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Protection and Support from the Top SEC Whistleblower Attorney

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Whistleblowers come from every area, every socioeconomic level, and have vary in age, race, and gender. However, they have one thing in common, they all known for a security violation that should be reported to the SEC and they are thus enabled to the protection that is granted to SEC whistleblowers. IT can be very threatening to come forward with information that an employer may prefer to keep buried, therefore laws have been enacted to help those who are willing to speak out about things that they see happening. The SEC Whistleblower Advocate is here to make sure that the laws are followed and anyone needing protection receives it.

Congress passed the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act in 2010 and one large part of it was a whistleblower program that offers financial incentives and protection to those who report any alleged violations to the SEC. The program is designed to ensure that businesses stay within the federal securities laws and as a checks and balances to big business which may attempt to skirt the laws when it is to their benefit. The financial incentives encourage employees to speak up and the protection ensures that they are not punished for doing so.

SEC whistleblower attorney Labaton Sucharow was the very first law firm in the nation to create a practice that advocates for any whistleblower that needs the protection offered to them by the laws. The firm already had a securities litigation platform but now they also have a Whistleblower Representation practice that is very effective at helping clients gather the info they need to make an effective claim under the full protection of the law.

Labaton Sucharow leads the law firm with experience as the former Assistant Chief Litigation Counsel for the SEC Division of Enforcement at the SEC. He also was a former Assistant Director within the SEC. While there he helped draft the rules that govern the Whistleblower Program and that makes him the best person to defend the rights of someone who plans to utilize it. To get a case evaluation simply call or head online to the Labaton Sucharow website to make contact with the SEO Whistleblower Representation Team. All consultations are free and confidential therefore anyone with concerns should call.

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Brian Bonar Scoops the Highest Honor

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Leadership is about change and innovation, which are geared towards accomplishments. This has been the spirit of Brian Bonar who since he dived into the business sector has not relented in making changes. He has been labeled as a successful finance executive who goes for nothing but the best.

Brian Bonar has a background in technological systems and has worked to innovate ways of making the finance sector easier and profitable. Over the years, he has acquired great skills in acquisitions and mergers, taking a creative and unique plus genius approach. Read more: Brian Bonar’s Pics, Phone, Email, Address, Public Records

The Highest Honor

According to XERepublic, For more than 30 years, Brian has been in business making impact. He has been the overall executive for Dalrada Financial Corporation serving as the chairman and chief executive officer for over 10 years.

Through his unique leadership, he has been picked among many other executives as the Executive of the year in finance in the Cambridge Who is Who category. He is now even motivated the more to continue generating solutions in the finance world to enhance businesses and promote employee satisfaction at all times. Learn more about Brian Bonar:

The different positions enable him to be responsible in selecting employees. He is also in charge of employee programs meant to improve the efficiency at the work place. Due to his innovation and exceptional leadership, Brian Bonar has been picked to be crowned with one of the highest title.

The highest honor for the Professional Networking Community is awarded to individuals depending on their academic credentials plus the ability to come up with innovative ideas. This is a sure proof, that Brian is able to deliver the right results at all times.

Dalrada Financial Corporation

The company works as a marketing liaison. It, therefore, offers a wide range of employee programs including financial management, risk management insurance. The services are meant to enhance employee compensation and liability of workers. It is a respected company offering comprehensive services to PEO businesses.

Brian Bonar Background

Over the years, Brian Bonar has also served as the chairman and CEO of different companies including Smart-Tek Automated Services Inc. In Allegiant of Professional Business Service Inc. Brian has served as the President. He is also affiliated to America Finance Association.

Previously, he worked for IBM as a procurement manager. He later moved on to become the Director of Engineering for QMS. Brian also worked as the Sales Manager of Adaptec. The many of years of experience finally gave him the required skills to run his own company. Brian started a company called Bezier Systems.

He studied in James Watt Technical College taking a Bachelor Degree in Technical Engineering. Later, he proceeded with his education in Stafford University and attained a Master Degree level in Mechanical Engineering. When he is free, Brian loves golfing, spending time with the family plus taking boating trips.

IAP Worldwide Services and Their New Business Acquisitions

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IAP Worldwide Services has distinguished themselves in their field because they have the ability to “make the impossible possible.” They engage in logistics from a global scale and they are ready at a moment’s notice whether it is overseas battlefields or natural disasters. They are the experts at managing different areas and in having the utmost efficiency per

Because they possess the utmost in mission and goals, they will not rest until they deliver the results their clients need. That is one of the main reasons why they are proud to announce that last year they acquired two business units from DRS Technologies. This acquisition will help expand their worldwide market and they will be engineered into a new company called Aviation and Engineering solutions.

