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The Fashion of Athleisure Fabletics

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Fabletics is a cutting edge, state-of-the-art athletic and accessory line. It is a one of a kind brand that is designed to bring customers high fashion clothing within a affordable budget. Fabletics is co-founded by the famous Kate Hudson. The beauty of Fabletics is it’s convenience. Users can simply subscribe online or on their mobile device. New VIP members on Facebook can receive their first outfit for Just $25 with free shipping!

Fabletics provides High fashion apparel for men and women. Spring is in the air and it’s a perfect time for Athleisure Fabletics. Fabletics has a very stylish athletic leisure line. It’s ideal for spring time and summer weather. Only Fabletics has the perfect combination athletic leisure which allows customers to feel comfortable rather you’re in the gym or doing yoga at home. Fabletics has just issued their swimsuit collection just in time for summer. Fabletics has new outfits every month.

With Fabletic’s convenience of shopping online, customers can always buy the hottest trend in athletic leisure fashion. Fabletics is just a few keys strokes away and that’s what makes this so innovative and easy to use. 
Fabletics has a very effective filter.

It’s really simple. You first come to site and you choose your sex. Secondly, you pick the purpose of your outfit. You can choose from a category of running, yoga, outdoors sports, or cycling. Fabletics also allows you to choose your body type or “shape”. This outfit filter almost works as a personal detailer. Fabletics has outfits for the slim, curvy, and shapely women which makes shopping in your size very effective and easy. Finally, you get to choose the fabrics you like. From there, all you need to do is subscribe. There’s no pressure as you can cancel at anytime. However, with the money you save from buying outfits instead of just a article of clothing, you will see this as a sweet deal.

Yeonmi Park Strikes Out Against North Korea

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There are many great evils in the world today but none seem to be able to hold a candle to the systematic, country wide oppressive that has been going on in North Korea. For several decades now North Korea has trended toward destabilization of the entire region with threats of global war, a failing economy, and a country full of oppressed citizens. Very rarely do you see people make it out of North Korea in order to speak out against the ills of their government, but they do make it. That is why the story of Yeonmi Park is so important. Yeonmi Park opened up about her new book and her terrifying journey out of North Korea, as reported by
If you were to ever lay your eyes on Yeonmi Park then the odds are good that you would believe her to be an intrinsically small and weak person. She has doll like eyes, porcelain skin, and the speech pattern that always requires a comment of, “Could you speak up just a little?” Yet for all of these soft and delicate features, Park is a hardened survivor of horrors that most people can’t even begin to comprehend.

Yeonmi and her mother had fled North Korea back in 2007 after the father of the family was thrown into a labor camp and charged with smuggling. By smuggling this meant that he was selling products to people outside of North Korea, desperate to make enough money to feed his family. Without their father in play Yeonmi and her mother were incapable of staying fed, much less staying safe. So they took up with a human trafficker from China and began their journey across the Yalu River and to what they assumed would be safety. This was not the case.

Instead Yeonmi and her mother were betrayed and sold into human trafficking. For the next couple of years the two would be forced to demean themselves at the most basic of level just to stay alive. Now Park is Public Enemy #1 of Pyongyang and she is one of the loudest voices in the world of human rights.

Looking Into Coriant

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It is always important to remember that as long as technology has existed, there has always been a change in how it functions and its ability to adapt as time goes on. Coriant is a telecommunications business that is very much aware of how this works.

Coriant is the name of a company in the telecom industry that was first founded in 2013, when it was originally a part of the Nokia Siemens Networks business, which in turn was being owned by Marlin Equity Partners. By the late spring of 2013, the company announced its independence and would be running as its own entity.

The man in charge of keeping Coriant in the news is CEO Shaygan Kheradpir. Kheradpir was recently appointed to be the CEO of the company after he spent much of his time working alongside many of the vendors that operated closely with the company. With him operating as the CEO now, he replaces former CEO Pat DiPietro, who is now serving as the company’s vice chairman. As for Kheradpir, he got his start living in Iran for most of his youth, after being born in London but then choosing to start his college career at Cornell University. There, he attained his bachelors, masters and doctorate degrees all in the field of electrical engineering.

