years back, and within this time the company has gone to the level of unfolding a plan to transform New Brunswick City entirely. Their bona fide developments include multi-purpose amenities that attract small-scale businesses and residents to ultra-modern office space, apartments, and retail stores. Atlantic City area has experienced tremendous growth through Sam Boraie and his company’s efforts.

Sam Boraie is involved in some charitable causes. He is a pillar of the New Brunswick community. Most of his developments have revitalized the community. Mr. Boraie is on the Board of Trustees of State Theatre New Jersey together with several local businesspeople. Boraie has revolutionized the theater to a cultural phenomenon that comes up with productions yearly. The State Theatre relies on donations, of which much come from Boraie Development Company and Sam’s family.

The charitable organization Elijah’s Promise, which has numerous branches all over the State of New Jersey, is one of Sam Boraie’s conceptions. The organization aims to recess the cycle of poverty in different communities all over the state. His charitable goals include; mitigation of hunger, creating business opportunities, ensuring safe and healthy food access and providing job security in a bad economy. Sam sits on the Board of this organization and is heavily involved in the planning of its current and future objectives.

The company has plans for redeveloping the city and ensuring its growth even in the economic downturn. Boraie Development is also involved in partnerships and boasts an exceptional track record of getting to work with knowledgeable real estate developers and property managers. Through this partnership the company develops, manages and sells quality projects in different communities across the country. Sam Boraie stresses on the company’s long-term plan and according to its management, the projects that are complete mark the beginning of a transformation that will revitalize New Brunswick. In an active effort to intensify their project portfolio, the company has undertaken bold new campaigns, which has brought partnerships with celebrities like Shaq O’Neil among others.

Sam Boraie is the key leader in Boraie Development. He has steered the family business for years, and his focus is on locating new development opportunities. Omar Boraie founded the company over four decades ago when he moved to the United States, more info available on Bloomberg.



Jason Halpern: Developing Estates And Helping The Communities Around Them

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Taking the family company forward is Jason Halpern, real estate tycoon who is known for his luxury real estate ventures. Currently, Jason serves as the Managing Partner of JMH Development, a company which was started fifty years ago. The company is known for the various luxury properties across New York, especially in Westchester County. The company built numerous residential and commercial spaces, spanning over a million square feet.

Jason Halpern

Jason Halpern

When it comes to the business, Jason has tremendous foresight and expertise in the field of real estate. He has made numerous efforts to take JMH forward and continue on the Halpern family legacy. Today, under Jason’s leadership, JMH has progressed into a company fit to compete against the top real estate companies.


In 2014, Jason Halpern led the company to their newest venture, a luxury hotel with over two hundred rooms which is set to open in Miami, Florida. One thing that sets Jason apart is his love for old spaces. Numerous ventures of the company under Jason’s command have been for the restoration of historic buildings. The two hundred room hotel too is a recovery of a historic building. Jason’s aim is to revamp the entire building and establish a proper use of the important space.


JMH works under the principle of paying homage to the particular space while respecting the society and people where they undertake their real estate projects. All of Jason’s projects which he undertakes are always done in keeping in mind the community and how they would want the important space to be used. By doing this, Jason and JHM strongly integrate themselves into the community around which their properties are being built.

Daniel de la Vega, Aviv Siso, Laura Garcia, Louis Buckworth, Jason Halpern, & Thomas Juul-Hansen

Daniel de la Vega, Aviv Siso, Laura Garcia, Louis Buckworth, Jason Halpern, & Thomas Juul-Hansen

Jason believes in also giving back and helping the community where he develops his properties. Indulging his love for helping people, Jason partakes in numerous charities and fundraisers in the community. Since JMH undertook various projects in the Westchester County area, Jason decided to help the Joel A. Halpern Trauma Center by donating to them and helping develop the medical centre. With Jason’s help, the centre was able to upgrade themselves to a Level 1 Trauma Center. Currently, because of Jason’s help, the Trauma Center now can perform complex life-saving surgeries.


Jason took his love for helping people to the company and decided to get the business as a whole involved in helping the society. As of 2015, JMH collaborated with an NGO and donated large sums of money to fund projects to provide people with safe and clean drinking water in countries like Ethiopia and Nepal. Along with JMH, the non-governmental organisation aims to start up and develop projects to provide the locals in these countries with access to water.

Adam Milstein’s Recipe For Success

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Adam Milstein, an Israeli-born real estate investor, and philanthropist is no stranger to the real estate business. He was in service during the Yom Kippur War in 1973, as part of his mandatory military service. He emigrated to the US in 1981, graduated with an MBA from the University of Southern California, and began practicing as a commercial real estate sales agent in 1983. Together with his wife, Gila, he founded the Adam and Gila Milstein Family Foundation in 2000. He has an extensive list of accolades in charity work and community leadership.

One of his recent and renowned investments is the Hager Pacific Properties, a commercial real estate investment firm that manages over 100 properties throughout the USA. The investment company boasts of a commercial real estate portfolio of over $ 1 billion. Adam Milstein keen ability to predict and develop key real estates across the USA is partly to his childhood. His dad was a property developer which would explain why the industry sparked such an interest to the young man. Moreover, his vast experience running his father’s firm after graduation, and his personal experience as a commercial real estate sales agent have sharpened his ability to spot potential real estates.

