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The Lung Institute Makes Remarkable Breakthrough In Application Of Stem Cell Therapy

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Stem cell technology has revolutionized medicine practice in the United States. This is a new medical technology that is gaining popularity in the treatment of terminal and chronic diseases. Stem cells are the building blocks of life and are vital to all organisms. These cells renew themselves and replicate to form any tissue in the entire body. What this means is that an adult stem cell from a certain organ can create tissues that can be used by another organ. This is what scientists have called plasticity.

Stem cell therapy has been mostly used by The Lung Institute to treat pulmonary conditions. One of the most common chronic lung ailments in the United Stated is the COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease. This is a disease that has affected over 24 million people in this nation. However, recent research posted on has shown remarkable success in the treatment of the disease using the stem cell therapy. The leading institute in the research towards the utilization of the stem cell therapy in the treatment of chronic lung ailments is the Lung Institute located in Tampa.

The Lung Institute has gained global recognition for their success in the application of the revolutionary and negligibly evasive stem cell therapies for lung ailments. They boast over a century of extensive medical experience. The Institute has doctors with an established patient experience designed with a high concern for patient safety as well as the quality of care. With world class facilities, they have been able to deploy stem cell transplants and utilized autologous stem cells as well as platelet-rich plasma to enhance the healing of damaged tissues. Autologous stem cell therapy is the use of stem cells that are derived from the bone marrow or the blood of the patient.

Lung Institute is known on Facebook for their recognition of the patient’s unique histories. This is why they provide specified treatments that are unique to their needs. This institute performs thorough scans on each of their clients, focuses intently on the medical history and their current conditions to recommend only the best treatment results possible. The Lung Institute is leading in the use of autologous stem cell therapy. This institute has in fact treated over 3,000 patients since it started operating three years ago.






Doe Deere And The Importance Of Having A Clear Understanding Of The Customer

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Doe Deere IdeaMeansch
Doe Deere is one of the most successful entrepreneurs in her industry. She is in the fashion and beauty industry, and she enjoys it a lot. One of the reasons she is able to enjoy it is because she takes the time to do what she wants. She provides the products she wants and she shows off the looks that she wants people to see. This brings about some kind of inspiration for individuality. However, there is some aspect of her business that helps her succeed as much as the other aspects of her business. She has a clear picture of her customers.


One of the reasons that having a clear view of her customers is important is that it allows her to develop a deep understanding of her customers that other businesses lack. For one thing, she is better able to understand the type of products her customers want. She is also able to predict the types of products that customers are going to go for. One thing that could be said for Doe Deere is that she is always looking for ways to move forward. Her business is never stagnant. Therefore, she is always progressing towards the next phase.


Doe Deere is someone that is always moving forward. At the same time, she does not try to force herself to move forward. She is someone that takes the time and allows herself to become inspired. She does have a few creative spurts. She waits until she has those spurts and she takes the time to write all of these ideas down so that she does not lose them.


Doe Deere’s company, Lime Crime is one of the most creative companies when it comes to make up. For one thing, people need to be able to feel good about themselves. With the right type of make up, they will be able to enjoy themselves better. Also, the types of products offered allow the customers to take a more artistic approach to the make up that they put on so that they could enjoy some better results. They will put together a look that they themselves like.

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Hair Clumping Solved By New Wen By Chaz Shampoo

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Hair clumping is one of the most difficult things for a woman to deal with when she washes her hair. Wen by Chaz entered the market years ago as a lovely new option for the lady who wishes to stop the clumping. Millions of women do not know the power of WEN hair by Chaz, and millions more have never felt their hair clump. This article shares the stories of women who must recover their hair’s natural strength.

#1: Wen By Chaz Is Strong

Wen by Chaz is a strong shampoo that is used to prevent hair follicles from falling out. Hair clumps when it is not strong enough to support itself, and the formula in Wen by Chaz prevents hair from becoming so brittle that is falls away.