Upon completing his college studies, Shaygan Kheradpir then took on his first job at GTE Laboratories, working as a network and routing manager there. He became so good at his job that his employers decided to name him the chief information officer (CIO) of the company. In the year 2000, GTE had formed a merger with Bell Atlantic and the new company now became Verizon. While at Verizon, Kheradpir still served as the CIO and his main responsibility was forming small teams at the company that would be tasked with developing new ideas to market and build on that technology.  Over the course of his tenure, he was able to reduce the number of information technology staff and the budget as well, and even managed to cut down on spending down by negotiating with company vendors.

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Luxury Real Estate Market is Cooling Down

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A report by real estate agency Douglas Elliman that was prepared by an appraisal firm, Miller Samuel, identified that the real estate market in New York City is heading in three different directions at the same time.

One segment, the luxury market which represents the top ten percent of all sales in price has slowed down with only an 8% increase in sales and a decrease in properties that were put onto the market is broken down into two components; the new development market and the resale market. While the overall numbers in the luxury market still sound impressive these luxury sales were impacted by apartments in new construction, which typically have an higher price tag being included in the figure. New units are currently being marketed now than in the past in this segment and the current sales represent contracts signed a year ago. One analyst indicated that buyers are becoming more hesitant with the higher prices and are looking for deals on units instead. Many sellers are turning to local luxury real estate firms like Town Residential Real Estate to help place their apartments. Town Residential has recommended that they anticipate further downward pressure on sellers and long times for transactions to get finalized in this segment going forward.

Town Residential real estate is one of the premier real estate firms in the New York City market. They have a specialty in the luxury real estate segment and have a long history of providing clients with the ability to quickly sell their homes with the proper pricing and research that they provide to them regarding market conditions.

The final segment discussed in the article is that for resold units which represent 75% or more of the transactions in NYC. The market for these cheaper units are selling fast and this is driven primarily by demand for these units as well as the affordability of these units which average less than a million.

How Yeonmi Park Turned Tragedy Into A Victory

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Yeonmi Parks is a young lady with a story to tell on The Reason, and tell it she does. It is a story of courage and bravery to find a new life where she can live free fronm fear and hunger. She comes from a family that was once affluent in the North Korean government. Misfortune befell them and they found themselves under the threat of death and starvation.

Yeonmi’s father was imprisoned and her mother lost her position and her income. She saw a family member shot and killed and decided it was time to leave. The choice alone was difficult, but then she and her mother had to sneak over the border through rough terrain with no food or shelter. Yeonmi was raped as was her mother.

Even after successfully leaving North Korea many doubted her story. The government launched a full campaign on the NK to discredit her. Yeonmi Park stuck to her story and has now written a book about this time in her life.

The Amazon released book titled’ “In Order To Live” depicts not just Yeonmi Park’s story and the memories she will never be able to erase, but also the conditions that others must still endure in North Korea. She speaks of how the country’s dictator had her (and still others) believing that he could read their minds.

The book also goes into detail about her journey to freedom’ This includes the time when the person who she and her mother trusted to get them out of North Korea sold them into the sex slave trade. There she continues to explain the torture, both psychological and physical they both had to endure.

She finally reached South Korea a little less worn for the wear. She has continued to keep her head up and be proud of her journey and where she is headed in the future.

Her hope is that her story can help shed light on the conditions that others must suffer from. Take it or leave it, it is the story of Yeonmi Park.



Using Get Your Wiki For Your Business or Cause

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Wikipedia has long been used as a major source of information by many people. You can find information on a large number of people, organizations, locations, technologies, and virtually anything that you can imagine. Wikipedia is also created and edited by a wide variety of people. In fact, Wikipedia pages can be designed by anybody. You can make a Wikipedia page of your own, and this can be used for any sort of purpose. Wikipedia business page creation can be used to promote a business. Of course, it can only be used as a means of providing information about a business. It cannot appear to be an advertisement. However, Wikipedia pages can also be used to talk about a cause. 