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“The addition of these aviation, communication and networking technologies businesses from DRS are a natural fit for IAP, expanding our portfolio of services and solutions to U.S. and international government agencies and organizations,” said Doug Kitani, CEO of IAP Worldwide Services, Inc.

The main purpose of the acquisition of this company for IAP Worldwide Services would be to continue to establish a growth model. The IAP Worldwide Services aim to do this through an organic growth program with a focus on customer-focused discipline and lean operations. They also want to place an emphasis on the acquisition and integration of new that complement their main objectives. They are constantly on the lookout for partnering with new companies in order to help them continue to be the world leader in worldwide logistical services.

IAP has been a leading international services company for over 60 years now, and they will go the extra mile in providing a broad spectrum of services for international and United States companies. They provide seasoned program management and can provide a host of innovations and solutions in order to meet all of the needs of their clientele. They have corporate locations in Cape Canaveral, FL and provide services at 100 locations in over 20 different countries. They have proven to be an asset to many different types of organizations, and with their new acquisition they will continue to set themselves apart from the rest of the pack.

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Bernardo Chua Implements a New Program

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The successful businessman and chief executive officer Bernardo Chua implemented a rewards program in order to motivate his independent distributors and improve the shopping experience of his costumers. The program will be applicable in the United States, Canada, and Mexico. The rewards program will provide to clients with special deals in regards to Organo Gold’s products and services. Those that register will also receive prioritized costumer services, which will be available at all times. Services that deal with support systems will also be offered, which deal with hotlines and service departments.

Current and new costumers, as well as representatives, can register for the program at Organo Gold’s official site. People that register will also have to become a member of the monthly auto-ship program. The auto-ship program is mandatory in order to join the Preferred Customer rewards system. Those who register will receive a 25 percent discount on orders; the discount is applicable on all orders. According to Chua, customers will save money in the long term and may also earn money back due to bonuses. Distributors may see an increase in sells.

Organo Gold sells coffees and teas that contain ganoderma. Ganoderma is a species of mushroom that is prominent throughout Asia. Because of its antioxidant effects, ganoderma has been used in many Asian countries for centuries. People conventionally used it in holistic medicine in order to promote health. However, Chua discovered that ganoderma can also be added in products like teas, coffees, and sweets. Organo Gold continues to expand in terms of what products it offers. The company also sells supplements and beauty products.

Chua, also known as Bernie, was born in the Philippines. There he started as an executive with Gano Excel, and in less than five years, he helped the business expand to China, the United States, and Canada. Later, he moved to California and then became president of the company. In 2008, he founded Gano Excel with the intention of being able to introduce ganoderma to the Western world. Within less than six years and starting with less than ten employees, Chua was able to grow the business tremendously. And currently, Organo Gold operates in more than 35 countries, and it is one of the biggest multi-level marketing companies in the world.

Chua, especially since he is of Chinese background, has always been exposed to the benefits of ganoderma, which is why he wanted to introduce it to the rest of the world. He personally works with researchers in order to be able to provide the best quality products with ganoderma at a reasonable price. He also funds research for this fungus. Organo Gold has been recognized as the best multi-level marketing business in the world in regards to supplements. Last year, Chua received a Dangal ng Bayan Award.

Saving Reputations and Winning Awards

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If there is one thing that could be said about Darius Fisher, it is that he saves lives in many ways. Online reputation crises can cause a lot of damage to an individual. For one thing, a business owner can lose a lot of sales because of a scandal. However, things could get even more dangerous. Information about an individual could be leaked which is very personal. This could include where he lives or bank information. As a result, the person is at risk for harm. Fortunately, Darius Fisher founded Status Labs in order to provide the needed services to each individual undergoing a crisis.

Darius Fisher has put together such an innovative and helpful company that he has been named Business Development Professional of the Year. The reason is that Darius Fisher helps others succeed in their goals. He also gives people a chance who have experienced success but was faced with hits to their reputation. He works with each individual to assess the specific nature of their problem. Afterwards, they come up with a plan for the client to get his reputation back on track. This involves a combination of SEO, PR, social media posting and a change of behavior on the part of the client depending on the nature of the problem.

Darius Fisher also handles problems such as sensitive images being leaked. One of the ways that Darius Fisher handles it is by asking to website to remove that image. Once the image or piece of information is removed, then the individual can move on with his life without looking over his shoulder. Darius Fisher is a professional that is all about giving people second chances. He himself has experienced a crisis that he recovered from. This has gained him a lot of trust with his clients.