#2: Wen By Chaz Is Economical

The economic qualities of a product are often extolled by their manufacturers, and Wen by Chaz Dean is not different. Their product is quite exciting in that the user may take a tiny bit to wash their hair. Users receive the same benefits no matter what length or thickness their hair, and users must ensure they are shampooing regularly. They cannot see proper results unless their hair is cleaned often.

#3: Hair Color Survives

Clumping hair is saved by Wen by Chaz, and the shampoo does the same for hair color. A user who has colored hair will see the dye used to color their hair last longer. Hair dye is expensive, and users cannot waste their dye by washing with a poor bottle of shampoo.

Bustle’s review of the shampoo is the beginning of a new age in shampoo. Users who have not seen Wen by Chaz before must now consider how appropriate the shampoo is for their clumped hair. Hair stays off clothing and on the user’s head.

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Ms. Martinez Luque and her Work as a Pop Artist

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Norka Luque was born and raised in Caracas, Venezuela. Coming from a family that had knowledge of other languages and cultures, Martinez always knew that she was destined to have music as her career. She discovered her talent at an early age and her parents encouraged her to pursue a career in music. They inspired her to join piano, ballet , flamenco and voice practice classes while at the same time pursuing her education.

Ms. Martinez graduated from high school and moved to France where she enrolled in a French college to study international business. Aside from this course, she also got the chance to learn French, a language that she desired to master from her childhood.

While a student, Norka Luque joined a band by the name Bad Moon Rising to keep in touch with her musical aspirations. During her time with this band, she acquired skills that have helped shape her career as a solo artist. She graduated successfully and moved to Monaco in search of a job.

According to her profile, she landed a job in the banking sector of Monaco, but she did not do the job for long. It was at this point that Martinez decided to venture into singing. She moved to the United States and settled in Miami.

Norka Luque owes her career to the legendary music producer Emilio Estefan. Mr. Estefan signed her to his record label in 2008, after he heard samples of her work.

“As you Do It,” which was her first single won her various awards and nominations at the 2011 Premios Lo Nuestro Awards. In 2012, she treated her fans to yet another sensational hit dubbed “Milagro.” The song that was a blend of reggae, pop, rock and roll was written by the internationally acclaimed songwriter Archie Pena. “Milagro” was produced in different versions including urban remix, dance, and salsa version. The dance version of the song did very well in music charts in Venezuela and the United States.

Norka Luque’s third single “Tomorrowland,” was also received well by her fans. The original version of this track can be found on all digital music channels. She is planning to end the year in style with the re-launch of this amazing tune.

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How EOS Out staged Chapstick

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Lip balm maker EOS is the classic rags to riches story and has grown from a small startup to one of the major players in the industry. How they have done so is remarkable and provides information and a guide on how other young start ups can emerge in the market.

EOS’s co-founders started their business after having careers in some major companies, notably Pepsi and Unilever. When they were looking to form a company they looked to a market that provided opportunity for quick expansion and growth. The lip balm market seemed ripe for the taking as the industry had little in the way of innovation with the products being sold resembling those that were sold a century earlier. In addition, the major brands in the industry such as Chapstick and Blistex were competing mainly by lowering the price for their products rather than trying to satisfy customer demand.

EOS lip balm co-founders realized that the major buyers of lip balm were women and decided to craft a product that appealed to them. Instead of the medicinal flavors that dominated the industry, they made flavors that were mainly fruit based which appealed to consumers more. Examples were honeydew and berry blends. They then redesigned an applicator from the standard industry tube to one that was unique and stood out but retained the clean applicator vehicle. The EOS tube is an orb and very sanitary to use, but retains a unique quality to it.

The first buyer of EOS was Walgreens who stocked their shelves with the product. Then Target brought EOS on their shelves and the product began to explode in popularity. Now, EOS is available on the websites of a variety of different stores like Lucky Vitamin and ULTA – and is an industry leader. Sometimes, apparently, listening to your customers can really lead the way for an emerging business.