Wikipedia has been used for a number of very important causes. For instance, one woman will create a Wiki page to combat sexism every time an instance of it occurs to her. From a very early age, Emily Templewood has used Wikipedia to create pages for successful women in the sciences. Whenever she gets any sort of harassing comment from internet “trolls”, she will create a Wikipedia page that is aimed at telling others about successful women in the sciences. This is an effort to combat the issue of gender discrimination in modern day society. Currently, she is planning to go into the sciences herself. She is a biology student at a well known university, Loyola University. This is a very ambitious plan, and in the future, she hopes to be one of the many women in the sciences. She feels that the sexist culture that exist today stifles women’s ability to achieve success. However, she strongly feels that what she is doing is helping women to be able to purse their dreams. She has used the negativity that she has received from others, and she has turned it into a positive effort to help women in general. 

You can hire Wiki writers to make a Wikipedia page for you. This can help to assure that the page appears professionally crafted. A well done page will do a much better job at bringing people to your business or joining your cause. One Wiki writing service that you can hire Wikipedia editors and writers from for your Wikipedia page is Get Your Wiki. Get Your Wiki is an excellent source of Wikipedia writers for hire. In fact, it is very easy to access professional writers through them.

Keeping up with the Latest Fashion Trends.

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People who are in the clothing and fashion business must ensure that they keep with the latest brands if they want to stay in business. When customers come into the business, they are looking for fresh looks, and if the owner of the business cannot offer them, they go looking for it somewhere else. If you own such a business, here are some tips to help you keep your customers happy always with the newest styles.

Read magazines
There are some magazines on the market that have made it their business to research and sometimes set fashions. Getting a copy of these magazines can be a great asset for your business. They will always have the latest fashions, and this will give you a clue on what to offer your customers and the accessories that match them. Remember that the customers you have to buy and read these magazines, so if you offer them something they recently saw in a magazine, they will be very happy, and they will come back because they know that you offer the latest designs. These magazines also contain what the celebrities are wearing, something many customers will like.

Research Your Market
Every investor in the market has their own customers. There is a certain group of people they mostly target. It might be the youth market, people looking for bargains or individuals with disposable income. If you want to offer them what they are looking for, you must talk to them so that can understand them better. Have special private viewings where the customers can look at the ranges in your shop. During this time, ask what they liked, and what they need the next time they are visiting. This way, you will make them appreciated.

Attend Shows
People who are starting their fashion business might feel that this is too much effort for the business. However, going for this show might be very important for the business. You will be able to talk to many other traders and also get an opportunity to see products before you choose to get them for your customers.

Find a Good Supplier
It is important to ensure that the supplier you choose is also keeping up with the latest trends. They should offer you good deals too so that you can provide your customers can get the best.

JustFab is an online store you should check out if you are in the business. The company offers everything women need, from head to toe. JustFab also keeps up with the latest fashion and your customers will always be impressed.

QNET Female Entrepreneurs

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In a recent article published by Salon Perfection, the topic discussed was the advancement of the quality of life of women by their entrance into the workplace where that work place offered them the versatility to continue their roles as wives and mothers, 
QNET is a direct-selling business which does offer women this type of opportunity. QNET states that 74 percent of their workforce is composed of women and catering to the needs of their workforce is a priority for QNET . 

QNET has taken the additional step to employ a sports star and celebrity to be a figurehead and good will ambassador for the company. They selected Martina Hingis, grand slam tennis champion from the international world of tennis. Hingis was a dominant force for women’s tennis for over a decade, she was a gracious winner and both players and fans enjoyed her as a star on the tennis circuit and as a person. Tennis is a sport enjoyed and watched around the world and QNET, likewise, has a business presence around the world.

The business world is changing rapidly. Flex-time is a new catch phrase to go along with maternity leave and child care provisions to attract women who are interested in becoming a part of this new and more flexible business structure. The proliferation of cell-phones, computers and websites has changed the day-to-day operation of businesses, and now with the move toward electronic ordering for goods and serves, the face-to-face business operating profile has been changed forever. 