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Doe Deere’s Color Enthusiasm

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Doe Deere is a prominent figure on the widely known social networking website Instagram. People who follow her on Instagram routinely see photographs of her radiant visage. She applies makeup that’s chock-full of bright color. It’s no surprise that she does this, either. Deere is the popular CEO (Chief Executive Officer) of the Los Angeles, California makeup brand that’s known as “Lime Crime.”

Deere’s childhood encouraged her to set up her own cosmetic company. This is because she’s always had a strong passion for the arts. Color was also a source of fascination for her. When Deere was a youngster, pencils and paints were staples for her. She always did whatever she could to look colorful. She wore colorful apparel and accessories. She borrowed colorful makeup products from her mother as well. Deere has stated that she finds it tough to believe that color is actually her career right now. She said that she finds it amazing that she’s actually permitted to have a career that’s so enjoyable to her.

It wasn’t difficult for Deere to come up with her company’s name. She actually first had the idea in 2004. That was when she established a shop on eBay. The words “Lime Crime” simply appeared in her brain as she was thinking about what to call her store. Since Lime Crime wasn’t yet taken, she signed the name up. Deere loved it instantly. The name reminded her of bright green, her preferred color. She appreciated the fact that the name rhymed as well. She believes now that the name Lime Crime symbolizes the revolution of colors. She also believes that it symbolizes fearlessness. People who don’t worry about color norms are Lime Crime’s targeted audience. The same goes for people who aren’t exactly interested in abiding by social guidelines. Deere has said that Lime Crime motivates people to play with colors. She also has said that it motivates people to have a little fun in life.

Doe Deere was born named Xenia Vorotova. Russia was her place of birth. She relocated to the United States as a child. That’s why she was reared in New York, New York. Deere introduced the wonders of Lime Crime to the planet in 2008. She felt compelled to do this out of frustration. Deere couldn’t locate cosmetics that had the vibrant colors necessary to suit the apparel she was making. Lime Crime released “Unicorn Lipsticks” a year after starting. These lipsticks featured colors that were striking and eye-catching. They looked nothing like the other lip colors that were readily available at the time. Lime Crime is a brand that genuinely cares about animal welfare and safety. That’s why it exclusively manufactures cruelty-free products. The company’s products have been devoid of cruelty since 2008. Lime Crime currently makes products that are strictly vegan as well.

Doe Deere is a makeup aficionado who is active on various social media sites. People can learn more about this famed cosmetics expert by following her on Twitter, Facebook and the aforementioned Instagram.

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White Shark Media is a Company that Promotes Modern Marketing Services

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White Shark Media is the name of an advertising company that provides online marketing services for businesses and individuals. This organization has been around since 2011 providing marketing solutions for small and medium sized businesses. The services that White Shark Media provides is beneficial to the growth and profitability of a business.

White Shark Media Services

The services that White Shark Media provides are designed to enhance a business’s digital presence. This is the focus of White Shark Media’s overall effort. The company specializes in creating cost-effective search marketing campaigns that are easy to set up and practical to perform.

White Shark Media uses the best digital marketing practices in the field of online advertising. AdWords Search, Display Advertising, Google Analytics and Bing Ads are just a few of the many different outlets that this company uses at its disposal.

When a client decides to use White Shark Media to sponsor an ad campaign they will be informed about the campaign once it has been created. The representatives of White Shark Media will be there to inform them about the effectiveness of their overall strategy from the first day. This company will use emails and contact information to communicate with clients.

Scheduled monthly calls and meetings will be set up with a client’s services so that they will always know what is going on with their campaign. This organization will make it a point to keep to keep people informed about what is happening.  Learn more about White Shark Media Review: and

The Benefits of White Shark Media

Another added benefit includes the use of search engine marketing being teamed up with a supervisor to bring about the best results for each campaign. This means that each client will receive the best services possible.

Clients will also be able to track their AdWords campaigns either by company updates or by viewing the campaign through online means such as conversion or call tracking software.

The point is that a company that does business with White Shark Media will not have to worry about what is happening with the overall effectiveness of their marketing strategy.

White Shark Media ensures that businesses are getting the best marketing services for their money. They want to ensure that their clients are satisfied with their marketing and advertising campaign. They also want a company to have the best ads possible for their brand and their overall effectiveness in the market.

Meet Doe Deere

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Meet Doe Deere, a famous doll maker and star of Instagram! She has just made the news once again! Apparently, this time it is not for the better…..

In her recent Insta-Doll Scandal explanatory article, it appears that both Ms. Doe Deere and Joshua David McKenney tell their story. You may find photos of both of them throughout this wonderfully creative and inspiring article. You may also find them holding dolls in their photos, look-alike work of their representation.