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All The Fame And Fabletics

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Kate Hudson is a very well-known actress, and she is also a success entrepreneur. Kate Hudson is popular not only because her mother is Goldie Hawn, but also because of the fact that she is a wonderful actress on Pinterest. Kate Hudson is a woman that truly believes in fitness, and that was the reason behind building her Fabletics brand.

When an individual is a movie star and they decided to build their own business, they come under the microscope. Fabletics just celebrated their third year anniversary, and they had received an annual revenue of $250 million. Kate Hudson has felt a lot of tension around being a celebrity and an business owner at the same time. Celebrity business owners really have to make sure that they are on top of everything. Fabletics has 400 employees and they are a very big customer service company. The more that a company grows, it can be more difficult to keep things in order. Since Hudson is a celebrity, she has to do her best to be on top of everything, so that her name and her business does not get tarnished by negative customers or employees.

Read more: Fabletics – Wikipedia

Fabletics has grown much in the three short years that it was founded. At the beginning, it was a company that was made to be all inclusive on Twitter. Fabletics wanted to be able to be versatile and provide something for everyone. That is still a concept that Fabletics holds dear, and this year they are going into extended sizes. Fabletics wants to make sure that they offer cute clothes for plus size women.

Hudson also is a team player. She truly believes that it is the team in a company that keeps things running smoothly. Hudson relies on her team, and she realizes that her company can only be as strong as the team is together. Hudson believes that she has had highs and lows when it comes to being an entrepreneur. When Fabletics was first started, she crossed her fingers and hoped for the best. Now she is the president of a multibillion dollar company.

Even though being an owner of clothing line and a celebrity at the same time can be stressful, Hudson has found a way to put things in perspective and maintain balance. Hudson believes that owning a business was a worthwhile venture, and she promises that Fabletics will continue to give their clients what they want.


Entrepreneur Mike Baur Is A Business Guru

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There are thousands of successful business men and women throughout the world. Many of these individuals never make local notoriety, let alone global fame. However, one man has done just these things with his innovative business ideas and dealings. This man is Mike Baur.


Before beginning his career, Mike attended college and majored in finance. He earned his MBA at the University of Rochester, New York. He then earned an Executive MBA at the University of Berne. After his education, Mike spent the next twenty years learning all he could about the Swiss banking industry. He started as an apprentice and worked his way up to being a board member at one of the most prominent Swiss banks.


Mike Baur left the banking industry a few years ago. He decided to branch out from the banking industry as an entrepreneur. In 2014, he co-founded the Swiss StartUp Factory. He is currently the managing partner and executive chairman for the company. In these roles, he is responsible for fundraising and financing.


The Swiss StartUp Factory is an entrepreneur’s dream come true. The Swiss StartUp Factory helps entrepreneur’s secure the resources needed to start their own companies. Potential businessmen, and women, can apply to the company to be included in the startup program.


New companies have an immense amount of resources available to them through the start up program. This program lasts for three months and provides many invaluable tools to start a successful business. These tools include financing, coaching, mentoring, and many other services. Participants to the program can also utilize the availability of office space, investors, and access to a large network of other businessmen.


Mike Baur,and The Swiss StartUp Factory, have helped many businesses get up and running since its inception in 2014. Some of the businesses they have worked with have included; Fitoffice, Bloomstar, Hello Vegan, and Diabird. Cadelis, beasconsmind,, and are also businesses that have utilized the tools available with Baur and his company.


The company is also currently helping additional startup companies get off the ground. These companies vary in their services and products provided. Some of the newest companies to peruse the program are Freelings, AVANEO, UPTILE, taskbase, and upScale.


Mike Baur is not only a successful businessman, he is also a business guru. This is evident in the relatively early success of The Swiss StartUp Factory. It is also evident in the success of the businesses they have helped.