QNET employees and other direct sellers are, actually, at odds with the new wave of eCommerce and electronic merchandising. Technology has removed the personal touch from many business transactions today. Actually, it was not a large leap in going from personally shopping at warehouse discount stores (Walmart) to staying at home and ordering from the same store by using that store’s on-line facilities. 

As businesses move away from the brick and mortar super-store concept. There will be a vacuum created, that vacuum might be filled, again, by “Mom and Pop” type operations and direct sellers as an alternative to eCommerce. Sources: 

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ORGANO’s Acing Position on Coffee

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Ganoderma Lucidum, a type of fungus found abundantly in China, has had a history of repute and respect in the Chinese herbal medicine for nearly four thousand years, and has recently been introduced to a much wider market, courtesy of ORGANO.

The coffee-based company specializes in the production of beverages, including black coffee, Mocha, Café Latte and hot chocolate. The product line also includes tea of the green, red and black variety. Born in 2008 out of the efforts of the Philippine-based Bernardo Chua, the company went global with instant success, thanks to its efforts to not only create heavenly tastes but also healthy drinks that actually help the human body medically. Ganoderma constitutes the magic ingredient and sets the ORGANO beverages apart from the rest of the world.

The mushroom has almost magical qualities. It is antibacterial in action, as well as antifungal and antiviral. Apart from this, it also opposes the carcinogenic changes in the cells of the body and is proved to be healthy for the liver. However, the most notable effects are, firstly, the antioxidant effect it has on the body systems and secondly, the decrease of cholesterol that it brings about in the body. The process of oxidation is mediated through the production of oxygen free radicals that potentially destroy the cells and trigger severe inflammatory responses. Cholesterol causes the well known process of damaging the blood vessels, causing heart attacks, strokes and other problems of the sort.

Chua said in a Facebook post he seemed to have recognized that the rising consumption of coffee should be streamlined with the health requirements of the human body. Chua fathered ORGANO in 2008 by combining two coffee brands and is now the CEO of the same company. His previous feats include the expansion of the Gano Excel’s reach beyond Philippines into Hong Kong, America and Canada. ORGANO was also born there, but it was not late before the company went global, with its most recent office opening in Turkey, the place where recognizing quality coffee is only second nature for more than five centuries now.

Thus, ORGANO has made its mark in the world of not only coffee but all beverages. Combining taste and health in every sip you take, it is perhaps the only brand of its kind.  Bernardo Chua has won many awards over the years, and he continues to inspire the troops with speeches everyday.


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The idea of thinking that dogs don’t deserve to eat than human beings is demeaning to these magnificent creatures. Dogs are beautiful, and they deserve healthy and fancy meals. Pet owners are changing their dog feeding trends are now considering the richest and well-prepared recipes for their dogs. Companies producing refrigerated dog foods are also taking notice of whatever is creeping up and have therefore changed their manufacturing designs. The old methods of coming up with dog cuisines have now been faced out of the industry. Companies that stuck to these old methods had no option but to be edged off the tough competition. Dog owners are now offering a lot of money just to have the tastiest meals for their dogs. Just like the fashion industry has been for many years, dog food manufacturing has now begun relying a lot on innovation and production of new products in the industry.

Beneful is one these companies in the dog food industry that are bringing in hilarious methods of producing dog food. There are new recipes for dogs that do not look like anything to be eaten by an animal. These methods appear to be more like human diets. The use of weight control ideas in producing food for dogs has made it possible for dog owners to take control of their dogs’ weight. The quality standards that come with this brand name are more than impressive. The Beneful company has all the products that anyone would need for their pets. Unlike the other premium dog food companies, baneful sells its products at relatively lower prices.

Purinastore, Freshpet and Blue Buffalo are the other premium companies who are out to give the dog the tastiest food. These companies work on one principle which is giving dog owners whatever they need to eat the same with their dogs. Beneful has been able to stay on top of the game since it perfects on quality.