Adam Milstein attributes his career success to persistence, taking risks, consistency, and conducting follow-ups. In an era where everyone is looking for a Get-rich-quick scheme, Adam Milstein offers that to succeed in life, one has to put in the hard work and focus on the big picture. He admittedly insists that family is important, and the key to any success. In a recent interview, he calls for the need for people to understand the problem and be part of the solution. He also debunks the idea of setting specific goals in real estate and points that they are limiting and that it takes some years to be able to make money in real estate.

In a speech to the Alpha Epsilon Pi, Milstein offers many insights to having a successful life. He points out that although most senior citizens assume they’ve attained success in education, relationships or financial freedom, one should never stop learning. Like most successful people in business, Adam insists that making loads of money shouldn’t be anybody’s ultimate goal, rather, one should be happy with whatever they’ve got.

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Fabletics Wins The Market With Quality, Style, And Value

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The online subscription retailer, Fabletics, is a hotspot for fashion lovers with a number of excellent quality and amazing style sportswear and accessories. The women’s wear fitness brand is founded by Kate Hudson, Adam Goldenberg, and Don Ressler in 2013. The subscription program helps the customers to get the products at great prices. Users have the option to get the customized products according to their tastes and preferences making it an easier place to get the preferred fitness outfits at the best-valued rates. The logic of Fabletics is simple, people like brands and the online retailer is mixing it with convenience and style. Hence, customers get something that is beyond their expectations.



Fabletics is using reverse showrooming strategy to give a warm shopping experience to its customers. Due to this, customers can walk into the physical store and experience things, check the details of it in online by browsing the website and then proceed with the shopping. It is also enabling more customers are being added into its subscription program called, VIP Member. While choosing the subscription program, each customer would be charged $49.95 per month, and they can purchase products from the retailer for the amount. The users would also get free goodies every month and products at a discounted rate of up to 30 percent. If the customer wants to skip the payment for a month, they would have an option for that as well. The users input their choices and preferences as soon as they chose the subscription and according to that Fabletics chooses the suitable outfits for them.



In the local Fabletics stores, mostly products that are getting mass appeal only be made available. Customers who wanted specific products can browse through the online store and choose their product. The retailer is working on three principles, lifestyle, customer experience, and consumer education. This means that the focus of the online retailer is looking for a personal relationship with its customers. Investing in physical stores, supported by the online store, every customer is getting the benefits of both type of stores, which is clearly customer focused.



The quality of each of product on the website is excellent, and it is always up to 40 percent less than the same quality material in the market. Be it leggings or tops; it is greatly fit to the body and perfect outfits for workouts. The leggings are thick but very comfortable and easy to use, whereas the tops are very soft and flexible to workouts. Outfits are available for various activities including yoga, running, and gym & workout. Each of the products is unique and stylish and will impress the customers. With solid colors, bold patterns, cut-outs, etc., the outfits are making a great sense of fashion experience.



Though it started as a women store and mostly selling ladies clothes and accessories, it also sells men’s wear, especially pants and shorts. The retailer is giving a unique experience to the customers with a different shopping experience with quality products. Due to this, the retailer is able to challenge all the online and offline retailers including Amazon. Its introduction of the new line of products every month is intended to make something for everyone.

End Citizens United Gets Rhythm In The Fight For Democracy

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The End Citizens United PAC is slowly getting the rhythm in its fights for the independence of the democracy. The group that is founded in 2015 to resist against the Citizens United v. F.E.C. Supreme Court verdict that recognized “corporations are people” and given options to spend unlimited in political campaigns and U.S. elections. It was considered to be a big setback for the values which country had inherited through the long years. It also gave authority to use the untraceable amount of money in American elections.

The real implication is that it creates a situation for super-rich people to buy the government to win their business interests and goals on It has proved many times that over-exposure of money in politics can damage the political system of the country in the long run. Many examples for this can be seen across the world, but there is no effective resistance is being formed against it. The purity of democracy and election is that it translates the needs and ambitions of the mass. But, if it being hijacked by some individual business interests on Facebook, it can create social and financial divisions in society, and that can become a block to the integration of the people.

In order to act against the verdict, the PAC has initiated a petition signing campaign to demand Congress to pass legislation to overcome the decision. Within months of the campaign, End Citizens United successfully gathered the sign of almost 325,000 people. The PAC also endorsed 11 Democratic candidates as they found to be supporting its noble initiative. End Citizens United has received 136,000 donations within four months, and the average of the contributions stands at $14.86. This amount shows that the grassroots are making the contribution while the message is reaching the grassroots level.

It should be noted that there is a ceiling of $5,000 for individual contributions and hence no major contributions would be reflecting in its list. The primary objective of the contributions on are not for the money but to educate people about the ill-effects of the verdict and to create a public opinion against it. Since the PAC is fighting against unlimited and untraceable money in the elections, it is looking to reflect the views in its contributions as well.

The campaign against Citizens United is also deemed by End Citizens United to prevent further worsening in election spending and intervention of business groups. It is always seen that when there is money power ruling the elections, it affects the transparency of the process. Crony capitalism is a major problem in many countries, and history teaches that it can create increased violence and escalated financial inequality. If the majority of the people feel that they are not being represented in the country, it is the death of the country.