Mr. McKenney and Ms. Doe are both blue-haired, and have many unique similarities to one another….thus prompting them to work together and even be seen together promoting the same work!

A bit more background on Doe? Who is this amazingly inspiring, awe striking, and recognized, relatable person? She is none other than….the one and only…Doe Deere!

Doe Deere is founder and Corporate Executive Officer (or CEO) of a company known as “Lime Crime Makeup”. Of course, she works with beauty and makeup. The name is implied in the lifestyle with which she is so heavily involved.

Doe Deere’s Instagram account has over three hundred thousand followers to it. In it, she is seen posing along her custom made life representation model dolls….which appear to have caught the eye of the late Prince. Her Lime Crime colors match in the photos to her personal appearance, as is noted in the article.

It appears that Joshua David McKinney is her doll making friend, and this Instagram photo in particular was apparently shot to give him recognition and exposure. He is seen posing along side Ms. Deere in the photo. There is no doubt that both McKinney and Deere have a lot in common in terms of fashion and tastes, creative gifts and intuition, and even matching hair color!

These two creative geniuses appear to make a great team, and an unstoppable one….to say but the very least! It always seems that when any two people anywhere—who are both filled with a passion for the extra ordinary—come together and do something wonderful, it is bound to be nothing short of a success.

But please, don’t take my word alone for it.  More great articles on the related topic are to be found there as well.

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Ancient Hebrew Mysticism For Modern Living

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Unbeknownst to many people today, there is a “secret” mystical tradition in Judaism. Kabbalah, which derives its named from the Hebrew word meaning “To Receive”, named for the method in which it was received orally from generation unto generation.

Kabbalah first reached a widespread audience with the publication of “The Zohar” a 13th-century collection of writings released by Jewish writer Moses de Leon in Spain. The Zohar contained esoteric collections of interpretations and commentaries on Old Testament books.

Another Kabbalistic practice includes the “Literal Kabbalah” or “Gematria”. This practice includes taking original Hebrew words or phrases from biblical texts and calculating their numerical equivalencies, then replacing those words or phrases with other with an equal number in order to find additional ways of unlocking hidden meanings from scriptures. Kabbalah also has a system of creating magical talismans and amulets using Hebrew words and imagery.

But perhaps the most famous aspect of Kabbalah is what is known as the “Tree of Life”. This is a pictorial glyph of ten circles, called Sephiroth or emanations, connected twenty-two pathways. Kabbalists view this diagram as a sort of “roadmap” of creation. It is believed that by studying and meditating upon the symbols and meanings and their relationship with each other and their physical world counterparts, that it is possible to achieve a greater understanding of man’s place in the universe and our relationship with God.

While at one time Kabbalah was secret and spoken of only in hushed tones, this is no longer the case. Since many of the previously secret teachings have been published and made widely available, there has been a great resurgence of interest in the system. Fortunately, it is quite easy to find books, study groups, and classes to learn this complex mystical system. One of these is Kabbalah Centre International.

Founded in 1984, The Kabbalah Centre is a non-profit organization dedicated to teaching the Zohar and Kabbalistic practices. With centers in several of the United States, and international locations across South America, Europe, and Israel, it is easy to locate a place to further your studies. For those without a local center, The Kabbalah Centre publishes a wide variety of books, DVDs & CDs, and even online courses and mobile apps.

For more information on The Kabbalah Centre and their locations, publications, and course offerings visit:

Using Wen: Shocking Results

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Do you have problematic or time consuming hair? Does it feel like you’ve tried every product on the market? Well, you’ve likely haven’t tried the WEN Hair cleansing conditioner. This is no normal hair product- it’s an all in one formula that washes, conditions and contains a styling treatment in one little bottle. What is not to love? Wen was created by a man named Chaz Dean, who hoped to help all people in need of a little styling ease. He is a well known hair professional in Hollywood and is trusted among many A-List celebrities. The Wen cleansing conditioner has been a buzzed about product for quite some time. He sells this line on Amazon.

One woman heard all the buzz on Sephora about Wen and decided to experiment it by trailing the product for a total of one week. She decided it would be a great try for her normally thin, hard to style hair. Her hopes were to result in easier to style and fuller hair. In just the first wash, she notices a fuller feeling and softer hair. By mid week, she was receiving compliments from friends and family. By the end of the experiment she had bouncy, fuller and shinier hair than ever. Overall, in a short amount of time, Wen hair transformed her hair into the hair she had always hoped for. This was only one week, so just imagine her results as she continues her journey with Wen.

To see the amazing transformation, be sure to check out this site:

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