Mortage Issues? See How Dallas is Changing The Game

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With a poor economy and lack of jobs, getting a mortgage is probably the last thing on most people’s mind. A new presidency will be starting in a few months, but the country still hasn’t regained it’s once economic power in the world. If trying to receive an affordable mortgage, now might not be the best of times since the nation is still slumping through this somewhat depression, but the City of Dallas has a ambitious plan over the next five years that could change the lives for many of it’s low income residences.

The Affordable Housing Loan Program is designed to help lower income families that live in specific Southern Dallas zip codes with the chance of owning their own home. Of course this is by mortgage coverage and not free cash, this program is expected to change the city’s landscape for the better. NexBank will handle a heavy daunting task of providing $50 Million in support by loans. This might sound a bit crazy, but there is a method to the madness. NexBank will be partnering with the prominent home builder Habitat For Humanity and non-profit mortgage provider Dallas Neighborhood Homes. This three way team may have individual jobs, but these organizations work together as a unit for achieving a end goal. This is expertise, knowledge, skill, and experience at it’s best and no other three way team could achieve what this unit is about to do.

Having a five year time frame of operation, the Affordable Housing Loan Program is looking to secure over 100 loans or more per year. The idea is challenging, but it’s also might possible to achieve. With NexBank funding the operation, the City of Dallas’s lower income families should give this trio a standing ovation for providing them with a happy, higher quality lifestyle.

Devco the Financier, Not the Borrower

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Founded in the 1970s by then CEO of Johnson and Johnson Richard B. Sellars, New Brunswick Development Company (Devco) is a private development company with tax-exempt status. Operating as a non-profit real estate redevelopment company, Devco has been a significant part of the New Jersey area since the mid-1970s and has continued to improve the quality of life through their design and contraction of multi-use properties.

Devco has redeveloped many well-noted projects that range from student housing for Rutgers University to government buildings for the state of New Jersey. From the time world-renowned architect I.M. Pei designed their first building to current projects, Devco has been a major player in the New Jersey real estate market.

In an article published in the Press of Atlantic City (, non-profit redevelopment corporations, who are funded with public and private money, are having a tough time repaying loans. The property at the center of the issue is the Heldrich hotel, which was developed by Devco. The Casino Reinvestment Development Authority made the loan to Middlesex County Improvement Authority in 2005 to jump-start the hotel’s development construction. The $20 million loan was supposed to be paid back using revenue from Heldrich, but due in-large part to the 2007 economic downtown, the hotel struggled to attract guests. Fast-forward to 2016 and the hotel continues to have a hard time recovering from the recession. At the core of the issue is whether state finances should be used as loans fund uncertain redevelopment projects in New Brunswick.


Bruce Levenson and the Lawsuit

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Basketball fans, especially those who live in Atlanta or the surrounding area, may have heard about the former Atlanta Hawks owner Bruce Levenson suing New Hampshire Insurance Company (also known as AIG) for a breach of contract involving the settlement of claims made by former manager Danny Ferry. What was the underlying cause of this lawsuit?
Bruce Levenson, an American businessman, founder of UCG and philanthropist, owned the Atlanta Hawks basketball team from 2004 to 2014. in 2012, he hired Danny Ferry as the general manager and president of basketball operations.

According to, “Ferry and Hawks ownership reached an undisclosed buyout agreement on June 22, 2015 ending the relationship that began with a six-year, $18 million contract in 2012. The approval of the sale of the franchise to the (Tony) Ressler-led group came two days later.”

The article also stated that the lawsuit was “filed in the Superior Court of Fulton County on Sept. 13 against the insurance company also described as AIG, is a civil action for breach of contract and insurance bad faith.”

So what does all this mean? Those who are not familiar with this issue will not understand the cause of the lawsuit and what exactly it was about.

Did the lawsuit ever come to a settlement?

An article of Forbes mentioned that Mr. Levenson oversold the Hawks by 27%. He hired “Goldman Sachs and Inner Circle Sports to sell the Hawks and the operating rights to Philips Arena.” Would Levenson make a big profit by overselling the Hawks basketball team?